Class B+ RVs from HYMER

The perfect balance between compact design and comfort – that’s what Class B+ RVs stand for. Every HYMER model has been designed to meet modern needs. While the highly manoeuvrable HYMER Exsis-t​​​​​​​ affords you maximum flexibility and ensures nothing will slow you down, you can enjoy pure freedom in the HYMER Venture S off-roader, which comes with exclusive features and equipment. 

Discover our range of vehicles and use our buyer’s guide to help you choose a model.

Our Class B+ motorhomes at a glance

HYMER B-Class ModernComfort T

106.900 €
Price froma)
2 - 5
Sleeping berths
699 cm
Length from
Innovative, safe and lightweight – the luxurious semi-integrated motorhome is the perfect fusion of the new Mercedes Sprinter chassis cowl and award-winning SLC chassis.
Edition model

HYMER B-Class ModernComfort T WhiteLine

122.100 €
Price froma)
2 - 5
Sleeping berths
699 cm
Length from
The semi-integrated WhiteLine edition model based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter combines maximum safety and modernity with driving dynamics and comfort. Inside and out, the motto is all about the "Next Generation".

HYMER B-Class MasterLine T

127.400 €
Price froma)
2 - 3
Sleeping berths
789 cm
Length from
Guaranteed quality, technical expertise and exclusive design in the premium, semi-integrated motorhome segment.

HYMER Exsis-t

90.900 €
Price froma)
2 - 3
Sleeping berths
659 cm
Length from
A vision becomes reality – its manoeuvrability and lightweight construction make the HYMER Exsis-t the perfect travel companion for all of your adventures.
Edition model

HYMER Exsis-t 580 Pure

91.900 €
Price froma)
2 - 3
Sleeping berths
694 cm
Length from
It is easy for you to decide on the right HYMER: The Exsis-t Pure as semi-integrated model with the Fiat Original frame and equipment that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of driving and living comfort.


103.900 €
Price froma)
2 - 3
Sleeping berths
674 cm
Length from
The perfect combination of cutting-edge drive technology, innovative lightweight construction and comfort. Several HYMER ML-T models are also available as a four-wheel drive motorhome.
Edition model

HYMER ML-T Xperience

116.900 €
Price froma)
Sleeping berths
674 cm
Length from
The Hymer ML-T Xperience based on the Mercedes-Benz sprinter combines exclusive aesthetics with full starting equipment at an attractive price.


94.200 €
Price froma)
2 - 5
Sleeping berths
709 cm
Length from
Your high-level entry into the world of motorhoming – modern semi-integrated motorhome in the lightweight construction class on a Mercedes-Benz chassis with front-wheel drive and original frame.

HYMER Venture S

230.000 €
Price froma)
Sleeping berths
645 cm
Length from
As an exclusively equipped off-roader, the Venture S promises freedom without compromise. With its compact length, narrow body and striking off-roader aesthetic, it embodies an entirely new vehicle category.

a) All prices are recommended retail prices in EUR, based on the German retail prices. Prices in other countries may differ due to currency, country specific VAT, country specification, transportation charges or import duties. Your local dealer informes you about the applicable prices, taxes and duties for your country.

*The technically permissible total mass is a value specified by the manufacturer, which the vehicle must not exceed, even when loaded. It therefore has an influence on the permissible number of seats, options for selecting special equipment and remaining payload options.
Detailed information on weights and vehicle configuration can be found in our technical data, legal information section and in the configurator.

Buying a Class B+ motorhome: helping you to make your choice

Are you interested in buying a Class B+ RV, but still unsure which model is best suited to your needs? Then what you need is some inspiration and more information. You’ll find both in this practical guide to semi-integrates motorhomes from HYMER – in no time at all, you’ll be able to explore the world in your very own Class B+ RV!

What are Class B+ motorhomes?

What exactly is meant by a Class B+ RV? And what is the difference between a Class A and Class B+ motorhome? Two questions that frequently crop up when looking for the perfect motorhome and which are easy to answer: 

If a motorhome is semi-integrated (Class B+), a high-quality living area has been added to the original cab of the manufacturer’s chassis, which is normally used for vans. First and foremost, the smooth transition between the cab and living area is reflected in the ability to turn the cab seats around to face the seating area, creating a spacious living room. This type of vehicle strikes the perfect balance between a compact, dynamic design and comfort.

