New freedom -
Where is the journey going?

These trends move the camper community

Smarter, younger, more flexible, more sustainable, more self-sufficient, more stylish, more active: Discover here the diverse directions in which the idea of mobile travel is currently developing.

New Connections:
Mobile travel is becoming smarter

Using an app, you can easily read the mileage, electricity and water levels, control the light and the temperature, preheat the motorhome from afar in winter: digitization and connectivity are opening up more and more possibilities in terms of comfort and functionality on the go.

HYMER is leading the way here - and the HYMER Connect app offers the first smart ecosystem for the networked camping vehicle. Discover how a mobile home can become a smart home on wheels!

New generation:
Mobile travel is getting younger

More and more young singles, couples and families are discovering the freedom to simply set off together and travel independently. According to ADAC (General German Automobil Club), particularly popular with the next generation: compact vans, also with additional sleeping places under the pop-up roof.

With the new Fiat camper vans, the HYMER Free models and many other attractive camper vans, HYMER offers younger explorers in particular the perfect entry into the world of mobile travel at a high level.

New perspectives:
Mobile travel is becoming more flexible

Office is where you are. “Digital nomads” have been doing it for a number of years. Now the trend towards mobile working has spread. The world of work today is more flexible than ever. So: Why participate in a video conference from the office when you can join in from Lake Como?

Prerequisite: The interior of your motorhome is as flexible as you would expect - and can easily be converted into a workplace. Many HYMER models already meet this requirement. And the HYMER Venture S is once again setting new standards here. The flexible skylight is aligned in just a few simple steps, the fold-out desk is ready for use and the passenger seat is turned around to become an executive chair. Key word: mobile office space. working remotely? With pleasure!

New responsibility:
Mobile travel is becoming more sustainable

Campers are usually very close to nature. Consideration for the environment is a matter of course for them. However, especially in recent years, it has become increasingly important for many people to keep their ecological footprint as small as possible when travelling.

With water filter systems to reduce the number of PET bottles, energy management systems for saving up to 75% electricity, solar systems and much more, HYMER supports you in planning your travel adventures responsibly.

HYMER clearliQ travel water filter, powered by Grünbeck

The HYMER clearliQ travel water filter not only removes 99.99 % of the bacteria from the water (e.g. E.coli) and coarse dirt particles such as sand and suspended matter, but also the chlorine that is added to drinking water as a disinfectant. The result is drinking water that is not only safer, but also has a more pleasant taste – and a clear conscience as you no longer need to stockpile plastic bottles.

HYMER energy management system

Our system combines the latest LED technology with an intelligent energy management system, which detects how much power the multimedia/navigation system is currently using and automatically switches to the optimal power source. This reduces your power consumption by up to 75%.

Solar systems for retrofitting

With solar systems, intelligent and powerful battery storage systems and much more, HYMER supports you in planning your travel adventures responsibly.

Being well-informed improves your experience on the road

HYMER service goes above and beyond your vehicle. We want nothing to come between our customers and their passion for travelling, which is why we provide helpful information and tips.

New Independence:
Mobile travel is becoming more self-sufficient

People want to travel, learn new things and discover the world. But fewer and fewer want to get lost in the crowd of tourists. They want to enjoy their adventures undisturbed by others. Keywords for this: "low touch" or "no touch".

Exactly this independence has always characterized caravanning. Today more than ever, innovative technology and well thought-out concepts make it possible to delve deep into the deserted wilderness and enjoy the freedom completely self-sufficient for many days. The requirements for this are, for example: all-wheel drive, self-sufficient power supply (e.g. through solar systems or a smart battery system), economical and reliable heating, large fresh water tanks or water filters.

With vehicles perfectly designed for this and lots of ideas, HYMER is consistently promoting the idea of ​​self-sufficient travel. Here are just a few examples...

New claim:
Mobile travel is becoming more stylish

More and more campers not only want to be functional, but also stylish and comfortable on the road. Camping is thus becoming more than just a particularly flexible way of travelling: It is developing into a statement for a decelerated, independent lifestyle and travel style.

With attractive vehicle designs and high-quality interior fittings, HYMER has been setting style-conscious standards here for a long time. But with the visionary appearance of the HYMER Venture S, the developers and designers have entered a new dimension.

New urge to move:
Mobile travel is becoming more active

Biking, hiking, surfing, kite surfing, foiling, stand-up paddling, climbing, skiing, snowboarding... Mobile travel offers the perfect mix of freedom, flexibility and action, especially for active vacationers: a pitch right on the beach on the ski slope or on the trail, get up in the morning, have breakfast - and off you go!

HYMER motorhomes and camper vans offer plenty of well thought-out storage space for everything you need to take with you on these adventure tours. And if that's still not enough, there's the HYMER Backrack+: the highly flexible carrier system with a wide range of accessory components that have been developed perfectly for the respective transport purpose and are easy to assemble.

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