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Mercedes quality meets caravanning know-how from HYMER: Get to know eight of our models and their advantages here.

The team from the automotive pioneer Mercedes must have thought “Lets work with determination to build the best motorhome” when they planned the latest Mercedes Sprinter. As the inventor of the automobile, Mercedes has always made statements in terms of innovation and quality.

But the brand has also made a name for itself in the commercial vehicle sector. This is also the case with the latest Sprinter. It is perfectly suited as a foundation for our Mercedes mobile homes: Both the panel van as the basis for Mercedes camper vans and the pure chassis as the basis for Class B+ RVs (semi-integrated) mobile homes.

Even the sole power engine can be combined with our own chassis and thus become the technical heart of our Class A (fully integrated) motorhomes.

What do all combinations have in common? They bring the latest Mercedes vehicle technology and electronics to our caravanning world of experience.

High-quality, comfortable and versatile - what makes Mercedes motorhomes so popular?

  • Expertise and innovation from 130 years of experience in vehicle construction

  • Availability of all Mercedes Sprinter engines with high reliability and smooth running

  • Various models with rear, front and all-wheel drive

  • Extensive, high-quality standard equipment and availability of most light and radar-based assistance systems from Mercedes-Benz

  • Perfection in terms of comfort, multimedia features and connectivity according to the Mercedes-Benz standard

Smart technology in motorhomes based on Mercedes

The great thing is that if you choose a Mercedes motorhome, you benefit from the same technical perfection as when you buy a Mercedes car. Every motorhome with a Mercedes engine is available with different engines and with many other features: Light and radar-based assistance systems such as lane keeping, distance or crosswind assistants can be selected as an option, just like when buying a Mercedes automobile, items that are not already included in the standard equipment can be added to your motorhome.

Would you like to drive without having to think about manual shifting during long journeys? Are you looking for a motorhome with automatic transmission from Mercedes? Of course, that's not a problem either. The same applies to interior and comfort features. With keyless start and the Mercedes-Benz User Experience multimedia system with touchscreen (MBUX for short), many other cab highlights are available that increase driving comfort. Accordingly, Mercedes Sprinter motorhomes set new standards in the field of multimedia and connectivity: voice control with learning capability, smartphone integration and high-speed hard drive navigation with 3D map display and hotspot function throughout the vehicle. You can get all this when you buy a Mercedes-based motorhome.

Mercedes-Benz function and equipment highlights

Overview of Mercedes mobile homes and campers from HYMER

If you want to buy a HYMER Mercedes motorhome, you can look forward to a wide selection. The variety ranges from Class A (integrated mobile homes) to Class B+ (semi-integrated) and compact Mercedes camper vans (Class B).

Class A (Integrated motorhomes)

More space for your experience:  Class A Mercedes motorhomes are our largest leisure vehicles. Here you have the most space, the most complex structure and therefore plenty of room for comfort. With the B-Class MasterLine I and B-Class ModernComfort I we have two integrated Mercedes motorhomes on offer. Strictly speaking, these are Mercedes Sprinter motorhomes, as they are both based on the Sprinter engine. They score with a particularly generous feeling of space, good insulation and thanks to the huge panoramic windscreen you have a breath-taking view from the cab while driving.

The best:
HYMER B-Class MasterLine I

Among the Class A Mercedes-based motorhomes from HYMER, the B-Class MasterLine I (the I stands for integrated) is the ultimate. We affectionately call it the "HYMER among motorhomes" and thus defines a high standard: Travel without compromise. And we think it's possible with this Mercedes motorhome! Even from the outside, the unique design of the GRP stern and bow catches the eye. And what looks so wonderful from the outside continues under the hood and inside. From the SLC chassis to the windows, this Mercedes motorhome offers everything a caravanning heart desires and guarantees unforgettable holidays.

Self-sufficiency? Comfort? Location? No problem. With powerful engines in series, this powerhouse will definitely get you where you want to go. And thanks to the Mercedes-Benz engine compartment insulation, you can feel the power but hardly hear anything. As you are used to from the Swabian automobile brand, high-tech helpers such as Active Brake Assist and automatic headlight control are also part of the standard equipment for this Mercedes motorhome.