Class A motorhomes, on the other hand, do not use the original cab, but have a specially designed front end instead.

In addition, they are often larger vehicles. Class B+ RVs are usually available in lengths of between six to eight metres.

By the way: HYMER is not only on hand to provide pre-sales support, but after-sales support as well! Our travel advice ensures that you are well prepared whenever you hit the road, while our guide makes cleaning your motorhome a breeze when you return home.

The advantages of Class B+ motorhomes
compared to other vehicles

To be able to decide on one of the many motorhomes available from HYMER, it is essential to compare it with other vehicles. After all, you want to know all the pros and cons. You have a choice between camper vans as well as Class A or Class B+ motorhomes. 

Below is a brief comparison of the various vehicle types and their advantages:

Class B+ vs. Class A

Compared to Class A motorhomes, Class B+ RVs are usually cheaper. In addition, compact Class B+ motorhomes are more aerodynamic and therefore also more fuel efficient. Their often smaller dimensions and aerodynamic design also go hand in hand with easier handling, which is more similar to that of a car than Class A motorhomes. In addition, the front end inherited by Class B+ RVs from the base vehicle makes them safer, as the crumple zone is slightly larger than on Class A motorhomes.

In terms of insulation, Class B+ motorhomes fare a little worse, meaning that road noise and the cold are more likely to penetrate. Depending on your travel habits, this may be something that speaks in favour of Class A motorhomes as an alternative.

Class B+ RVs vs. camper vans

Camper van or Class B+ RV? Comparing these two vehicles with one another reveals that the optional extras and additional space are the primary reasons why you might opt for a Class B+ motorhome. This is especially true if more space is important to you.

Compared to camper vans, however, Class B+ RVs are less manoeuvrable and comparatively more expensive to purchase. A camper van might be the better choice, especially if you intend to make frequent trips into towns and cities.

Who are Class B+ motorhomes ideal for?

Generally speaking, a Class B+ RV will be of particular interest if you want a little more comfort and space than you get in a camper van. Longer trips with more luggage are usually a more pleasant experience in a motorhome.

Although Class B+ motorhomes are available in a wide variety of different layouts, they are ideal for couples and families who appreciate travelling in comfort. The HYMER T-Class S and HYMER B-Class ModernComfort T model ranges are an interesting option for trips involving up to five people, for example.


We recommend Class B+ RVs for anyone who wants more than a camper van, yet still wants a vehicle that is lighter, more manoeuvrable and cheaper than a Class A motorhome. If you intend to travel with dogs, a Class B+ motorhome can also offer a greater level of comfort than a camper van.

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How do I find the right Class B+ RV?

Size and storage space are key to finding the perfect motorhome. After all, you want to be completely comfortable when on the road and space shouldn’t be an issue. The size of a Class B+ motorhome will depend entirely on your individual needs. Are you travelling as a couple? With children? Or maybe with friends?

The size will also have an impact externally, because the bigger the vehicle is, the less manoeuvrable it will be and the more difficult it can be to find and manoeuvre into a suitable parking space. Larger motorhomes can also result in you being charged higher prices at camping grounds and on ferries.

Although HYMER doesn’t offer a Class B+ RV under 6 metres in length, we do have some suitable alternatives in our ranges of camper vans and small RVs.


Our tip: When designing your motorhome, don’t only consider the purchase cost of the vehicle, but also the insurance, tax and regular maintenance costs.


Length and weight: your Class B+ motorhome from small to big

How big should your motorhome be? Basically, if you’re transporting a lot of luggage or sports equipment (for activities like skiing, snowboarding or climbing), or travelling with children, a longer motorhome will be more comfortable and offer more storage space.

Large motorhomes, which need more space on the roads and in car parks, are vehicles that have a length of over roughly 6.5 metres. This criterion applies to almost every HYMER Class B+ RV. Only the HYMER Venture S is shorter.

