HYMER Connect App

The first smart ecosystem for the connected motorhome

Convenient, intuitive and from anywhere: the smart control with the HYMER Connect App is the connectivity solution for the motorhome of today and tomorrow and impresses with many helpful features for extra comfort and safety for your camping holiday. You can conveniently download the HYMER Connect App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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Equal parts game-changing and pioneering:

HYMER Connect is a unique, digital ecosystem that turns your HYMER into a smart motorhome. It combines access to vehicle information with the control of living area functions. Using the app you can quickly and intuitively view mileage, electricity and water levels and control the lighting and temperature, for example, either via Bluetooth when within close range, or remotely via your mobile phone network. Your fully connected HYMER will turn every trip into something special.

HYMER Connect App: 
The first smart ecosystem for the connected motorhome

Convenient and intuitive from anywhere: The HYMER Connect App’s smart control system is the connectivity solution for the motorhome of today and tomorrow and boasts numerous helpful features to give your camping holiday that extra bit of comfort and security.

German Innovation Award 2021:   
1st place for the HYMER Connect app

The HYMER Connect app received the highest gold award in the “Excellence in Business to Consumer – Transportation” category for outstanding innovative performance. The German Innovation Award has been held internationally by the German Design Council since 2018 and is presented once a year as a recognized seal for sustainable solutions, detailed innovations or services with outstanding added value for users.

  • The first smart ecosystem for the connected mobile home

  • Convenient control of the living area lighting, heater, air conditioning and satellite system via the app

  • Chassis information such as location, mileage and service intervals

  • Standard information such as water tank levels and battery status

  • Communication with the app via Bluetooth or your mobile phone network

  • Intelligent checklists and security features

One app – countless settings for your comfort

There’s no place like HYMER

The HYMER Connect App features preinstalled settings that can also be customised. This means that you can create the perfect atmosphere to suit your mood at the touch of a button. Be it when you get home after a day exploring the outdoors, or if you just want a particular kind of lighting in the morning or evening.

You can also customise your settings so that all commands are carried out automatically when a particular function is activated. Your HYMER will then know what needs to be done. For example, you could set it so that when the light is switched on, the heater will be activated and the satellite antenna will extend, thus providing everything you need for a relaxing evening.

  • Good Morning setting

    Features: Room temperature of 22°C, hot water heater turned on, lights in the bedroom and living area switched on to preset brightness

  • Arrival setting

    Features: Automatic activation of heater, lights, refrigerator, water pump and satellite system

  • Good Night setting

    Features: Room temperature of 18°C, hot water heater switched to eco mode, lights turned off, refrigerator in night mode

From the ski slope to your warm HYMER

Picture yourself high up on the mountain, ready to take on the last piste of the day. Down in the valley station, your HYMER is waiting for you. Cold and tired after your day’s skiing, you can’t wait to get back to your warm motorhome. You pull out your smartphone and activate the perfect setting at the touch of a button. Your HYMER will warm the interior to your desired temperature, heat up the water for the shower and switch on the mood lighting to create the perfect atmosphere for you.

The shower is already waiting for you

Nature, peace and good conversation – for many of us, going fishing with friends is the ultimate way to unwind. We brave wind and rain for the big catch and we’re not going to be put off by cold weather. Especially not if we can turn on the heater and boiler in our HYMER while we’re out. Then we can hop into a warm shower as soon as we get back. And the salmon we caught? We can make sure he stays nice and fresh by lowering the temperature of the refrigerator from the app.

The perfect lighting for every time of day

Your HYMER is the first motorhome that supports your circadian rhythm. It allows you to preprogram the light settings for the morning, evening and other times of day as well. The lighting is also dimmable and even the colour temperature can be set.

If the sunlight doesn’t find its way into your sleeping area or if you want to get up while it’s still dark, bright, white light will ensure that you wake up. In the evenings the light is a warmer, yellower colour to create a relaxed and cosy atmosphere. 

Mileage and fuel? Check!

The HYMER Connect App features practical, preprogrammed checklists. These are designed to help you with activities that you are doing for the first time or don’t often do – and they guide you through the process step by step. For example, before a trip you can check the fuel and water levels from the comfort of your couch. Or the app will remind you to unplug the power cable, close all the windows, empty the waste water tank or retract the awning before you leave the campsite.

