Safety first with the number one!

Driving safety training with HYMER

HYMER is the first and only leisure vehicle manufacturer to offer a dedicated safety training course for motorhomes and caravans at multiple venues across Germany. And not just for HYMER, ERIBA or HYMERCAR drivers! For the inventor of the motorhome, the safety of all leisure vehicle fans is a top priority.

An analysis performed annually since 1997 by the Federal Highway Research Institute indicates that drivers of leisure vehicles are among the safest road users, with a below-average record of involvement in accidents. A very reassuring statistic! But for HYMER, it’s no reason to be complacent.

HYMER takes the issue of safety very seriously, as part of a joined-up approach. In addition to the comprehensive safety features included as standard in its vehicles, HYMER is also offering a dedicated driving safety course for motorhomes and caravans at several venues around Germany from summer 2016.

The fee-based course, which is subsidised by HYMER, is intended for all drivers of motorhomes, vans and caravan units, regardless of whether their vehicles were purchased from HYMER or not.

Under professional instruction, participants learn what drivers can do for themselves to ensure an appropriate response to every situation and stay safe on the road.

Course dates and venues:

07.05.2018 Steißlingen
(FahrenErleben Bodensee
Mühlenweg 7
78256 Steißlingen)

25.06.2018 Ahlhorn
(Fliegerhorst Ahlhorn
Vechtaer Straße 35
26197 Großenkneten)

16.07.2018 Recklinghausen
(ADAC Fahrsicherheitszentrum Westfalen
Vinckestraße 27
45661 Recklinghausen)

25.10.2018 Sachsenring
(auto motor und sport am
Verkehrssicherheitszentrum Sachsenring GmbH & Co. KG
Am Sachsenring 2
09353 Oberlungwitz (Pressezentrum))


€250 (incl. VAT) per participant, incl. catering

The cost of the course includes:

  • Theoretical and practical training
  • Qualified and experienced trainers specialising in motorhomes and caravans
  • A certificate of attendance (entitling you to a discount with many vehicle insurers)
  • A complimentary gift
  • Catering (elevenses, hot and cold drinks throughout the day, snacks and lunch)

Accompanying persons:
Accompanying persons must be registered. A fixed catering charge of EUR 47.60 per head incl. VAT is payable for all accompanying persons not taking part in the driving course.

If you have any queries about the HYMER driving safety course, our hotline +49 (0) 89 95090322 is available on weekdays from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Participant numbers:
The number of participants is limited to 48. Applications will be considered according to the date of receipt. Applicants do not have a right of participation should the course be fully booked.


Preferred date and venue:

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Summary of key topics:

How does a motorhome respond in critical situations?

  • Handling
  • Braking on different road surfaces
  • Braking on a bend

What is the correct response?

  • Correct sitting position
  • Braking while changing lanes
  • Driver assist systems
  • Manoeuvring

What is the correct way to secure the load?

  • Legal regulations
  • Load distribution and minimum steering axle load
  • Handling propane gas
  • Load lashing methods
  • Transport solutions for travel equipment

How do we reduce environmental impact and maximise driving sustainability?

  • Correct use of technology
  • Saving fuel without losing time
  • Quick competition

What’s the best way to drive with a trailer?

  • Manoeuvring
  • What to do in case of snaking
  • Correct emergency braking procedure
  • Correct loading procedure