  • Available in 4 layouts

  • SLC chassis with level running floor
    for more driving stability and comfort through independent wheel suspension

  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis
    with numerous driving assistance systems ensures maximum safety and optimal driving behaviour

  • Isolated bow in 3D optics
    for a particularly sporty, elegant look, optimal integration of the track width and pleasant climate control in the vehicle

  • 36cm high multi-purpose double floor with through-loading function
    for more storage space, better insulation and absolute winter resistance

The active distance assistant and other driver assistance systems are available on request. A 180 l freshwater tank and a 150 l wastewater tank, the 153 l jumbo refrigerator, your own solar power system if required and our innovative HYMER smart battery system ensure luxury and self-sufficiency. The perfect insulation protects you from heat and frost at any time of the year and guarantees low gas consumption in winter.

At night you sleep on the huge beds with plate springs and multi-zone cold foam mattresses. The hot water heater, which is included in the standard equipment of this Mercedes motorhome, ensures cosy warmth, even when caravanning in winter. The whole thing is rounded off by a high-class interior design and a 4-level lighting concept that lets the spacious living room shine in the right light.

The first of its kind:
HYMER B-Class ModernComfort I

The B-Class ModernComfort I was our first fully integrated Mercedes motorhome, in which the Sprinter power head specially developed for caravanning vehicles was fused with our award-winning SLC chassis for the first time. The result is impressive. Compared to its even more luxurious big brother, the HYMER B-Class MasterLine I, it offers less storage space and a somewhat more discreet interior.

On the other hand, it is somewhat easier to handle and stands out from the competition in its segment with its low total weight. This means that this fully integrated Mercedes mobile home can also be driven with a B driver's license (obtained after 1999) if it is loaded sparingly, which is rarely the case with a mobile home of this class.

  • Available in 5 layouts

  • 36cm high multi-purpose double floor with through-loading function
    including level living area floor - for more storage space, better insulation and absolute winter resistance

  • Huge garage with a loading height of up to 1.23 m

  • Even more freedom and self-sufficiency
    thanks to the very large 180 l freshwater tank and 150 l wastewater tank – even for vehicles under 7 m in length

Here, too, the powerful Mercedes drive leaves little to be desired. Important safety features such as Crosswind Assist are also part of the standard equipment in this Mercedes motorhome.

The interior is spacious and thanks to the large, standard panoramic roof vent, the interior not only shines in the right light, but also in natural light. Optimal isolation, single or queen-size beds and a fully equipped kitchen will make you forget that you are not at home.

Of course, you can also top up with what you want here and add optional equipment and packages: From a more powerful engine and additional assistance systems to even more luxury and self-sufficiency, your wishes are almost unlimited with this integrated Mercedes motorhome.

Class B+ RVs (Semi-integrated)

Class B+ RVs or semi-integrated Mercedes motorhomes offer a clear advantage. The way in which the basic vehicle and body complement each other combine two supposed opposites: a compact driving experience and plenty of space in the living area. In this product category we offer four Mercedes Sprinter motorhomes. They all have their own advantages, which you will learn about below.

HYMER Venture S: The off-road motorhome dream

No boundaries. Just freedom:
HYMER Venture S

Experience caravanning on a whole new level! The HYMER Venture S is an innovative Mercedes-based motorhome with features and equipment that could truly be considered extravagant. Its compact body combines with the powerful 190-horsepower engine and all-terrain tyres to offer limitless freedom to your wanderlust. This Mercedes Sprinter also scores with an all-wheel drive, including off-road suspension as standard!

Inside, the Venture S promises freedom – and that literally on all levels. Sleeping in the cosy loft? Relaxing on your own yacht-style sun deck? Or enjoying the view from the 3D panoramic glass window at the rear? Everything is possible! And there's more: thanks to the Alphatronics projector and screen, the high-class Mercedes motorhome can be turned into your own private cinema. The sound is provided by the mobile Sonos system.

