The HYMER Super Light Chassis (SLC) – Innovation in motion


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The SLC chassis – An excellent solution

The Super Light Chassis (SLC) developed by HYMER offers additional payload, comfort and driving dynamics – while also reducing weight.  

The innovative SLC construction impresses with a heated double floor, which offers additional storage space of up to 1000 l that is easily accessible. All technical components – installations, tanks, electronics, heater – are also integrated. That makes the heater very quiet and it also heats the fresh water and waste water tanks. The excellent insulation of the SLC chassis ensures that all compartments and tanks are protected from frost or heat caused by extreme temperatures.

Thanks to the efficient use of space, the double floor does not affect the total height of the bodywork or the headroom inside the vehicle. Moreover, the living area remains level and a continuous floor is even guaranteed in the shower.

The low centre of gravity and independent wheel suspension of the HYMER Super Light Chassis improve handling while also providing even more convenience and safety while on the road. The aerodynamic underbody minimises roadway noise and reduces fuel consumption.

The integrated GRP casing in the rear garage can bear loads of up to 450 kg and provides a storage capacity of up to 3,800 l




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Optimum handling

The SLC chassis technology provides a safe and comfortable driving experience:

  • the low centre of gravity ensures reduced rolling behaviour and high driving stability. That guarantees a good grip even on poor roads. The seamlessly level underbody improves the aerodynamics.
  • The SLC chassis is also more rigid, which reduces the noise that’s generated by the vehicle. The independent wheel suspension improves wheel control when cornering, meaning that your vehicle has considerably better grip than a vehicle with a rigid axle.

Storage space


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Generous storage space

The HYMER SLC chassis offers a broad assortment of storage options:

  • The through-loading compartment measuring 24 cm in height and 70 cm in width enables you to take long items along with you on your trip, such as tables, surfboards or skis. It is also conveniently accessible from the inside. Once again, good insulation means there’s no risk of damage due to extreme heat or cold.
  • The GRP garage casing can bear loads of up to 450 kg and has a storage space capacity of up to 3,800 litres. That provides plenty of space to pack camping chairs, bicycles, sports gear and further travel equipment.

Technical installations


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Cosy living comfort

The double floor in the SLC chassis impresses with its smart installations:

  • the 36 cm high, heated double floor provides plenty of storage space, excellent insulation values and a level living area floor. As the wheel arches are integrated in the double floor, this means that you have a spacious shower with a continuous floor.
  • The heating system is also integrated in the double floor. That comes with a range of advantages: it is very quiet and also heats the fresh water and waste water tanks. What’s more, the excellent insulation of the SLC chassis protects all compartments and tanks from extreme temperatures.
  • The fresh water tank (180 l) and the waste water tank (150 l) are integrated in the double floor and accessible from the interior. This ensures trouble-free cleaning and operation even in extreme winter temperatures. Emptying the waste water tank is easy using a switch on the dashboard.

Hymermobil B-Class MasterLine

The innovative SLC chassis is used in various model ranges. It combines driving safety and living comfort with a luxurious interior and an intelligent interior design concept. Discover the diverse equipment details offered by the SLC chassis.

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