RV security: How to make your camper burglar-proof

Anyone planning their first motorhome holiday usually has a lot of questions: How safe is camping? Which is the safest motorhome? Or also: How do I protect my mobile home? After all, safety is an important factor to ensure you have a perfect and relaxed holiday. In this article we point out the most important accessories, tips on how to behave and measures that ensure even more safety on motorhome holidays. Starting with choosing the right parking space, to optionally available locks and security features, to preventative tips for avoiding breakdowns and damage to luggage.

How safe is travelling in a motorhome?

Holidays with a motorhome or caravan are the ultimate in freedom: just go where the wanderlust takes you and do what you feel like doing. And even if you feel as comfortable in the camper as in your own four walls, it is less burglar-proof compared to a permanent building. Therefore, safety is always an issue when travelling. Especially if you travel to remote places or use your motorhome as a base camp for extensive excursions. Of course, the travel destination also plays a decisive role. You can find out how safe your travel destination is on the Government website, because in some places it is more important than in others to make the motorhome burglar-proof.

1. General Safety Tips

Parking safely

When parking, you have the most security if you park your motorhome on official campsites and pitches. These are usually fenced areas guarded by security personnel. Your mobile home can also be parked there without burglary protection.

The situation is different when you make stopovers in public spaces or when you are out in nature. The rule here is: trust your instincts. Your gut feeling will give you a bias on how safe you can feel around you. For example, are you surrounded by other campers? Then you can ask them to keep an eye on your vehicle while you're away.

Burglaries are less likely in busy places than in rest stops and supermarket car parks where there is only through traffic. Do not consider the safety of your RV to be a given, park in such a way that you can drive off quickly if the worst comes to the worst and do not take your eyes off your vehicle if you have a bad feeling. If you do, you should secure your mobile home against burglary.

More tips for the safety of your motorhome

  • Hide valuables

  • When leaving the vehicle, lock it and take the key with you

  • Lock up before bed

  • Do not leave vehicle papers in the mobile home


2. Secure your motorhome against burglary
How to do it

Anyone who is concerned with the security of their mobile home usually comes to the conclusion: doors and windows are the first choice for burglars and thieves when they want to gain access to the vehicle. For this reason, it makes sense to think about additional RV door and window locks.

Secure the habitation door with extra door locks

It is in the nature of things that the structure of a mobile home is less robust than the driver's cab. You should therefore further secure the motorhome habitation door. A common way to secure your RV door is with additional door locks. They are mounted on the inside and also locked from the inside. Therefore, they are particularly suitable if you want additional security in the motorhome during the night.

Corresponding locks can be used on all doors of your vehicle. Because rear garage and storage space flaps are also motorhome doors that you can and should secure. A do-it-yourself method for securing RV doors in the cab is to stretch a ratchet strap between both doors. The disadvantage of this method is that when attempting forced entry, locks and windows can be damaged due to the forces at work.

Product recommendation:

  • HYMER BKS lock 1-way or 2-way

    The HYMER BKS lock gives you additional security for your motorhome. It is available with either a single or double locking mechanism and can be easily retrofitted to many of our models.
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Keep burglars away with window locks

Our HYMER motorhomes are fitted with extremely stable frame windows as standard, which offer better burglary protection than curtain windows. If this is not the case with your motorhome, window locks promise security in the motorhome. These are usually additional bars that are attached from the inside in such a way that windows cannot be opened from the outside.

Alternatively, you can secure mobile home windows by attaching ‘security profiles’. These are rails that ensure that the window cannot be pried open, even if force is used. With the appropriate devices, you can provide additional burglary protection for your motorhome windows.

Secure the mobile home with an alarm system

If, despite all the precautions, you want even more security in the mobile home, an alarm system is the right choice. Depending on which system you choose, an alarm system will scare off thieves and burglars or inform you as the owner of the break-in.

In the first case, an acoustic or visual signal ensures that the thief is deterred and, ideally, runs away instead of your valuables. The other solution can use a GSM unit to send information about the break-in directly to your smartphone, so you can immediately know about the break-in and inform the police.

How much does an alarm system cost?

This of course depends entirely on which system you prefer. Therefore, we can only name a rough framework. For 200 - 400 Euro, for example, you can get wireless systems that offer high-quality sensors and good workmanship. If, on the other hand, you want a complete system with various optional components that have to be installed by an expert, it can be closer to 500 - 1,500 Euro.

Product recommendation:

  • HYMER alarm system anti-burglary system - crime prevention

    With the innovative anti-burglary system, you will sleep safely and relaxed. Thanks to visual and acoustic signals triggered by a motion sensor, it scares off intruders before they can gain access to the vehicle.
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3. Protect valuables:
with vaults, safes and hiding places

Vehicle vaults and safes

It is safest if you carry your valuables with you. But this is not always possible, especially on a relaxing or active holiday. If you need to leave something valuable in your vehicle, you can add extra security with an RV safe.

There are two categories of RV safes: the former serves as a hiding place for smaller valuables and ensure that thieves do not even think of breaking in. In most cases, these are inconspicuous dummies of soup or beverage cans, for example.

Permanently installed safes are recommended for larger valuables. These are massive, lockable metal boxes that cannot be stolen and thus ensure safety in the mobile home. Depending on the vehicle model, we offer such safes as optional extras ex works. There is a choice of such safes with a key or combination lock. If you opt for a model without a combination lock, remember: You also have to keep or hide the key for the safe.

What should you protect against burglars?

