Technology & Innovation – Benefit from innovative HYMER developments

Motorhoming is more than just a kind of holiday – it’s a real passion. That’s why all of our products are developed on the principle that our customers are entitled to expect a vehicle that’s been built to the highest standards – regardless of whether in terms of comfort, quality, safety equipment, extensive fixtures and fittings or value retention.

We are constantly striving to be outstanding and to set new standards in all areas, which is why we are always working on new technologies and smart solutions.

HYMER vehicles – excellent in the truest sense of the word!

“Made in Germany” is both our obligation and our motivation, which is demonstrated by the many awards and prizes we receive year after year for our innovations and vehicles. Here is a small selection from the coveted prizes.
  • iF Design Award 2024 for the HYMER Grand Canyon S

    With its unmistakable style, its enormous power and the HYMER Connect as standard, the Grand Canyon S promises maximum freedom in style and direction. The 132-member, independent expert jury also sees it that way and chose the sporty camper van from almost 11,000 submissions as the winner of the iF Design Awards 2024 in the Product discipline, Automobiles/Vehicles category. The iF Design Award, which has been presented since 1954, is one of the most prestigious design awards in the world.
  • European Innovation Award 2024 for the new HYMER ML-T

    The HYMER ML-T embodies stylish travel without limits. It not only scores points with its tasteful design, but also ensures intuitive and comfortable travel with more independence and freedom thanks to optimized functions and networking with the HYMER Connect app. These features convinced the 17 jurors of the European Innovation Awards expert jury, who named the HYMER ML-T the winner in the “Overall Motorhome Concept” category.
  • HYMER Grand Canyon S: Motorhome of the Year 2024

    It is not only popular with the expert jury, but also with experienced campers. This is shown by the motoring press's readers' choice of motorhome of the year 2024, in which the HYMER Grand Canyon S took first place in the “Camping bus with bathroom over 60,000 euros” category. The optimized camper van model sets new standards in the areas of self-sufficiency and design. The interior impresses with its quality, individuality and elegance.
  • German Design Award 2024 for the new HYMER ML-T

    True to the motto “More Style, less Limits”, the new HYMER ML-T presents itself with a completely new interior design, a perfected exterior and superior technology. The stylish motorhome icon truly deserves the “Winner” award that was given to it in the “Excellent Product Design - Passenger Vehicles” category as part of the German Design Awards. The German Design Award is one of the most prestigious design awards in the world and enjoys a high reputation far beyond specialist circles.
  • German Design Award 2024 for the new HYMER Grand Canyon S

    The new HYMER Grand Canyon S embodies a mobile home base with unmistakable style, lots of power and the latest technology for maximum freedom. It reinterprets independence and defines it as the standard. The international expert jury that decides on the awarding of the German Design Award also recognized this and gave the camper van the winner label. The German Design Award is one of the most prestigious design awards and enjoys a high reputation worldwide.
  • German Design Award 2023 for the HYMER Venture S

    What initially started as a pure vision in the form of a concept vehicle has now become reality. The HYMER Venture S defines an entirely new vehicle category: an innovative motorhome that satisfies the loftiest demands in terms of design and function. The striking off-road look and the distinctive colour scheme are just two visual highlights that make the HYMER Venture S to an absolute eye-catcher - and also to a "Winner" for the international jury of the German Design Council who gives the German Design Award.
  • HYMER is the Golden TOP BRAND 2023 of the AutoZeitung

    In the TOP BRANDS survey as part of the major AUTO TROPHY, AutoZeitung readers are asked to choose the brand in various categories with which they have had particularly good experiences. Once again, the participants voted HYMER as the Golden TOP BRAND in the motorhome category. This is a great honour for us and confirmation that we are on the right track with our products and our service.
  • German Brand Award 2023 for the launch campaign of the HYMER Venture S

    With the launch campaign of the HYMER Venture S, HYMER succeeded in staging the new off-roader in a remarkably emotional and outstandingly high-quality way, with brand typology, creativity and execution quality convincing down to the last detail - according to the German Design Council, which honoured the campaign with the German Brand Award 2023 in Gold. A convincing campaign that makes you want to experience nature in the "Venture S". The German Brand Award is an award for excellent brand management and makes brand successes visible in a unique way.
  • European Innovation Award 2023 for the HYMER Venture S

    Whether it's the pneumatic pop-up roof with integrated stairway or the striking tailgate with real glass infinity screen for 180-degree panoramic views and exclusive sun deck - with these features the HYMER Venture S can be characterised as an extraordinaire motorhome and realises the ideas and aspirations of an exclusive target group. This vehicle describes a vision of the future and has won the European Innovation Award 2023 in the category of "Exterior Design".
  • Award for the launch campaign of the HYMER Venture S Award for the launch campaign of the HYMER Venture S

    In addition to the "Winner" award for the HYMER Venture S in the category "Excellent Product Design", HYMER also receives a "Special Mention" in the category "Excellent Communications Design" at the German Design Award 2023 for the vehicles' multi-stage launch campaign. The campaign consists of an overarching master story that addresses new target groups and breaks up familiar patterns with surprising stylistics and progressive tonality.
  • IF Design Award 2023 for the HYMER Venture S

    The iF Design Award is one of the most prestigious design prizes in the world. It has been organized from Germany since 1953 and, the iF label, offers a reliable sign of good design for both consumers and the design community. Based on strictly neutral jury standards, the committee, consisting of international design experts, awarded the HYMER Venture S in the Automobiles & Vehicles category for its excellent design as an off-road camper.
  • HYMER Venture S: one of the Top 100 Masterpieces 2023