Retrofit and expand HYMER Connect

If you want all the benefits of the HYMER Connect system for your own HYMER, you can simply have it retrofitted. Contact your dealer for further information. In addition, the HYMER Connect App is open to the technological developments of tomorrow. It will allow you to integrate certified components such as HYMER Original Parts in the future – like, for example, the solar panel, air conditioning and satellite antenna.

  • Enjoy all your usual TV programmes, even when you’re on the road. Simply extend the satellite antenna at the touch of a button. It will then automatically move into the correct position.

  • Become a mobile electricity producer with your own solar installation on the roof. You can use the app to check how many amps the solar panel is generating.

  • You are out for a walk on a hot summer’s day and your HYMER is heating up almost as quickly as you are. Just as well you are able to turn on the air conditioning while you’re out! That way you can look forward to getting back to a nice, cool motorhome.

Available HYMER models

Offering guaranteed quality and technical expertise, the HYMER B-Class MasterLine is setting new standards in the premium segment and was the first HYMER to inspire with smartphone control. We are constantly working on offering as many travellers as possible the convenience of the HYMER Connect App. From August 2021, the HYMER Connect App will therefore also be available for the HYMER B-Class ModernComfort I and the HYMER B-Class ModernComfort T.

FAQ concerning the HYMER Connect App 

Ready for the mobile travel of the future? In the following we have compiled the most frequently asked questions on availability, operation & control, technical details and retrofitting options for the new HYMER Connect App.

  • The HYMER Connect App is available free of charge via the Google Play Store and the App Store and will enable convenient control and monitoring of your HYMER B-Class MasterLine and HYMER B-Class ModernComfort (from model year 2022). Furthermore, both semi-integrated and integrated HYMER B-Class MasterLine models from the 2020 model year onwards (produced from September 2019 onwards) can be retrofitted with the corresponding control unit and hardware components.

  • The HYMER Connect App will be available for both iOS and Android. iOS devices will need version 12 or higher, while Android products must have version 9 or above.

  • The other apps and tools available on the market at present only provide partial solutions to connecting and operating individual components, which means that customers currently need lots of different apps and control panels to operate various features. The HYMER Connect App is taking a unique approach and focusing on maximum integration: Hymer GmbH & Co. KG is combining many of the vehicle’s components in a single, smart ecosystem and enabling them to be controlled with ease using a smartphone. Thanks to its long-standing strategic partnership with Mercedes-Benz, HYMER is the first ever bodywork manufacturer to be granted access to the vehicle information for the Sprinter chassis cowl.

  • The HYMER Connect App allows you to control the lighting, refrigerator, satellite system and heating, amongst other things. Data from the solar panel, the water tank filling level, battery status and even the fuel level can be displayed at the same time. The user can also see whether the central locking system is unlocked or locked using the app. What’s more, the system can be controlled from any location – when close to the motorhome, the app connects via Bluetooth, and when further away, the system uses the mobile phone network. This service will be available from April 2021 onwards in 30 European countries.

  • HYMER has developed the app with the aim of providing customers with a complementary connectivity solution. The HYMER Connect App won’t replace the traditional controls for individual functions, such as buttons or control panels. This means that the motorhome can still be operated in the usual way – if, for example, your smartphone battery is dead.

  • First, all the components were upgraded from an electrical onboard power supply (old system with wired components) to an electronic onboard power supply (new connected system). Next, HYMER developed a piece of hardware, a physical control unit (which can be retrofitted), into which all of the data from the components is fed. Finally, HYMER programmed the software and the interface for displaying the data and controlling the components – the HYMER Connect App.

  • The HYMER Connect App will come as standard in B-Class MasterLine and B-Class ModernComfort models from the 2022 model year onwards, and will already be included in the purchase price. The hardware can also be retrofitted in B-Class MasterLine models from the 2020 model year onwards (produced from September 2019 onwards). This applies to both integrated and semi-integrated models in the range. The price of the retrofit solution is 799.00 euros plus assembly and installation costs (price is valid for the German market and includes the currently valid value added tax; status: 06/2021).

  • In principle, the following components are compatible, which can be factory-installed by HYMER: solar panel, air conditioning, satellite dish. Any retrofitting work can be carried out by our dealers. Integrating the equipment into the app is then incredibly easy – the app performs a search every time it’s used and will automatically incorporate new components. Needless to say, the ability to retrofit and integrate future components, e.g. from HYMER Original Parts, into the ecosystem will be factored in during development. In this way, HYMER will gradually expand its range of upgrade options, and the smart ecosystem will become even bigger in the coming years.

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