A Class motorhomes from HYMER

Space, flexibility and comfort without compromise: HYMER Class A motorhomes will fuel your wanderlust! From the large HYMER B-Class MasterLine I and popular ModernComfort models to the astonishingly lightweight HYMER Exsis-i, you can choose the vehicle that suits your needs. Our in-depth buyer’s guide will help you to configure your perfect motorhome.

Our Class A RVs at a glance

HYMER B-Class MasterLine I

Price froma)
4 - 5
Sleeping berths
789 cm
Length from
The HYMER B-Class MasterLine I is the motorhome among motorhomes, combining uncompromising cutting-edge technology and iconic design with the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis cowl.

HYMER B-Class ModernComfort I

Price froma)
4 - 5
Sleeping berths
699 cm
Length from
Particularly lightweight and stable bodywork, a Mercedes Sprinter chassis tractor head and the award-winning SLC chassis – your elegant and sporty companion with enhanced safety features and outstanding ride comfort.
Edition model

HYMER B-Class ModernComfort I WhiteLine

Price froma)
4 - 5
Sleeping berths
699 cm
Length from
The A-class WhiteLine edition model based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter combines maximum safety and modernity with driving dynamics and comfort. Inside and out, the motto is all about the "Next Generation".

HYMER Exsis-i

Price froma)
4 - 5
Sleeping berths
664 cm
Length from
One motorhome – so many variants. Experience the embodiment of our expertise in lightweight construction, flexibility and comfort – from small to medium sized motorhomes.
Edition model

HYMER Exsis-i 580 Pure

Price froma)
4 - 5
Sleeping berths
699 cm
Length from
We’re making it easy for you to choose the right HYMER: the semi-integrated Exsis-t Pure built on the Fiat Original frame is jam-packed with features, leaving nothing to be desired where comfort is concerned.

a) All prices are recommended retail prices in GBP including legal applicable VAT, On The Road Charges (OTR including delivery from Germany, registration and PDI). Possible import duties are not included and will be charged separately. Your local dealer informes you about the applicable prices, taxes and duties for your country.

*The technically permissible total mass is a value specified by the manufacturer, which the vehicle must not exceed, even when loaded. It therefore has an influence on the permissible number of seats, options for selecting special equipment and remaining payload options.
Detailed information on weights and vehicle configuration can be found in our technical data, legal information section and in the configurator. 

Buying a Class A motorhome: helping you to make your choice

When it comes to all-round comfort, nothing can beat a Class A RV. You can always count on comfortable beds, lots of storage space and a modern design, transforming your motorhome into a comfortable home on four wheels. Are you toying with the idea of buying a motorhome that’s fully integrated, but first want to know what to look out for? Then read on!

What are Class A motorhomes?

If a motorhome is fully integrated, there’s no clear separation between the cab and living area. A specially designed front end gives the vehicle an attractive appearance. Around six to nine metres in length, a Class A RV boasts a spacious interior with plenty of room to accommodate luxurious furnishings.

This means that you can use a Class A motorhome for two people with lots of sports equipment, travel with dogs or, depending on the number of berths, take your family or entire groups of travellers along with you on your trips.

The advantages of Class A motorhomes compared to other vehicles

If you’re looking for a motorhome, you can choose between a variety of different designs. Should the motorhome be fully-integrated or semi-integrated? And what’s the deal with camper vans? We will reveal the advantages of Class A RVs – even compared with the two other options:
  • A more comfortable and spacious living area

    Class A motorhomes have a very spacious interior thanks to their size and open-plan living area. When it comes to space, these vehicles are the most comfortable as they are often wider and longer than camper vans and Class B+ RVs. You will also have plenty of scope to customise the features and equipment, as well as in terms of the payload.
  • Modern appearance

    Visually, Class A motorhomes are truly eye-catching. The exterior of all HYMER models has been designed in such a way that they have a dynamic and modern appearance, in spite of their size. What’s more, you can also enhance the look of your favourite vehicle with stylish exterior colours, exquisite alloy rims and other design features. Needless to say, this continues inside the vehicle, because HYMER is all about durable materials, innovative technology and an elegant look.
  • Improved insulation

    Class A RVs also meet the highest standards where insulation is concerned thanks to the special front end and overall interior design. This is particularly important if you enjoy travelling in winter or to colder regions. The insulation also shields the interior from noise – quiet nights ahead!
  • Aerodynamic design

    In line with its professional standards of vehicle design, HYMER ensures that even Class A motorhomes have perfect handling characteristics. Thanks to its seamlessly level underbody, the specially developed HYMER SLC chassis provides superior aerodynamics, for example. It keeps drag to a minimum while driving, which improves fuel consumption. This helps you to save fuel and ensures a comfortable driving experience, while also saving you money to spend on your holiday.
  • Better view of the road

    As mentioned previously, the front end is fully integrated into the HYMER motorhome and is therefore an integral part of the overall design. A huge panoramic windscreen combined with large side windows ensures you have perfect all-round visibility. This gives you a perfect view of obstacles – as well as road signs and traffic lights – from the driver’s seat. As a driver, you benefit from a better view of the road, making it easier for you to manoeuvre and drive – even in a large motorhome.
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What are the disadvantages of a Class A RV?

There’s no doubt that you also need to know about any possible disadvantages to help you make the best decision. Class A motorhomes are usually more expensive than camper vans or Class B+ RVs.

