Technology & Innovation – Benefit from innovative HYMER developments

Motorhoming is more than just a kind of holiday – it’s a real passion. That’s why all of our products are developed on the principle that our customers are entitled to expect a vehicle that’s been built to the highest standards – regardless of whether in terms of comfort, quality, safety equipment, extensive fixtures and fittings or value retention.

We are constantly striving to be outstanding and to set new standards in all areas, which is why we are always working on new technologies and smart solutions.

“Made in Germany” is both our obligation and our motivation,

which is demonstrated by the many awards and prizes we receive year after year for our innovations and vehicles. A selection from this year alone follows.


Our technology – Your extra comfort


HYMER clearliQ travel water filter, powered by Grünbeck

For even greater comfort, flexibility and safety when travelling

The HYMER clearliQ travel water filter not only removes 99.99 % of the bacteria from the water (e.g. E.coli) and coarse dirt particles such as sand and suspended matter, but also the chlorine that is added to drinking water as a disinfectant. The result is drinking water that is not only safer, but also has a more pleasant taste – and a clear conscience as you no longer need to stockpile plastic bottles.

Discover ClearliQ travel

Autarky and four-wheel drive

Independent travel in a motorhome

Simply hit the road, change your plans on the spur of the moment and stop wherever it’s most beautiful. Find out about the things you should look out for to make the most of this freedom!

More on autarky and four-wheel drive

HYMER Connect App

Now available for futher models!

The Smart HYMER, your smart home on the move: HYMER Connect is a unique, digital ecosystem that turns your HYMER into a smart motorhome. It combines access to vehicle information with control of living space components and vehicle information - conveniently and intuitively via app.
The HYMER Connect App is not only popular with travellers but also with expert juries and was awarded the German Innovation Award 2021. The HYMER Connect App will be available for several model ranges from August 2021. 

More on the Connect App

HYMER PUAL 2.0 bodywork technology

The new HYMER PUAL 2.0 bodywork concept withstands all external weather conditions, allowing you to relax inside in the most homely and cosy atmosphere, without a care in the world. It stands out due to its multi-layer wall construction with aluminium and synthetic foam – for maximum stability and excellent insulation values.

More about PUAL technology
Structure of the HYMER motorhome with a super lightweight chassis with a double floor in 3-D optics

HYMER SLC chassis

With the innovative SLC chassis (Super Light Chassis / Super Lightweight Construction Chassis), we have developed a unique chassis that has many advantages to offer: more storage space in the floor, good thermal insulation for the cold and heat as well as enhanced and safe driving comfort.

More about the SLC chassis

We don’t just talk about safety – we do something about it

Driving safety and comfort have reached an extremely high standard in the automotive sector. HYMER applies that same standard to its motorhomes. Top safety standards are defined at the development stage and successfully implemented – from the vehicle body to the intelligent electronic safety systems. HYMER had already fulfilled all relevant safety regulations long before they became obligatory.

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  • gfk-dach_frei_bildschirm-96-dp

    GRP roof and underbody

    HYMER’s innovative multi-layer technology has been designed to ensure nothing “spoils” your journey. The GRP roof coating offers optimal protection against hail damage, while an additional aluminium layer ensures the vehicle’s leak-tightness for many years to come. This also applies to the robust GRP lightweight floor, which reliably protects the vehicle against stone chips, road salt and dirt.
  • frischwassertank_abwassertank_

    Heated fresh water and waste water tanks

    All tanks are heated and insulated – this ensures trouble-free operation even in extreme winter temperatures. Numerous tests in the cold chamber have verified the system’s outstanding warm-up and heating performance.
  • hy17_exi588_silber_chia_san_ex

    “Perfect Close” technology

    All attachment parts, such as wheel arches and rear light mouldings, are made of 3D cross-linked polyurethane. The benefits include increased durability as well as protection against cracking, UV radiation and many other weather-related effects, all of which are verified in the cold chamber.
  • hymer_led_scheinwerfer_bildsch

    LED headlights and multifunctional rear lights

    Specially developed HYMER headlights with modern LED fibre optics not only guarantee superlative illumination both day and night, but also further increase your safety. Optionally available: state-of-the-art bi-LED headlights that are unique in the travel industry.
  • hymer_panoramabugscheibe.jpg

    Panoramic windscreen and wide-angle wing mirrors

    An optimised panoramic windscreen and large side windows transform your driver’s seat into a viewing platform with a perfect view of the surroundings and traffic. The new wide-angle wing mirrors ensure excellent rear visibility.
  • hymer_faher_und_beifahrerairba


    Your safety is our top priority. That’s why airbags on both the driver and passenger sides are included as standard in all HYMER motorhomes.
  • hymer_garagenwanne_aus_gfk.jpg

    GRP garage casing with an extremely high load-bearing capacity

    To ensure nothing essential gets left behind, the self-supporting GRP garage casing can carry up to 350 kg as standard and offers generous storage space. The maximum payload can even be optionally increased to 450 kg. In addition, an integrated heating outlet ensures your luggage is well protected from the cold.
  • hymer_assitenzsysteme_seitenwi

    Assistance systems for the vehicle and driver

    Your HYMER motorhome is available with various high-tech assistance systems as standard to unburden you during your journey. With the Mercedes Benz Sprinter as an example, this includes Crosswind Assist, Active Distance Assist (Distronic), Active Brake Assist and Traffic Sign Recognition.