And as it gets dark outside, the lights come on in the Venture S. That’s when the ambient light system that allows individual positioning reveals its full potential – controllable HYMER Connect app, of course.

  • Home cinema feeling on the road
    thanks to Alphatronics projector and screen

  • Off-road chassis included as standard

  • Well-insulated sleeping loft
    with pneumatic walls

  • Light-flooded living
    thanks to panoramic real glass windows

  • The yacht-style sunset deck
    that extends your living space

  • The HYMER Connect app
    to control mattress firmness, ambient light system and more

HYMER also places great emphasis on sleep comfort without compromise in this motorhome.  This is not only evident in the spacious and well-insulated loft with pneumatic walls, but also in the Matrair anti-back pain mattress. You can use the app to set the firmness level and sleeping as if you were on clouds! 

Cleverly designed storage areas, a bathroom with a flexible wall design and a smart kitchen round off the intelligent space concept. Finally, a mobile office space makes working on the road a pleasure, while the multifunctional wall provides space for everything important. 

This is camping of the next generation! 

Our flagship:
HYMER B-Class MasterLine T

In the category of Class B+ vehicles, the B-Class MasterLine T (the T stands for semi-integrated) is our flagship and can clearly be assigned to the premium segment. As with the fully integrated model, this Mercedes motorhome is based on the Sprinter engine with our SLC chassis and promises premier travel.

This is not just a mobile home with a Mercedes engine, because even the driver's cab has been completely taken over from the Sprinter. But thanks to the additionally attached so-called T-hood, the construction nestles perfectly against the body and ensures fuel-saving travel thanks to improved aerodynamics. Also, in common with the HYMER B-Class MasterLine I is the highly comfortable equipment of this semi-integrated Mercedes motorhome.

  • SLC chassis with level running floor
    for more driving stability and comfort through independent wheel suspension

  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter engine with numerous driving assistance systems
    ensures maximum safety and optimal handling

  • 36cm high multi-purpose double floor with through-loading function
    for more storage space, better insulation and absolute winter resistance

  • Insulated and heated 180 l freshwater and 150 l wastewater tank in series –
    for a lot of independence and self-sufficiency

The combination of a luxurious interior with the easy handling and good driving characteristics of a Class B (semi-integrated) vehicle is unique - because although the body accommodates a generous living space, handling is somewhat easier compared to the integrated B-Class MasterLine I.

In the interior, the high-quality kitchen with a spacious cooker, optional oven and deep sink enables extensive culinary cooking experiences. A pharmacy cabinet is also available. A motorized TV lift, which allows the TV to slide up from the backrest of the seating group, ensures cosy evenings with media indulgence in this special kind of semi-integrated Mercedes motorhome.

Luxurious and agile:
HYMER B-Class ModernComfort T

The HYMER B-Class ModernComfort T was the world's first semi-integrated Mercedes motorhome with a new Sprinter engine in conjunction with our SLC chassis. In combination with the particularly light and stable body and the weight-saving GRP floor, this Mercedes motorhome sets new standards in terms of lightness and safety. 

The Sprinter traction head comes with a powerful engine as standard. Here, too, the crosswind assistant is included in the standard equipment of this Mercedes motorhome, while other high-tech helpers are optionally available.

  • Available in 5 layouts

  • Even more freedom and self-sufficiency 
    thanks to the very large 180 l freshwater tank and 150 l wastewater tank

  • 36cm high multi-purpose double floor with through-loading function including level living area floor
    for more storage space, better insulation and absolute winter resistance in series

  • Large loading compartment
    with access from the outside including an extra deep cellar compartment and access from the inside

Best indoor temperatures are guaranteed at any time of the year thanks to the PUAL-foamed walls with aluminium inner and outer skin. And inside, the clever division of living, cooking and sleeping areas - similar to the ModernComfort I - creates a generous feeling of space.

