All-wheel drive motorhomes from HYMER:  
worry-free and self-sufficient on the road

Just drive off and spontaneously stop where it is most beautiful. Regardless of campsites, enjoy the great outdoors and adventure on unpaved paths. Does that sound like a dream vacation to you? With a self-sufficient off-road camper, this dream becomes reality! But what actually characterizes a self-sufficient mobile home? We'll show you.

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A self-sufficient four-wheel drive motorhome is right for you if you:

  • Have fun exploring: With your mobile home, you can drive comfortably off the beaten track and on unpaved roads.

  • Like to visit remote places: Your 4x4 camper will take you comfortably to hard-to-reach or remote places for hiking and exploring.

  • Are looking for pure nature with all its facets: In nature, your all-wheel drive camper is the starting point for unadulterated nature experiences in all weather.

  • Appreciate independence: In the self-sufficient off-road camper you are not dependent on external power and water sources or campsites for days.

  • Respect the environment: You use your own resources in the self-sufficient 4x4 motorhome and travel in an environmentally friendly manner.

Off-road campers: the advantages in brief

With an all-wheel-drive motorhome, you not only buy the advantages of HYMER motorhomes, but also a love of discovery and freedom! Thanks to the structure of the vehicle, you are safe on the road even on rough terrain and, thanks to the permanent 4x4 drive, enjoy significantly increased traction and improved driving stability with more driving comfort - for guaranteed good grip on any terrain.

We have summarized all advantages and disadvantages for you here:

Benefits of 4 wheel-drive Motorhomes

  • pleasant driving comfort on unpaved roads and off-road
  • also suitable for demanding weather and road conditions such as winter camping
  • More ground clearance and a higher slope angle prevent damage to the underbody, even on steep terrain

Disadvantages of 4 wheel-drive motorhomes

  • All-terrain tyres with high treads cause more noise on tarmac, which is also noticable inside
  • the coarse tyre profile can slightly increase the fuel consumption in the off-road camper

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For the next adventure with a four-wheel drive motorhome

The equipment is in place, the goal is clear, now all you have to do is start driving! Thanks to off-road features such as all-wheel drive and off-road tires, there are no limits to your thirst for adventure. With permanent all-wheel drive and intelligent torque distribution (torque-on-demand), you can drive comfortably, safely, slowly and sensitively on demanding terrain.

The lift provides more ground clearance and fording depth in the HYMER all-wheel drive motorhome - a plus when driving on unpaved roads. An additional LED light bar above the driver's cab guarantees good visibility even in the deepest darkness. Your adventure journey into the unknown can begin!

Your off-road camper: equipped for all eventualities

In an offroad motorhome, you leave civilization behind, but not the comfort of travel. To prepare you for surprises, the HYMER CrossOver Edition models come with a tool kit that includes a folding shovel and an axe. There is plenty of storage space inside and under the large upper cabinets - and everything always stays organized thanks to the storage nets. The compressor refrigerator, on the other hand, has plenty of space for food. An additional advantage: the refrigerator also works on uneven terrain, does not depend on gas, is quiet and has a volume of up to 150 liters - perfect for self-sufficient camping in a four-wheel drive.

The right parking space for your all-wheel drive motorhome

Important: wild camping,  is not allowed everywhere. Especially in Central and Eastern Europe, parking a motorhome in places other than those reserved for it is prohibited and strictly controlled.

Camping in Finland and Scandinavia, i.e. temporary stay and e.g. erecting a tent is every man's right and therefore allowed. Similarly, you can also park your four-wheel-drive motorhome, for example, on the side of the street or at the end of it or in a public parking area, as long as traffic is not disturbed, the stay does not cause harm to the actual land use and there are no special stay bans in force in the area. Local people and tourist offices will help you find suitable parking places.

As a general rule, the campsite must always be left in a clean condition when leaving. It is best to find out exactly what the regulations are regarding wild camping in your destination country before you travel.

By the way: Whether in remote locations or in the city, the best protection against burglary and theft is essential. You can find valuable information on this in our guide to motorhome safety.


Off-road campers from HYMER:
Well equipped with self-sufficient edition models

Are you looking for a panel van or camper van with four-wheel drive? Then a Mercedes off-road camper might be just the thing for you. Or does your heart beat for semi-integrated mobile homes with four-wheel drive? At HYMER you will also find such motorhomes from Mercedes!

You can easily configure your dream of an off-road camper with the HYMER ML-T and HYMER Grand Canyon S models. Both are available with optional all-wheel drive and studded tires and – for even more independence – with additional equipment such as self-sufficiency packages, a solar panel and additional batteries. This makes them ideal for tours in the wild nature.

