Camper checklists from HYMER: 
Prepared for all eventualities!

There is a lot to know and do when it comes to travelling with a mobile home or campervan. From the first tour to holidays in the snow to cleaning and winter storage - you are well equipped with a checklist in your mobile home!

Whether it's a list of camping equipment or a checklist for motorhome vacations with dogs: they are all compact, available as PDF downloads and contain the most important points. With HYMER you are always safe and comfortable on the go.

General travel preparations: on your mark, get set...

A trip with HYMER gives you ultimate flexibility. But even the most spontaneous trip needs to be well prepared: Have you thought of all papers, documents and formalities? And are the right means of payment on board to remain flexible from a financial point of view?

In order for all of this to succeed, you will find detailed points to tick off in our comprehensive checklist.

Ready for the big trip? Check!

  • Everything to do with your motorhome
  • Documents and papers
  • Means of payment
  • Just before departure

Technical checks: So everything runs smoothly on the road

We strongly recommend a comprehensive technical check before your trip. You can find out what exactly you should check in this checklist for the mobile home before you set off.

The list also contains an overview of accessories and important spare parts, which you should check for completeness and functionality before setting off.

So simply download the checklist for the mobile home to print out and double-check everything!

Towing vehicle, caravan & motorhome? Check!

  • Technical equipment for towing vehicle
  • Technical equipment for your caravan
  • Technical equipment for your motorhome

Camper packing list: What do you need to take with you on a long trip?

What makes travelling with a motorhome so unique? To discover new destinations and places completely off the beaten track and independent of the usual routes!

So that the great freedom does not turn into a great annoyance, check very carefully whether you and your fellow travellers are prepared for all eventualities. The easiest way to do this is to pack the mobile home using a checklist.

To help you keep track of the multitude of details, we have put together this extensive packing list for the motorhome. Take a look inside and decide for yourself what is important for your tour.

Everything on board? Check!

  • Navigation & communication
  • Useful things on the move
  • Camping equipment
  • Personal care & hygiene
  • Clothing/Accessories
  • Laundry
  • Camping kitchen
  • Cleaning agents and cleaning utensils
  • Entertainment
  • Sports

First aid kit: good health in the motorhome

Even on the most beautiful journey, health problems can arise, or minor accidents can happen.

From a small infection to a bruised knee - you are well prepared with a well-stocked first-aid kit. You can find out how to optimally design the medical camping equipment in the mobile home in our compact checklist.

Depending on the travel destination, the German tropical institutes also recommend special vaccinations. You can get information on this, for example, from or from a specialist in tropical medicine.

Travel pharmacy? Check!

  • Bandages
  • Medication
  • Furthermore

Travelling with a dog in the motorhome: tips and accessories

One thing is certain for many holidaymakers: the dog must also be a permanent member of the family when travelling! With a dog in the motorhome, there are some additional challenges related to luggage, motorhome or campervan equipment, preparation and well-being.

So that your four-legged friend can really enjoy the holiday by your side, we have created a suitable checklist including travel tips. This way you can be sure that neither animal nor human is missing anything and avoid holiday stress.

Traveling with your dog? Check!

  • Prior to travel
  • Must haves
  • "Animal" travel pharmacy
  • Tips for travelling with a four-legged friend

Traveling in a motorhome in winter? No problem!

A winter holiday in a mobile home can be one of the most comfortable and romantic experiences of the year. However, good preparation is the be-all and end-all when it comes to ice and snow.

What is the best thing to pack in winter? Which technology should definitely be checked again? And what do you have to watch out for when driving in a frosty environment? Use our special winter travel checklist to ensure safety and an all-round feeling of well-being when you are travelling in a motorhome in winter.

Travelling in winter? Check!

  • Technical checks
  • Winter camping packing list
  • Preparing to travel
  • During your trip
  • For a safe journey

Cleaning the motorhome: For a clean second home

The mobile home as a second home and holiday home should of course offer a homely and cosy flair. Cleanliness and hygiene are therefore essential.

When cleaning the motorhome, there are a number of tasks to be completed, starting with the roof, through the water tanks or the refrigerator to the seat cushions. You can keep track of the cleaning with our large checklist, even when there is a lot of dust! In 28 steps you can bring your mobile home into shape in a targeted manner.

The perfect motorhome cleaning? Check!

  • Preparation
  • Outdoor area
  • Interior
  • Extra tasks

Winterizing your motorhome: For a good winter

After a long summer and a hopefully golden autumn, many motorhome owners have to prepare their vehicle for winter.

With the HYMER checklist for winter, you will have this phase of the year under control. It includes technical know-how and checkmarks for indoor and outdoor use. So, your camping vehicle is ready to go again for the new season!

Winterizing the mobile home properly? Check!

  • Basics
  • Exterior
  • Interior

Always perfectly prepared thanks to HYMER checklists!

With HYMER, you always have the right checklist for your motorhome and your holiday at hand. Our experience with camping holidays enables us to compile detailed lists for all scenarios. So don't forget important little things.

You can save each mobile home checklist as a PDF, download it on the go, or print it out at home and take the paper with you. Uncomplicated and flexible - just like the best camping holidays should be!

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