This motorhome from Mercedes offers self-sufficiency thanks to the large freshwater tank volume of 180 l and a wastewater tank with a capacity of 150 l. Even more independence can be achieved with additional equipment, e.g., B. Solar, lithium batteries and inverters for 230 V can be purchased. In summary, it can be said that with this Mercedes motorhome you are making the optimal compromise between lightness and stability, without making any compromises in terms of comfort.

Style and Substance:

The HYMER ML-T combines first-class Mercedes quality and the courage to innovate. Based on the tried-and-tested Mercedes Sprinter, spacious contemporary interior and functional design make up this camper. Being on the road with the HYMER ML-T means: more autonomy, more comfort, more style and more travel pleasure!

Thanks to its slim dimensions and the lightweight construction, the HYMER ML-T is delightfully agile. The comprehensive safety package including crosswind and headlight assist further underlines this. The optional all-wheel drive also ensures an authentic off-road feeling - the perfect fit for anyone looking for a 4x4 camper!

You want to stay in the great outdoors for longer? Then you'll benefit from the efficient equipment designed for saving costs and energy. For example, the modern LED technology that is installed as standard not only works significantly more energy-efficiently, but is also safer.

  • Light, lean and agile 
    thanks to 2.22 m exterior width

  • Straightforward, stylish interior with maximum versatility

  • Also available as an all-wheel drive

  • HYMER Connect system
    a modern solution for the mobile smart home

  • Efficient lighting concept
    with energy-saving LED technology

  • Comprehensive safety package
    with modern assistance systems

This HYMER Mercedes motorhome sets unrivalled new standards in terms of comfort too. It integrates a modern HYMER Connect system, high-quality multi-zone cold foam mattresses for the rear beds and integrated mosquito protection in the blackout windows.

Storage compartments and drawers are wonderfully quiet thanks to the soft-close function. The 7-inch touch display places all the important functions and vehicle information right at your fingertips. The world outside the camper door almost becomes a side issue.

The beginner: 

As the entry-level model among our Mercedes motorhomes, the HYMER T-Class S doesn't need to hide behind its companions. It is based on the proven and technologically superior Mercedes-Benz front-wheel drive with original frame.

As a result, the driving experience differs only slightly from that of a Mercedes Sprinter camper van and you hardly notice that you are driving around with a motorhome body. Thanks to the easy handling, this Mercedes motorhome is particularly suitable for caravanning newcomers.

  • Available in 4 layouts

  • Semi-integrated with the new Mercedes Sprinter with front-wheel drive
    and extensive assistance and multimedia systems

  • Optional pull-down bed possible

  • Increased self-sufficiency thanks to diesel hot-air heating with boiler
    and 152 l compressor refrigerator as standard

  • Level floor with continuous headroom of 2.04 meters throughout the living area

Thanks to the diesel heater and crosswind assistant as standard, as well as other optionally available equipment and packages, the HYMER T-Class S leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to safety and self-sufficiency. And since this is a HYMER motorhome based on a Sprinter, other driving assistance systems such as the active distance assistant, the lane departure warning system or the Mercedes-Benz cruise control are also optionally available.

Anyone who wants to enter the world of our semi-integrated Mercedes motorhomes and values particularly easy handling has found what they are looking for in the HYMER T-Class S.

Class B RVs (Camper Vans)

Our Mercedes camper vans promise maximum manoeuvrability and compactness. The handling here is like that of a car, making them suitable for everyday use as well as for the city. There are many good reasons to choose a Mercedes camper, or more precisely a Mercedes Sprinter camper. We currently have two models on offer: the HYMER Free S and the HYMER Grand Canyon S.

Pure freedom:

The HYMER Free S is the first choice for everyone who is looking for a companion for a quick escape from everyday life and would prefer a Mercedes camper van. Even though it is our entry-level Mercedes camper van, it is still a premium vehicle in its segment.

Here Mercedes front-wheel drive meets a high-quality interior according to HYMER standards. The chassis features the powerful Mercedes engine and lots of high-tech. It is also available as a Mercedes automatic motorhome with up to 9 gears.

