RV security: How to make your camper burglar-proof

Anyone planning their first motorhome holiday usually has a lot of questions: How safe is camping? Which is the safest motorhome? Or also: How do I protect my mobile home? After all, safety is an important factor to ensure you have a perfect and relaxed holiday. In this article we point out the most important accessories, tips on how to behave and measures that ensure even more safety on motorhome holidays. Starting with choosing the right parking space, to optionally available locks and security features, to preventative tips for avoiding breakdowns and damage to luggage.

How safe is travelling in a motorhome?

Holidays with a motorhome or caravan are the ultimate in freedom: just go where the wanderlust takes you and do what you feel like doing. And even if you feel as comfortable in the camper as in your own four walls, it is less burglar-proof compared to a permanent building. Therefore, safety is always an issue when travelling. Especially if you travel to remote places or use your motorhome as a base camp for extensive excursions. Of course, the travel destination also plays a decisive role. You can find out how safe your travel destination is on the Government website, because in some places it is more important than in others to make the motorhome burglar-proof.

1. General Safety Tips

Parking safely

When parking, you have the most security if you park your motorhome on official campsites and pitches. These are usually fenced areas guarded by security personnel. Your mobile home can also be parked there without burglary protection.

The situation is different when you make stopovers in public spaces or when you are out in nature. The rule here is: trust your instincts. Your gut feeling will give you a bias on how safe you can feel around you. For example, are you surrounded by other campers? Then you can ask them to keep an eye on your vehicle while you're away.

Burglaries are less likely in busy places than in rest stops and supermarket car parks where there is only through traffic. Do not consider the safety of your RV to be a given, park in such a way that you can drive off quickly if the worst comes to the worst and do not take your eyes off your vehicle if you have a bad feeling. If you do, you should secure your mobile home against burglary.

More tips for the safety of your motorhome

  • Hide valuables

  • When leaving the vehicle, lock it and take the key with you

  • Lock up before bed

  • Do not leave vehicle papers in the mobile home


2. Secure your motorhome against burglary
How to do it

Anyone who is concerned with the security of their mobile home usually comes to the conclusion: doors and windows are the first choice for burglars and thieves when they want to gain access to the vehicle. For this reason, it makes sense to think about additional RV door and window locks.

Secure the habitation door with extra door locks

It is in the nature of things that the structure of a mobile home is less robust than the driver's cab. You should therefore further secure the motorhome habitation door. A common way to secure your RV door is with additional door locks. They are mounted on the inside and also locked from the inside. Therefore, they are particularly suitable if you want additional security in the motorhome during the night.

Corresponding locks can be used on all doors of your vehicle. Because rear garage and storage space flaps are also motorhome doors that you can and should secure. A do-it-yourself method for securing RV doors in the cab is to stretch a ratchet strap between both doors. The disadvantage of this method is that when attempting forced entry, locks and windows can be damaged due to the forces at work.