Light on weight, not on substance!

The makers behind the new Hymermobil B-Class DynamicLine

We at HYMER are not only proud of our almost 60 years of company history, but also of our employees, who every single day invest their power and their ideas to make travel in the original possible. We would like to introduce to you five of these people on the occasion of the market launch of the Hymermobil B-Class DynamicLine. Without them, the motorhome would not have become as sensationally lightweight, comfortable and high-quality as it is. Have fun!


Building a motorhome which is substantially under 3.5 tons is an enormous success for HYMER and the entire motorhome branch. Project Manager Thomas Buschle explains how the weight reduction was achieved, and how the new level of flexibility revolutionises holidays.


Weight reduction – yes; compromises on comfort – No! Hansi Wiest, as Head of the Fitouts Team, was faced with solving this difficult problem. Here he provides a brief insight as to what pleasing features motorhome travellers can now look forward to.


The new Hymermobil B-Class DynamicLine is more than lightweight, comfortable and practical. It has also been redesigned in many areas and features that new HYMER face. Here Frank Venter, Head of Design, played a major role.


Thomas Eisele likes to work hands-on, and feels in his element when he has a lot of work to do. We are all the more pleased that he has taken the time off to talk briefly about his work as Conveyor Line Foreman in Production.


Cold chamber, vibration track, tightness test – a new Hymermobil has to go through quite a lot before it is placed on the market. She was there from the beginning and consistently alert: Julia Aiglstorfer from Quality Assurance.

All the makers

Here you can see the videos of all the makers in one film.

The brochure

Read even more exciting details on 24 pages on the creation of the Hymermobil B-Class DynamicLine. And apart from that: Images, floor layouts, technical data, features and everything else you might want to know. Leaf through online or download!