HYMER Smart Battery System

With the HYMER Smart Battery System, HYMER is presenting a unique solution for supplying leisure vehicles with power and combining the superb performance of lithium batteries with the low costs of conventional lead batteries.

More about the Smart Battery System

Move into the fast lane with HYMER HY-TEC

Innovative technologies from HYMER for every destination.

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  • hy17_exi588_silber_chia_san_in

    HYMER Multimedia

    Whether on the move or stationary, you will always enjoy a clear and rich sound throughout your HYMER motorhome – and not just from the loudspeakers of your TV. This is made possible by special integrated speakers in the vehicle’s living area and rear section, which meet all acoustic requirements.
  • hy18_b30-704_gran_tor_exterior

    Service and reversing cameras

    Our optional reversing cameras are equipped with a dual lens and include an integrated rear-view mirror function. An additional service camera for greywater disposal with integrated LEDs ensures good visibility, even at night.
  • hy18_b30_704_silber_valv_nap_i

    Hot air curtain for the windscreen

    Your motorhome’s dashboard is also supplied with hot air when the vehicle is parked up for camping. This prevents draughts and misting of the windscreen.
  • get-image-thumbnail-1.jpg

    HYMER comfort sleeping system

    Multi-zone cold foam mattresses offer many advantages when it comes to ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep. The HYMER comfort sleeping system includes a high-quality disc-spring bed frame to ensure precise counter-pressure for every part of your body, helping to ensure a pleasant and restful sleep.
  • hy18_b-sl-704_gran_tor_exterio

    Handy slide-out shelves for gas bottles

    The gas bottles are housed securely and accessibly in an exterior compartment. The practical slide-out shelves ensure they can be easily replaced.
  • a04_heizung_bildschirm-96-dpi-

    Climate control with the dual-zone heater.

    The temperatures in your HYMER’s cab, living area and rear sleeping area can be controlled separately. Perhaps you prefer it warmer when driving and cooler in the sleeping area? No problem – thanks to independent climate control!
  • hy17_exi588_silber_chia_san_in

    HYMER SMART Control

    With the new HYMER SMART Control, your motorhome’s main peripheral devices are connected to the navigation system’s control unit. The result is an intelligent on-board system that keeps you up-to-date with important data at all times.
  • hymer_energiemmanagement_syste

    HYMER energy management system

    Our system combines the latest LED technology with an intelligent energy management system, which detects how much power the multimedia/navigation system is currently using and automatically switches to the optimal power source. This reduces your power consumption by up to 75%.
  • hy17_exi588_silber_chia_san_in

    Secure drawers with Servo soft-touch closing mechanism

    All your utensils (up to a total weight of 15 kg) can be stowed safely and within easy reach in the extra-wide, freely divisible kitchen drawers. This is equivalent to the current standard found in premium home kitchens. The drawers also feature handy servo soft-touch closing mechanisms.

Innovation meets vision

Your freedom to travel is the focus of our innovative energy

Discover our interpretation of motorhoming of the future.
Our mission is to constantly achieve the exceptional and set new standards in all areas. Together with strong partners, we constantly work on new technologies and innovative solutions for tomorrow’s world. The result is a pioneering response to both current and future industry trends.

See the VisionVenture Concept Car

Find out more about HYMER technology

  • HYMER B-Class Masterline on the road in a flat landscape with green meadows and trees

    Hymermobil B-Class MasterLine I

    Offering guaranteed quality and technical expertise, the HYMER B-Class MasterLine is setting new standards in the premium segment and was the first HYMER to inspire with smartphone control.
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  • dsc_5603_.jpg

    Hymermobil B-Class ModernComfort I

    The exterior and interior of the B-Class ModernComfort I impress with their form and function. A particularly pleasant atmosphere is ensured by the innovative PUAL body shell with its multi-layer wall construction composed of aluminium and synthetic foam – for maximum stability and optimal insulation values.
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  • HYMER Exsis-t 580 on a narrow street amid trees and green meadows

    HYMER Exsis-t

    Thanks to cutting-edge technology such as the PUAL body shell, the weight of the semi-integrated motorhome Exsis-t is significantly reduced, and is done so without making any compromises in terms of design or comfort.
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