In addition, driving and manoeuvring a Class A motorhome can be more challenging due its size. On narrow lanes and in small car parks, the vehicle may be too big, and you might have to look for alternatives. Larger and heavier vehicles often have to pay higher fees at camping grounds as well as on ferries and toll roads. To get an even better overview, we therefore recommend that you take a look at the various motorhomes available from HYMER!

An authentic travel experience:

You’re just a few clicks away from finding out what it’s like to take a trip in a HYMER motorhome and which regions make fantastic destinations. What are you waiting for? Take a look at our motorhome travel stories!

Who are Class A motorhomes ideal for?

Travellers who value the utmost comfort are well advised to opt for a Class A RV from HYMER, which is equipped according to their needs.

Class A motorhomes are incredibly spacious and it’s easier to store all of your luggage. The extra space can be a blessing, especially if you’re planning to take longer trips or will be travelling with a lot of equipment. Class A RVs are also an interesting option for families and groups of up to five travellers. Ample room for cooking and eating meals together, plenty of berths and areas to relax, as well as lots of storage space for all the luggage you need to take – not an issue with a Class A motorhome.

What’s it like in reality when four people with four bikes hit the Atlantic Road in Norway in the HYMER B-Class MasterLine I? Read this travel story to find out.


Note: You might quickly reach the weight limit when configuring your Class A motorhome. In particular, if you want a vehicle with a technically permissible maximum laden mass of 3.5 tonnes to have five seats, you will usually exceed the mass of optional extras specified by the manufacturer. In this case, you will need to uprate the vehicle to over 3.5 tonnes. For further information about weight, please refer to our weight information.   


How do I find the right Class A RV?

The first thing to decide on when choosing your motorhome is the size of the vehicle and therefore also its weight. There are no lightweight motorhomes under 3500kg in our range of large Class A RVs.

However, if you want lots of storage space or plenty of room for more than three people, then a larger motorhome is what you’re looking for. In this case, it’s highly likely that your Class A motorhome will exceed the 3.5 t limit, which is why you’ll need a Category C1 driving licence. However, this may give you more leeway in your choice of seats and berths, as well the features and equipment.

Although a large Class A RV is more challenging to drive, it offers you more space than small RVs. Whether or not you need this space will depend entirely on your personal requirements and plans.

By the way: HYMER offers Class A motorhomes under 7 m in two model ranges – the HYMER B-Class ModernComfort I and the HYMER Exsis-i.

In terms of weight, various layouts of the HYMER B-Class ModernComfort I, the HYMER Exsis-i and the HYMER Exsis-i 580 Pure can remain below the laden mass of 3.5 t. Find out more using our configurator.

Young woman sits on a bed in the rear of a camper van with a baby on her lap

Ensuring your motorhome has the right equipment

How comfortable your motorhome feels isn’t just about space. The features and equipment also play a role in how well the vehicle will suit your needs. That’s why HYMER offers you a wide range of options to customise your Class A RV. Class A motorhomes are available with a queen-size bed, for example, or with classic longitudinal single beds.

Spacious bathrooms and kitchens with exquisite materials provide a first-class level of comfort. Although HYMER doesn’t offer Class A RVs with a rear bathroom, our en suite washrooms and saloon bathrooms are luxurious alternatives. It’s also best to work out what sort of heating system you want your motorhome to have and how powerful it should be at the start of your search.

Note: Expensive Class A motorhomes in particular need excellent protection. That’s why you’ll find valuable tips on theft and anti-burglary devices in our guide to motorhome safety.


Base vehicles: choose between Mercedes or Fiat with HYMER

HYMER Class A RVs are built on the chassis of renowned and established vehicle manufacturers. Both Mercedes and Fiat chassis are available with numerous safety and assistance systems, ensuring you can enjoy your trips in comfort.

Mercedes Class A motorhomes

A quiet and reliable engine, premium materials as well as tried-and-tested quality from a long-standing German company. Your customised Mercedes Class A RV comes with some great multimedia features, modern assistance systems and a stylish design. This is true of the Mercedes motorhomes offered by HYMER:

HYMER B-Class MasterLine I
HYMER B-Class ModernComfort I

Fiat Class A motorhomes

The Fiat Ducato manufactured by the Italian company Fiat is a solid foundation for Class A RVs – with quality craftsmanship and excellent value for money. Thanks to its aerodynamic design combined with the modern bodywork technology, which provides the best insulation values, stability and durability, you will always travel carefree and in comfort. HYMER offers you the HYMER Exsis-i model range in this category.

Self-sufficient travel: become independent!

Are you mainly drawn to remote areas when travelling in your motorhome? Do you prefer to escape the hustle and bustle of camping grounds and the tourist hotspots? If that’s the case, then self-sufficiency is the keyword for you!

With the right features and equipment, you can design your Class A motorhome in a way that enables you to do without an external power and water supply for several days. HYMER Class A RVs can also be equipped with solar installations, larger battery systems and water filters to increase your independence.


By the way: The HYMER B-Class MasterLine I and HYMER B-Class ModernComfort I models are ideal for trips far away from civilization thanks to their large fresh water and waste water tanks. You can find out how to keep your water tank fresh in our guide to motorhome cleaning.  


Not only lovely and warm, but also safe, on winter camping trips

Is it not just travelling when the weather’s good, but also embarking on snowy adventures that gets your blood pumping? If you’re planning to take these sorts of trips, then you should definitely buy a winter-proof motorhome. This isn’t something you need to worry about with HYMER, because all of our motorhomes are already winter-proof when they leave the factory. And when it comes to being nice and warm and well insulated, Class A motorhomes are perfectly prepared with the double floor of the HYMER Super Light Chassis combined with walls featuring PUAL technology.

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