Traveling with pets – tips and accessories for a motorhome holiday with your dog

Vacation with your dog? Why, not!

Holidays are best when the whole family is there. Our pets also belong to the family, which is why more and more people are looking for suitable solutions. So that your four-legged family members can enjoy the trip as much as you do, we have put together some tips, accessories, and a checklist for a motorhome holiday with your dog.

Checklist for a holiday in your motorhome with your dog

To make your next trip a relaxed experience for all family members, we offer you a free checklist for the most important preparations and equipment.

Make your HYMER a familiar environment

Like us, dogs feel most comfortable in familiar surroundings. You can therefore create a homely atmosphere with familiar things such as a cosy blanket or their favourite toy. This not only increases comfort and entertainment value, it also creates a familiar world of smells in your HYMER. This way, the motorhome and your dog come together more harmoniously.

If your four-legged friend is new to camping holidays, get them used to it gently. Transporting dogs in a motorhome can be very exciting and sometimes frightening for them. The best way to introduce your dog to motorhome life is with short trips, that’s how you can show that living and travelling in a motorhome is an exciting and safe experience.

Dog-friendly campsites

So that the family holiday can be fully enjoyed at the travel destination, it is advisable to research the right campsite before you start your journey. Discover an overview of dog-friendly campsites where dogs are also welcome vacationers. 

For travel:
Our accessory highlights for holidays with your dog

  • HYMER dog box

    The high-quality dog crate leaves nothing to be desired in terms of safety and comfort for humans and animals. Thanks to the special restraint system, it can be attached to almost any seating area and is ideal for conveniently securing dogs in the motorhome.
  • HYMER Awning holder with eyelet

    Equally suitable for camping enthusiasts and dog owners: the HYMER awning holder with eyelet! Attach it simply and securely to your vehicle and put your four-legged companion on a lead without stress. Strong, weatherproof and versatile.
  • HYMER dog bed including comfort pillow

    Thanks to the clever design, the tailor-made dog bed can be used in two ways: driving position and living position. Your dog is always with you and everyone at the table still has enough legroom.
  • HYMER Entry protector

    Suitable for all HYMER models, the HYMER dog crate door offers even more security for your four-legged friend.
  • HYMER Dog lead flex&leash

    The new HYMER flex & leash dog leash is simply wrapped around the table base and has a secure lock at the end that can be clicked into the dog harness. The leash can be extended from 85 cm to approx. 150 cm for more freedom of movement.
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Is buckling up enough?
Safety systems for dogs in motorhomes

There are various belts on the market with which you can buckle your dog into. However, experts regularly note that belts alone are not suitable to ensure a solid security. A seat belt can cause serious injury in the event of a collision or heavy braking.

Often the belts are not short enough to safely prevent skidding. When it comes to safety for your dog in the motorhome, the dog crate remains the best solution. It should of course also be well secured so that it does not become dangerous in an emergency.

At the destination:
Sun protection, cooling and grooming

Does a holiday with a dog in a motorhome lead to sunny regions or higher altitudes? Then the following applies: Dogs can also get sunburn. Therefore, ask your local pet shop or vet about suitable sunscreens. Pay particular attention to the nose when applying it, as it is the quickest to get sunburned.

During a long beach holiday, you should also always ensure plenty of drinking water, shade and cooling off with damp towels. Rinse the fur with plenty of fresh water after a trip to the beach to keep the motorhome, dog crate and bed free of sand.

After the journey:
Getting used to everyday life

Allow enough time after the holiday so that your dog can get used to everyday life again, just like you. If your animal looks sick or behaves abnormally, contact a veterinarian as soon as possible. This is particularly the case if you have stayed in regions with a high risk of infection with animal diseases.

The most important tips for traveling with pets

  • Be informed about conditions of carriage
     When using car ferries, find out about the conditions of carriage.

  • Consider entry regulations
    Depending on the travel destination, certain documents and (vaccination) certificates may be required for your dog. It is best to find out this information several months before your holiday.

  • Additional breaks in the heat
    Moist cloths and plenty of liquid provide pleasant cooling in the heat. Laying out the dog crate in the motorhome with a cooling mat can protect sensitive four-legged friends from heat stress.

  • Security obligation for four-legged friends
    It is important that you secure your dog in the motorhome. This works best with a dog crate.

  • Pressure equalization
    When driving uphill, chew toys can help to equalize pressure.

  • Never leave animals in the motorhome in summer
    Open windows do not provide enough airflow and dog bodies can quickly overheat. There is danger to life here!

Further HYMER accessories for your trip

Regardless of whether you are on holiday with or without a dog: You will find over 500 products in our web catalogue. Feel free to browse through it and create your own personal shopping list. It's worth a visit!

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