6 Ski areas in 6 days – Tyrol with the HYMER ML-T

Steep pistes, a sea of ​​white peaks and a network of mountain roads in between. This is the backdrop against which Chris, Mona and Stefan's motorhome road trip with the HYMER ML-T takes place. 6 days with 6 stops, each of them directly on the slopes - that's how a ski holiday works.

Chris Gollhofer

Photographer & Author


Just before departure

The closer the start of the journey gets, the more intensively the snow and weather report is followed. A week before departure: It's snowing and snowing and snowing. Over a meter of fresh snow in just three days – that's how it should be. Then it's only four days until the starting signal and minus becomes plus and snow becomes rain. And quite far up. Too high for the taste of our freeriders.

And so it goes, the beautiful, fresh deep snow. Well, nothing can be changed and in the end the following still applies: "Happiness is a function of accepting what is."

After all, they have a fully equipped mobile home and the Tyrol Snow Card, which gives them access to over 90 ski areas in Tyrol. So, the journey can begin.

Day 1

St. Johann:

Icy start

The first stop is St. Johann (in Tyrol). As it is still the very beginning of the season, only part of the ski area is open. But Chris, Stefan and Mona have this part almost to themselves. Not bad at all for the first day of skiing of the season. Plus, there is a perfect view of the Wilder Kaiser - wow. Only the slope is more reminiscent of ice than snow. This is probably due to the rain over the last few days!?

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Day 2


A giant among ski areas

Okay, new day, new luck. Next stop: Ellmau. Ellmau-Going is part of the "SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental", one of the largest and most modern ski areas in the world. But as in St. Johann, the slopes are manageably full, which makes it very pleasant. You can also look over the icy ground.

Back in the camper, the three decide that if they want good conditions and maybe some powder, they should aim higher. In plain language this means ‘lets go to the glacier’. They decide on the Hintertux and travel to Tux the same evening so that they can take the first gondola up first thing the next day.

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Day 3

At 3,200 meters in Tux:

Perfect Conditions
  • Like every morning, after breakfast they go straight to the lift and up. Arriving at over 3,200 meters, the three quickly realise that their assumption is true: great slopes surrounded by deep snow. The northern slopes in particular are very tempting, but you have to be careful there.

  • Due to the snow drifts of the last few days, the current avalanche warning level is 4 (of 5)!
    So, they really only go to the slopes where they can weigh the risk accordingly. But never without an avalanche transceiver set!

  • Obviously, they are not the first to discover the deep snow slopes...
    And as is always the case with the things that are the most fun, time flies by and in no time at all it is already 3:30 p.m. Gradually Chris, Mona and Stefan are getting a little tired. So off to the valley run.

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Take a deep breath and continue…

Happy and content, they sit in their mobile home and think about where they want to go next over a cup of coffee. Stefan suggests Serfaus, but they don't want to go that far today.

After a short deliberation, they decide on Hochfügen. All their belongings are quickly stored away, and the one-hour drive begins. Upon arrival in Fügen, they remember that there is a thermal bath there! And of course, there is time for some wellness in between travelling and Skiing. Two hours later, freshly recovered, they head up the road to Hochfügen, where they will spend the night. But until then, they cook and enjoy a glass of wine - pure vacation.

The great thing about caravanning is that you are so flexible. Tomorrow we can go to Serfaus and today we can stay where we are or go somewhere else. With our mobile base camp, we can be spontaneous and always stop where we like it best.
Photographer & Author Chris Gollhofer
Day 4


Skiing between professionals

The next morning starts again with bright sunshine - what more could you ask for?! The trio have a quick breakfast and set off to the gondola. Unfortunately, they are not as alone here as in the other areas. But it quickly becomes clear that many ski teams are there to train. Arriving at the middle station, they can quickly see that the open pistes are pretty much empty. The chairlift then takes you to the top, from where you can see a sea of white mountain peaks - an incredible sight. But enough about the distance – let's go skiing! The slopes are freshly groomed and pretty empty. After two hours of intensive skiing, there is a relaxed mood and Stefan fetches three deckchairs on which they can enjoy the sun together.

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Day 5

Serfaus, Fiss and Ladis:

460 hectares of slopes

Shortly afterwards they head back down into the valley in the direction of Serfaus. Past Innsbruck through the Kühtai to the west. After a two-hour drive, they arrive at their destination. Now they just have to set up the camper so that they can enjoy cooking and relax later. After a subsequent round of Mikado (it was worthwhile properly aligning the motorhome for this!) it's off to bed. The alarm clock rings at 07:00. But the last few days have been exhausting, so they snooze until just after 8am - after all, they are on vacation. Today they have another nice breakfast of coffee, croissants, tomato, mozzarella and delicious spreads before they hit the slopes.

Shortly after 9:00am. they are already at the gondola and are going up. The complete ski area extends over the towns of Serfaus, Fiss and Ladis and offers around 460 hectares of ski area and around 214 kilometers of slopes. There's definitely space to let off steam. And the best thing is that there is still perfect and hardly traced deep snow at around 2,800 meters. This is of course exploited! Time flies again and at around 3:00pm. they head back to the camper. Now they already have five days and five ski areas behind them. One more needs to be explored. But where?

Day 6

The Axamer Lizum:

Turmoil on the slopes

Since Mona lives in Innsbruck, they decide on a ski area near the Tyrolean capital - the Axamer Lizum. At 8:00 a.m. sharp, they set off. Arriving at the Lizum parking lot, they see something they haven't seen all week: lots of people. Yes, it's Sunday and the best ski weather. But fortunately, the visitors are spread throughout the ski area. The last day is spent enjoying the slopes again.

Back at the motorhome, they pack all their stuff into the large rear garage, make another coffee and set off for home at around 4pm - back to Innsbruck and then to the Allgäu. Chris, Mona and Stefan have been to six different ski resorts in six days - could decide at any time where they wanted to go next and were absolutely self-sufficient at all times. That's freedom!

If you also have the separate rear garage where you can store your equipment, you are well equipped for spontaneous sports adventures and never miss the right moment.
Photographer & Author Chris Gollhofer

Perfectly equipped for every goal

From skiing to beach holidays: With the HYMER-ML-T, you can make every trip an unforgettable experience! Adventurers will be happy about the optionally available all-wheel drive, while connoisseurs can enjoy the spacious kitchen and living area.

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