If you would like to buy a self-sufficient motorhome and enjoy even more outdoor comfort, we recommend taking a look at the CrossOver Edition models of the HYMER ML-T and HYMER Grand Canyon S series as well as the HYMER Venture S. These are the perfect companions for your outdoor adventures.

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HYMER Venture S

236.900 €
Price froma)
Sleeping berths
645 cm
Length from
As an exclusively equipped off-roader, the Venture S promises freedom without compromise. With its compact length, narrow body and striking off-roader aesthetic, it embodies an entirely new vehicle category.
Edition model

HYMER ML-T CrossOver

146.400 €
Price froma)
Sleeping berths
689 cm
Length from
Adventure can be this pleasant: The HYMER ML-T CrossOver edition model makes no compromises. It is suitable for off-road use and can be self-sufficient for up to 10 days - while providing the highest level of living comfort.
Edition model

HYMER Grand Canyon S CrossOver

125.100 €
Price froma)
2 - 4
Sleeping berths
593 cm
Length from
Freedom in a new dimension: The Grand Canyon S CrossOver edition model can be used independently for up to 10 days and is the perfect companion for a trip into the unknown.


112.400 €
Price froma)
2 - 3
Sleeping berths
674 cm
Length from
The perfect combination of cutting-edge drive technology, innovative lightweight construction and comfort. Several HYMER ML-T models are also available as a four-wheel drive motorhome.

HYMER Grand Canyon S

95.500 €
Price froma)
2 - 4
Sleeping berths
593 cm
Length from
The CamperVan that offers more – extra driving comfort provided by the Mercedes-Benz chassis will have you hooked on those impromptu getaways. Just hit the road and enjoy.

a) All prices are recommended retail prices in EUR, based on the German retail prices. Prices in other countries may differ due to currency, country specific VAT, country specification, transportation charges or import duties. Your local dealer informes you about the applicable prices, taxes and duties for your country.

*The technically permissible total mass is a value specified by the manufacturer, which the vehicle must not exceed, even when loaded. It therefore has an influence on the permissible number of seats, options for selecting special equipment and remaining payload options.
Detailed information on weights and vehicle configuration can be found in our technical data, legal information section and in the configurator.

Built for demanding routes

In practical tests, the HYMER Venture S proved that the HYMER off-road campers really keep their promises. The all-wheel drive motorhome covered thousands of laps on our in-house rough-road course and was regularly put through its paces. The HYMER Venture S off-road test gives you exclusive insights!

Features for a self-sufficient adventure in the all-wheel drive motorhome

Simply park and go camping: This is no problem with self-sufficient all-wheel drive mobile homes or camper vans. Under no circumstances should you do without the following equipment:

  • Self-sufficient power supply

    When the camper van has solar panels and a sufficient number of batteries, you don't need external power sources. As an option for your HYMER, you get a 95 W solar panel on the roof and the HYMER Smart Battery system, which guarantees independence from an external power connection with lithium batteries. In the CrossOver special models, the solar panel and the HYMER Smart Battery system are already part of the standard equipment.
  • Economical and reliable heating

    A reliable heating system is a must in all wheel-drive motorhomes, especially in winter. Not only does a diesel heater boast economical consumption of 110 ml per hour and a heat output of 1,000 W, but as there’s no longer any need for large, heavy gas bottles, you also save weight and gain extra storage space. What’s more, you’re no longer at the mercy of various gas bottle standards, and the fuel gauge makes it easy for you to calculate and view how much you consume. The ability to use the heating even when driving also ensures that the temperature remains constant throughout the vehicle.

    Good to know: You can buy a winter-proof motorhome ex works with any of the HYMER models!
  • Water tank: Size matters

    The size of the water tanks is of great importance in self-sufficient camping. The bigger the fresh water tank, the longer you have water for cooking, washing dishes and washing. But the gray water tank and the toilet cassette must also be spacious enough so that you don't suddenly have to look for an emptying station in a panic. In order to ensure no freezing and reliable use and emptying, all tanks must also be insulated and heated. In HYMER touring and camper vans, you don't have to worry about this.
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Get off to a good start with the perfect off-road camper

Is your off-road adventure tempting? The following points summarize what you can expect when you buy a HYMER off-road camper.
  • Suitable for off-roading

    With the ideal combination of lift kit, off-road tyres and all-wheel drive, there are no limits to your route planning to new and exciting destinations.

  • Perfectly equipped 

    In the self-sufficient HYMER CrossOver models, everything has been thought of, from the tool set to the storage spaces and the compressor refrigerator.

  • Camp wherever you want 

    Where would you like to set up camp? With self-sufficient camping you have the choice! Thanks to extensive standard equipment including a solar panel, self-sufficient camping is possible with the HYMER CrossOver models for up to ten days.

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