HYMER ML-T in front of a mountain setting

Freedom in wild turquoise - Slovenia in the HYMER ML-T

Mia Bühler knew exactly where her next road trip was going: The Slovenian Soča Valley, which she had fallen in love with while traveling to Croatia two years ago, she simply had to see it again. So she excitingly takes her son out of daycare for two weeks and sets off, with her husband and the HYMER ML-T 580 on the way to their place of longing.

Mia Bühler from uberding



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This time she wanted to do three things differently than on her last short visit:

1. The right motorhome for maximum flexibility. That was done perfectly with the choice of the HYMER ML-T 580.

2. The right time. Which is not - as many would assume - in summer, but in autumn. When the summer holidays are over, the campsites empty and there is no need to queue for a photo on the suspension bridge.

And 3rd: Don't do too much again, just stop where it is most beautiful.

Sometimes it is the same with places as with people: you have the feeling that you did not meet at the right time - but you can never forget them.
Portrait of Mia Bühler
Blogger, Social Media Consultant, Mother Mia Bühler

The route is the goal

With these thoughts in your luggage, the journey starts - and ends again after four hours. At least for now. The young family find a secluded place to stop, a forest car park in Ramsau. This is where the backpacks are packed for an excursion to the Ramsau suspension bridge. At dusk, the three roam through the Berchtesgaden National Park and only come back when the sun has disappeared behind the mountain peaks.

But at sunrise the next outdoor adventure is already waiting for Mia and her two men: crossing the Königsee. With the second boat of the day, the three crossed over, which turns out to be a real stroke of luck. In the afternoon, the parking lot at the boat dock is overcrowded with hikers, tourist buses, motorhomes and cars. So getting up early is worth it if you want to enjoy the paradisiacal area around the Königssee before the migrations.

Picturesque backdrop in the Berchtesgardener Land

The boat tour to the dock "Salet", which can only be reached via the Königssee, takes about an hour. This always takes Mia’s breath away, as she glides almost silently over the lake. The fog is still close above the water surface, the water is crystal clear and the sun casts its first rays into the fog and enchants everything to an almost fairytale landscape. When the three leave the boat, the full moon is still over the mountains. Almost like a painting that of course has to be captured.

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Camping right on the river of the Soča valley

With these new experiences its time to carry on the route in the motorhome. This turns out to be a real adventure, at least for the last 30 kilometers. They gently make their way through narrow gorges, which are surrounded by forests, rocks and encompassing darkness. But at last, a few campfire flames become visible that light up the way to the campsite. Now it's time to pitch up, warm up and sleep in.

Where the three pitched up exactly, they only realise the next morning when not only fresh air flows through the open window of the ML-T 580, but also the sound of the river. The campsite is located directly above the Soča, making it the ideal spot for exploring the water that the family had been looking forward to.

Three must-dos in the Soča valley

And if you enjoyed reading about every single moment of their road trip, Mia created our very own top 3. A mixture of different places and activities that make every trip to Slovenia an unforgettable experience.

1. Velika Korita

The campsite near Bovec is the perfect starting point for various adventures in, on and around the Soča. If you cross the river over the small suspension bridge, you are directly in front of the information board for Velika Korita, the large Soča troughs.

The long gorge with its bright rocks, lush vegetation and glowing water is a wonderful natural spectacle. If you dare to go into the ice-cold water, you can also swim here!

2. Slap Kozjak

The hike to the "Cave" waterfall is not suitable for pushchairs, but it is not long and thanks to the suspension bridge halfway, small caves and exciting flowers and slopes on the left and right of the path very entertaining.

Another plus: In “Camp Koren” (in Kobarid) you can spend the night directly below the gigantic Kozjak waterfall.

3. The Napoleon Bridge

The Napoleon Bridge connects the left and right banks of the Soča below Kobarid. Due to its extraordinary construction, the bridge is an indispensable architectural monument and a link to the past: in 1616, the Venetians tore down the wooden bridge at that time.

The old stone Napoleon Bridge was built in 1750 with only one arch. Napoleon's troops marched towards Predel on this bridge, hence the name.

At the end of her journey, however, it is not just the places and experiences that Mia remembers, but above all the way in which this very special family holiday is held: “To be honest, we have a tight schedule on most of our trips and run from one photo spot to the next. Fortunately, with the flexibility of a motorhome, this is possible in a relaxed and decelerated manner, without neglecting our job.

Anywhere we can just park for a few hours, make a tea and type a few thoughts in the "mobile office" when it rains, while our son sleeps happily in the bunk. "There is no better way to summarize the advantages of traveling in a HYMER!

Love at second sight

Do you also have a place of longing that you can't get out of your head? The HYMER ML-T 580 takes you there - regardless of whether for the first time or repeatedly.

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