When it comes to weight, you have a choice between motorhomes with a technically permissible maximum laden mass of either under or over 3.5 tonnes. The advantage of a Class B+ RV weighing over 3.5 tonnes is that it provides you with a little more freedom in terms of the interior design where the number of seats and berths is concerned, as well as the optional equipment and features.

However, it is important to note that a Category C1 driving licence is required to drive these vehicles. There may also be restrictions associated with the extra weight in terms of speed limits and higher tolls. A small Class B+ motorhome can be driven with an ordinary Category B driving licence and the handling is similar to that of a car.

Note: With regard to the weight of your motorhome, you must always take care not to overload the vehicle, as this can result in fines and points. Needless to say, this also applies to lightweight motorhomes under 3500kg.

You must therefore think very carefully about how many travellers and luggage you are planning to take with you on your trips. The best way to do this is to run through different scenarios in our configurator.

The features and equipment must suit your needs

What should go inside your vehicle? Once again, it primarily depends on the number of travellers, because this will make a big difference whether you configure a Class B+ RV for two people, or whether it has four berths. When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep in your Class B+ motorhome, you can choose between layouts with a queen-size bed or longitudinal single beds, and an optional fold-down bed is also available. The latter are particularly suitable for groups of travellers and families.

You also need to consider how many amenities you would like to have in the kitchen and bathroom. The same applies to the heating system and how powerful it is.


For peace of mind: If your Class B+ RV is kitted out with high-end equipment, protecting it from burglary and theft is all the more important. That’s why you’ll find helpful tips on motorhome safety in our separate guide.


Which base vehicle is the right choice?

If you want your motorhome to be semi-integrated, HYMER offers you a choice between Mercedes and Fiat base vehicles:
Mercedes models

Your Class B+ motorhome is built on the tried-and-tested Mercedes Sprinter chassis cowl, which is synonymous with a smooth ride and high reliability. The comprehensive standard equipment, numerous assistance systems and state-of-the-art multimedia and connectivity features make it the perfect all-round package.

Our Mercedes motorhomes:

  • HYMER B-Class MasterLine T
  • HYMER B-Class ModernComfort T
  • HYMER ML-T Xperience
  • HYMER ML-T CrossOver
  • HYMER T-Class S 
  • HYMER Venture S
Fiat models

Class B+ RVs built on the Fiat Ducato chassis are characterised by their quality craftmanship and excellent value for money. The sturdy Fiat chassis combined with the modern bodywork technology from HYMER provides the best insulation values, stability and durability and promises a carefree travel experience. This is what the HYMER Exsis-t offers you.

Self-sufficiency: How independent do you want to be?

Do you dream of relaxing in remote natural areas far away from civilization? If you do, then self-sufficiency is very important to you. The more self-sufficient your Class B+ motorhome is designed to be with a water tank and battery, the longer you will be able to travel without requiring an external power and water supply. You can have a direct impact on this with your choice of optional extras.

Also keep in mind that the more isolated and less well-paved the terrain is on your trip, the more sense it makes for your Class B+ RV to have all-wheel drive. Our HYMER ML-T can be self-sufficient for up to ten days, for example, and is available as an all-wheel drive motorhome.

Well prepared for winter camping trips

If you also intend to use your vehicle in snowy conditions and freezing temperatures, you should definitely buy a winter-proof motorhome. We have good news for you here: all HYMER Class B+ RVs are winter-proof when they leave the factory and score top marks in cold chamber tests!

Our motorhome travel stories attest to this – take the example of a skiing holiday in Tyrol with the HYMER ML-T.

Further offers and information

The perfect model for everyone

Whether motorhome or camper van, integrated or semi-integrated, on Mercedes-Benz or on Fiat chassis: find the right model in our overview of all HYMER motorhomes and camper vans.

Being well-informed improves your experience on the road

HYMER service goes above and beyond your vehicle. We want nothing to come between our customers and their passion for travelling, which is why we provide helpful information and tips.

Well prepared for every tour - with the HYMER travel checklist

A trip with HYMER gives you ultimate flexibility. But even the most spontaneous trip needs preparation. Have you thought of all the papers, documents and formalities? Technical checks? Medical supplies? With our HYMER travel checklists you are ready for any adventure. 
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