HYMER Smart Battery System

Innovative energy system for even greater independence on the road

With the revolutionary HYMER Smart Battery System, HYMER is offering a unique solution for supplying leisure vehicles with power.

The new system combines the superb performance of lithium batteries with the low costs of conventional lead batteries. The system stores energy in both lithium and lead batteries, and their charge status is controlled in an intelligent way. This increases efficiency and makes you self-sufficient for a much longer period of time. The result is far better performance, a significant increase in self-sufficiency and an enormous increase in the lifespan of the entire system, and as a result of this, lower overall costs calculated against the overall service life.

HYMER Smart Battery System

From now on, you’re not only independent when you’re on the road. With the HYMER Smart Battery System, you’re now also free to camp in the middle of nowhere – in places where a self-sufficient, on-board power supply system is a must. When you’ve found the perfect campsite, there’s no longer any reason for you to leave straight away thanks to the new HYMER Smart Battery System, which is available for all HYMER motorhomes and HYMERCAR camper vans.

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By the way: The HYMER Smart Battery System is winner of the editors award “Das Goldene AUTO BILD Reisemobil” in the category “Best New Accessory”.

How does the HYMER Smart Battery System work?

The HY-Tec lithium battery 135 (LiFePo4*) consists of 6 individual LE300 lithium extension battery modules (LE300). This extendable solution increases the capacity and performance of the lead batteries, whilst simultaneously increasing the efficiency and lifespan of the entire system. The lithium batteries are connected in parallel with the lead batteries. The lithium batteries undertake the majority of the charging cycles, whilst the lead batteries function as backup storage devices.

* Lithium-iron-phosphate safe and robust lithium technology

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Preferential charging of the lead battery

The system ensures that the lead batteries are always charged first.

Charging of the lithium battery

Any excess energy is then stored by the lithium batteries.

Preferential discharging of the lithium battery

Conversely, when power is consumed, the lithium batteries are discharged first, significantly increasing the lifespan of the lead battery.

Discharging of the lead battery

Thanks to integrated discharge management, the lithium batteries detect the voltage of the lead battery. The on-board power supply system is thus preferentially powered by the cycle-proof lithium batteries. In the event of increased energy consumption, power is supplied by the lead and lithium batteries in parallel, so that there is less strain on both batteries.

The result: A reliable and stable power supply on the road, especially when there aren’t any external power sources nearby.

What are the advantages of the HYMER Smart Battery System?

With a service life of 10 years, lithium batteries offer a significantly longer lifespan than standard lead batteries (approx. 3 years). If used optimally, the HYMER Smart Battery System will also increase the lifespan of your lead battery.

There is also a considerable increase in battery efficiency to as much as 80 % (normally 50 %). Compared with comparable lead battery systems, this results in a significant increase in self-sufficiency, as well as a simultaneous reduction in weight.

HYMER Smart Battery System

* Please note: the AGM battery values are for guidance only. These values may vary greatly depending on the maintenance condition and user behaviour.
** The lithium battery is used preferentially and the lead battery is kept fully charged. As a result, there are typically far fewer charging cycles that are used with the lead battery. The lead battery remains more fully charged, which counteracts performance-reducing sulphation.
*** Typical use includes average user behaviour as follows: 5 h 20 W light (100 Wh), 4 h TV (70 Wh), 10 min travel hair dryer (130 Wh), standby consumption, mobile phone charging, step, water pump, ventilation.

All the advantages at a glance:

  • Increase in self-sufficiency from 1.4 days to as much as 9.6 days at the typical rate of use
  • Weight saving of at least 5 kilograms with almost double the capacity
  • Considerable saving over comparable lithium and lead battery systems
  • Increased battery lifespan
  • Winter-proof overall system
  • Improvement in battery efficiency (from 50 % to as much as 80 %)
  • No special charging technology required

You will find the prices for the HYMER Smart Battery System in the optional extras of each model series.