  • Laptops/tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Money
  • Debit and credit cards
  • ID cards
  • Keys
  • Camera
  • Vehicle documents
  • Jewellery
  • Important travel documents


Product recommendation:

  • HYMER mobile home safes

    We offer built-in and lockable safes for our Mercedes and Fiat-based motorhomes. While the safes for Fiat are in the passenger door, they are installed in the seat console for Mercedes.
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4. Prevent or track theft

How often are mobile homes stolen?

The fact that campers are all the rage is not only evident in the enthusiasm for the holiday form and the good sales figures in the industry, but unfortunately also in the mobile home theft statistics. The theft of mobile homes and other caravanning vehicles increased by 8.7 percent from 2019 to 2020. You can use immobilizers or GPS trackers to prevent you from becoming a victim of theft. More on that below.

Steering wheel locks and wheel clamps

The most valuable item you have with you on a caravanning holiday is probably your mobile home itself. It is therefore advisable to think about an anti-theft device for your mobile home.

Some of the built-in measures you can take to protect your motorhome against theft include hidden switches to activate the vehicle's diesel pump or battery separately from the ignition. If you don't know about the hidden switch, you can't drive away, and you have increased the security for your motorhome.

Alternatively, you can use a steering wheel claw for your motorhome. As the name suggests, this is screwed to the steering wheel so that the steering wheel can no longer be moved. As a result, nobody can drive away with your motorhome without removing the motorhome steering wheel lock, for which only you have a key.

Wheel claws work according to the same principle. However, these are attached directly to the wheels outside of the mobile home and make it clear from afar that thieves have no chance. You bring an extra dose of security for your mobile home - especially when it is parked for a long time or over the winter.

Locate the camper using GPS trackers

However, should it happen that your vehicle is stolen, you and the investigators will do everything in their power to find it. In this case, you'll be glad if you've created additional security for your motorhome with the help of a GPS system. A corresponding GPS tracker can determine the position of your camper at any time and communicate this to you via SMS or app. You can then forward the coordinates to the police in the event of an investigation.

Product recommendation:

  • HYMER Connect app

    The HYMER Connect app not only offers smart functions such as practical access to important vehicle information and convenient control of living area components via your smartphone, the HYMER Connect app is also a reliable partner when it comes to security. For example, you can check the status of your central locking and lock the vehicle remotely. The app also provides push notifications when the vehicle is unlocked and moved by a third party or when the alarm system is triggered.The app also warns, for example, if the refrigerator has not been closed properly or if an upcoming thunderstorm is on the way when the satellite antenna is still extended.
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5. Even more safety tips for your motorhome

Avoid punctures

In addition to protection against intruders and thieves, avoiding breakdowns and accidents also plays a major role in the safety of your motorhome. The most common breakdowns are punctures. If you happen to be at high speeds, accidents can occur which, in addition to endangering your health, can also endanger your vehicle.

It is best to carry out regular visual inspections and check the tyres on your motorhome for damage. You should also check the tyre pressure regularly and change your tyres in good time.

Product recommendation:

  • HYMER feature "E-Pressure"

    With E-Pressure valve caps with tyre pressure sensors, you get a new feature for HYMER Connect! As the name suggests, the valve caps measure the tyre pressure so that you can conveniently check it at any time using the HYMER Connect app. The app also warns you when the pressure is too high or too low.
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Optimum load securing:
Secure roof and rear luggage well

You can create additional safety while driving by ensuring that the load is loaded and secured correctly. This starts with the right load distribution in storage spaces and garages and ends with the careful securing of your roof and rear luggage.

Luggage should be doubly secured or lashed down with several tension belts while driving so that nothing can fall off. Because loose luggage would endanger the safety of your mobile home and other vehicles, especially on the motorway.

In the rear garage of your HYMER motorhome or on the loading area of your HYMER camper van, you will find special lashing rails including luggage securing eyelets as standard, in order to perfectly secure the load with lashing straps. When you're not driving, when you're standing still or even during short breaks, you should also secure roof and rear luggage with locks to give thieves no chance of stealing your bicycles and other items from the roof or rear luggage rack.

Product recommendation:

  • HYMER Backrack+

    The HYMER Backrack+ is a real all-rounder among the rear luggage racks and scores with its flexibility. It is suitable for bicycles as well as for skis or additional luggage. Big plus: the doors of your vehicle remain usable!
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For your sense of security:
gas alarm

To have even more security in the mobile home, you can protect yourself with a gas detector. The small, barely visible tool detects the gas content in the air and warns you before the air gets too thin. For example, gas can leak into the air unnoticed from a defective hose on your gas cooker.

According to various reports, it should also happen that caravanners are stunned by criminals with an external gas supply in their mobile home and then robbed. To minimize or avoid this risk, you can ensure even more safety in the mobile home with a gas detector.

Product recommendation:

    • HYMER smoke detector

      Sleep safely with the HYMER smoke detector. If smoke develops, it wakes you up and warns you with a loud signal so that you can exit the vehicle and get to safety in good time.
    1 / 1
    • Carbon monoxide detector

      Carbon monoxide is invisible and odourless, making it a hidden hazard. So much the better that the HYMER carbon monoxide detector warns you if there is too much of it in the air in your vehicle.
    1 / 1

6. Conclusion:
Increase your sense of security with simple protective measures and additional technology

The safety of your motorhome depends on many factors. But with the right precautions, you can increase your sense of security and reduce potential dangers. Because well thought-out protective measures, which you are welcome to mark with signs Ă  la "Caution, alarmed" or "GPS-Protected", will keep potential thieves away from your vehicle.

Choose from a wide range of safety features and enjoy peace of mind from now on when it comes to motorhome safety.

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