  • Mercedes front-wheel drive with optimum efficiency
    as well as the best drivability and traction even in wet weather

  • Up to 2 meters headroom in the living area

  • Modern and fresh interior
    with light furniture decor and trendy laminates

  • Electric wastewater tank emptying

  • Comfortable pull-out bed access

In addition to crosswind assistant, automatic headlight control, hill start assist and ESP with brake assistant, which are already included in the standard equipment, the parking assistance system with 360° camera, which increases parking safety enormously with visual and acoustic feedback, can be optionally selected and offers even more driving comfort. The optional 6 kW diesel hot-air heater ensures comfortable room temperatures and hot water in the Mercedes camper even faster.

Our HYMER smart battery system extends your self-sufficiency and allows you to stand still without a power connection of up to 10 days. Thanks to the optionally available pop-up roof, the Free S is also interesting for families.

Adventure is calling! 
HYMER Grand Canyon S

The HYMER Grand Canyon S is a shining example of state-of-the-art caravanning. This Mercedes camper combines comfort and flexibility with sophisticated engineering. In contrast to the front-wheel drive Free S, the Mercedes Grand Canyon S scores with a powerful rear-wheel drive. This ensures quick progress even in challenging terrain. For maximum off-road enjoyment, the Grand Canyon S also available as an all-wheel drive camper van.

Mercedes already sets high standards around the drive unit in the Grand Canyon S. Innovative and popular assistant systems such as crosswind assist, cruise control and automatic headlight control further ensure a safe and pleasant driving experience.

On the inside, design and function blend seamlessly: fabric-covered walls create a cosy ambience, while elegant shapes add an individual and stylish touch.

  • Powerful Mercedes rear-wheel drive
    for sporty driving comfort

  • Also available as all-wheel drive

  • App-controllable living area functions 
    via the HYMER Connect app

  • Customisable multifunctional wall 
    for your most-needed items and utensils

  • Numerous assistance and safety systems as standard

  • Optimally insulated with double-glazed acrylic windows

Easily control all living area functions at the touch of a button with the HYMER Connect system. Whether on the central control panel in the vehicle or in the app – you have full control of all times. For instance, smart heating provides hot water in no time at all thanks to the boost function. It also stays pleasantly warm in the Mercedes Sprinter camper thanks to the double-glazed acrylic windows with thermal insulation layer in the aluminium frame.

With its numerous functional features makes a big difference in a small space of the Grand Canyon S. The retractable bed lift, the multi-functional walls in the seating area, and the foldable table make living a customizable joy. Turn ingredients from the 90-litre compressor refrigerator into delicious comfort food on the innovative cooker + dishwasher combination – travelling really is a piece of cake with a kitchen like that! 

Studded tires from the Mercedes Sprinter HYMER Grand Canyon S CrossOver

For off-wheel and winter camping: Mercedes all-wheel drive motorhomes

If you want to travel off the beaten path with a Mercedes motorhome, you will be happy about the optionally available all-wheel drive, which is available for some of the models presented here.

In the CLass B+ (semi-integrated) range, the HYMER ML-T catches the eye. If you decide to upgrade to all-wheel drive (4MATIC), you can use it to get your Mercedes motorhome safely to your destination with a comfortable body, even on difficult terrain. A combination that you don't necessarily expect. When you think of Mercedes all-wheel drive motorhomes, you tend to think of small, more agile and compact vehicles, such as the HYMER Grand Canyon S. Delivered with rear-wheel drive as standard, this Mercedes camper is also optionally available as a 4x4 Sprinter camper van. Because Mercedes camper vans, which are of course a little lighter than the partially integrated vehicles, are particularly suitable for fans of adventurous trips.

Anyone who wants to be even sportier off-road should take a look at our edition models HYMER Grand Canyon S CrossOver and HYMER ML-T 570 CrossOver. Here you not only get a Mercedes Sprinter all-wheel drive camper, but also have a higher chassis installed that is designed entirely for off-road capability. And since difficult terrain usually begins where civilization ends, a self-sufficient power supply is of course part of the standard equipment for our edition models.

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