ERIBA Feeling

Every ERIBA a masterpiece.

For more than 50 years, ERIBA has stood for innovative caravans that set standards in terms of quality and comfort. Many ERIBA model ranges have helped shape the development of the caravan industry for decades – and in doing so have fundamentally regenerated themselves time and again. Ultimate living comfort, perfect driving properties and optimal safety do not come as expensive special features with ERIBA, but are standard in all models. More safety is ensured, for example, by the AL-KO safety brake system, a third brake light, position lights, a rear fog light and reversing light.

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Stable lightweight construction.

Thanks to the highly stable, fully galvanised AL-KO lightweight chassis for high loading reserves.


No swaying.

Thanks to the new and improved anti-sway coupling (AKS 3004) with automatic overrun hitch and automatic reversing system.


More length, more safety.

Thanks to an extra-long tow bar for tow bar bike carriers and perfect towing properties.

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Ecological living.

Thanks to upholstery fabrics with the international Oeko-Tex quality seal.

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Pleasant room temperatures.

Thanks to Truma heaters for even hot-air distribution with extremely short heat-up phase.


Nicely bedded.

Thanks to the multi-zone cold-foam mattress with removable ticking cover and ergonomic wooden slatted frame or optional cup spring system.

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Long lighting.

Thanks to power-saving 12 V LED lighting with various spotlights (depending on model) and LED awning light with motion sensor.