Being well-informed improves your experience on the road

HYMER service goes above and beyond your vehicle. We want nothing to come between our customers and their passion for travelling, which is why we provide helpful information and tips.

Good preparation is everything

Tips and tricks for planning your trip

You know that nice feeling: Get in, start the engine and off you go. Anyone who travels with a mobile home or camper van has spontaneity and flexibility with them. In order to ensure that the spontaneous journey turns into a relaxed journey, our tips will help you to prepare as best as possible in advance.

Well prepared for every tour - with the HYMER travel checklist

A trip with HYMER gives you ultimate flexibility. But even the most spontaneous trip needs preparation. Have you thought of all the papers, documents and formalities? Technical checks? Medical supplies? With our HYMER travel checklists you are ready for any adventure. 

The best tips on how make your RV sparkling clean

The same applies to your RV as to your own four walls: it's most comfortable when everything is clean and tidy. But where can you clean your HYMER RV thoroughly and what is the best way to do it? Which cleaning products should you use and where are the most stubborn spots or those that are often overlooked? This guide gives you valuable tips on everything to do with cleaning the exterior of your motorhome, caring for the interior and everything else you need to pay attention to. Good care doesn't have to be complicated - it just takes a little time.

Prepared for any travel adventure - with the HYMER FREEONTOUR programme

Plan your dream route on the web or via app with the FREEONTOUR route planner that was specially developed for campers. Or find campsites and pitches that suit you best using the practical search function. To benefit from insider tips at any time while travelling, you have the opportunity to exchange experiences and adventures with other motorhome owners on the FREEONTOUR portal. Let the next adventure come!

Always safe on the go:

Useful information and tips for your trip

You have it in your own hands how safe you feel on your trip in the motorhome or camper van and how relaxed you start the journey. Because with the right equipment, the right precautions and taking certain tips into account, nothing stands in the way of your camping adventure.

Practical accessories and valuable tips for your safety when travelling

The last thing you should need to worry about when relaxing on your well-earned holiday is your safety. From the right choice of parking space to immobilizers and alarm systems to additional locks for doors and more - we have put together the most effective security measures for your next motorhome tour.

Tips and accessories for a holiday with your dog

Holiday time is the best time of the year. But you can only fully enjoy it if all your family members are there. So that your next trip is a relaxing experience for you and your four-legged family members, we have put together a list of tips and accessories for a holiday with your dog.