Simply spacious.

HYMER T-Class CL- Luxury Motorhome

Optimal standard features.

The HYMER T-Class CL sets new standards in its class. The 2.12 metre headroom alone exceeds the usual standard by far. As a result, the interior design concepts are exceptionally generous – despite a laden mass of less than 3.5 tons. No other semi-integrated model comes as close to the high comfort standard found in integrated motorhomes. The overhead lockers and living room floor extend right to the front. The HYMER T-Class CL can be supplied with or without a fold-down bed. Underneath the beds in nearly all models is a huge garage with an internal loading height of up to 1.15 metres – the kind of dimensions you’d normally expect to find in an integrated vehicle. Scooters, bikes or bulky luggage – you name it: this garage will take up to 450 kilos. And it still leaves you plenty of headroom above the rear beds.


  • Weight: 3.500 - 4.400 kg
  • Length: 6,80 - 7,35 m
  • Width: 2,35 m
  • Height: 2,90 m
  • Berths: 2 - 5
HYMER T-Class CL - motorhome - semi-integrated

HYMER T-Class CL - motorhome


  • Framed windows
  • All tanks and service installations insulated and heated
  • Available with or withoutfold-down bed
  • GRP lightweight floor with XPS-insulation
  • Huge garage with a loading height of up to 115 cm
  • Large kitchen including acrylic glass splashback and counter lighting as standard
  • Generous sleeping surface in the fixed beds with a width of 83 cm for the single beds and 150 cm for the queen-size bed