    Every year, the investor and lifestyle magazine MATERIALIST presents and awards a carefully curated selection of exceptional and style-defining products with high iconic value and collecting potential; things that enhance everyday life and with which you can give pleasure to yourself and others. In the category "Automobile & Caravan", HYMER's Venture S also joins the ranks of winners alongside Bentley, Rolls Royce and Ferrari - what a great pleasure and honour for us.
  • Red Dot Design Award 2023 for the HYMER Venture S

    Best of the Best! This is the award that the HYMER Venture S received at the Red Dot Award 2023 for its convincing and extraordinary product design. It clearly stands out from the crowd of other motorhomes. The Red Dot Award is a recognized seal of quality for outstanding design that is awarded annually. An expert jury from the Design Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V. evaluates the products submitted in terms of innovation, functionality and quality and awards the best designs at the end.
  • 1st place in the Camping Life Trophy for the HYMER Venture S

    In the online readers' poll for the Camping Life Trophy 2023, conducted by AutoZeitung, the HYMER Venture S easily made it to the top of the podium. As an exclusive off-roader, it promises uncompromising freedom and impresses with its stylish design, innovative functions and optimal use of space. In any case, it convinced the readers of the AutoZeitung.
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Our technology – Your extra comfort

Technology highlight

HYMER Connect App

Your smart home from home – HYMER Connect is a unique, digital ecosystem that transforms your HYMER into a fully fledged smart motorhome or camper van. It combines access to vehicle information with control of all living area functions – via the convenient and intuitive app.
Autarky and four-wheel drive

Independent travel in a motorhome

Simply hit the road, change your plans on the spur of the moment and stop wherever it’s most beautiful. Find out about the things you should look out for to make the most of this freedom!
  • Smart-Battery-System 2.0

    Greater self-sufficiency than ever before – with the HYMER Smart Battery System 2.0

    The HYMER Smart Battery System 2.0 redefines freedom. Once you’ve found the perfect pitch, you’ll never need to leave. The new, self-sufficient, on-board power supply system combines cutting-edge technology Made in Germany with even more convenience than before. Using only state-of-the-art LiFePo4 lithium batteries, which removes the need for a back-up lead battery, it is more powerful, longer-lasting and significantly more compact.
  • The HYMER Backrack+

    Whatever you plan to do and wherever you want to go – take all your leisure equipment with you. The HYMER Backrack+ opens up a new world of personalised transport thanks to a wide range of modular components – and makes your camper van stand out from the crowd. The HYMER Backrack+ base support is available directly from the factory. Like all matching module components, it can also be ordered and retrofitted from HYMER Original Accessories via your HYMER dealer.
  • Your extra comfort

    HYMER clearliQ travel water filter, powered by Grünbeck

    The HYMER clearliQ travel water filter not only removes 99.99 % of the bacteria from the water (e.g. E.coli) and coarse dirt particles such as sand and suspended matter, but also the chlorine that is added to drinking water as a disinfectant. The result is drinking water that is not only safer, but also has a more pleasant taste – and a clear conscience as you no longer need to stockpile plastic bottles.
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Move into the fast lane with HYMER HY-TEC

Innovative technologies from HYMER for every destination.

Concept Car VisionVenture

Innovation meets vision - Your freedom to travel is the focus of our innovative energy

Discover our interpretation of motorhoming of the future. Our mission is to constantly achieve the exceptional and set new standards in all areas. Together with strong partners, we constantly work on new technologies and innovative solutions for tomorrow’s world. The result is a pioneering response to both current and future industry trends.
  • HYMER PUAL 2.0 bodywork technology

    The new HYMER PUAL 2.0 bodywork concept withstands all external weather conditions, allowing you to relax inside in the most homely and cosy atmosphere, without a care in the world. It stands out due to its multi-layer wall construction with aluminium and synthetic foam – for maximum stability and excellent insulation values.
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“Made in Germany” – quality you can feel.

We’d love to show you the premium quality of our leisure vehicles in person: Try out the comfort of our beds and seats, and take a test drive – at one of our 300 HYMER service centres and dealerships around the world.

We don’t just talk about safety – we do something about it

Driving safety and comfort have reached an extremely high standard in the automotive sector. HYMER applies that same standard to its motorhomes. Top safety standards are defined at the development stage and successfully implemented – from the vehicle body to the intelligent electronic safety systems. HYMER had already fulfilled all relevant safety regulations long before they became obligatory.

HYMER SLC chassis

With the innovative SLC chassis (Super Light Chassis / Super Lightweight Construction Chassis), we have developed a unique chassis that has many advantages to offer: more storage space in the floor, good thermal insulation for the cold and heat as well as enhanced and safe driving comfort.

Where do you want to go with your HYMER?

Travelling with your HYMER through Austria or through France to the Pyrenees. Or would you rather visit the snowy Italian Dolomites? The possible destinations are as varied as our HYMER motorhomes themselves. Discover our travel reports from all over the world and get inspired for your next holiday.

Further offers and information

Hymermobil B-Class MasterLine I

Offering guaranteed quality and technical expertise, the HYMER B-Class MasterLine is setting new standards in the premium segment and was the first HYMER to inspire with smartphone control.

Hymermobil B-Class ModernComfort I

Offering guaranteed quality and technical expertise, the HYMER B-Class MasterLine is setting new standards in the premium segment and was the first HYMER to inspire with smartphone control.

HYMER Exsis-t

Thanks to cutting-edge technology such as the PUAL body shell, the weight of the semi-integrated motorhome Exsis-t is significantly reduced, and is done so without making any compromises in terms of design or comfort.
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