Self-sufficiency and four-wheel drive:
Holidays off the beaten track.

Independent travel in a motorhome

Simply hit the road, change your plans on the spur of the moment and stop wherever it’s most beautiful: travelling with your own vehicle has many advantages and can be tailored to suit your own needs and wishes. Would you prefer to avoid camping grounds and spend your holidays at campsites in the great outdoors, miles away from traditional campsites? Just want to head off into the unknown along unpaved roads? That’s no problem if you have a self-sufficient motorhome or camper van with four-wheel drive. But what is it that actually makes a motorhome self-sufficient?

Features for self-sufficient adventures

Just pull over and set up camp: it’s incredibly easy with a self-sufficient motorhome or camper van. If that’s what you want, then the following equipment is absolutely essential.

  • Self-sufficient power supply

    A solar installation and ample batteries mean that the motorhome or camper van isn’t reliant on external power supplies, providing you with power whenever you need it. HYMER offers optional 95 W solar installations on the roof and the HYMER-Smart-Battery-System, consisting of two 150 Ah lithium batteries and one 95 Ah lead battery. It provides power for days on end, enabling you to camp self-sufficiently for up to 10 days. The CrossOver edition models include a solar installation and the HYMER Smart Battery System as standard.
  • Economical and reliable heating

    A reliable heating system is a must, especially in winter, and not only at remote campsites. Not only does a diesel heater boast economical consumption of 110 ml per hour and a heat output of 1,000 W, but as there’s no longer any need for large, heavy gas bottles, you also save weight and gain extra storage space. What’s more, you’re no longer at the mercy of various gas bottle standards, and the fuel gauge makes it easy for you to calculate and view how much you consume. The ability to use the heating even when driving also ensures that the temperature remains constant throughout the vehicle.
  • Water tank: Size matters

    If you want to camp self-sufficiently, the size of the water tank is critical. That’s because the larger the fresh water tank is, the longer the water will last for cooking, doing the dishes and your own personal hygiene. But the waste water tank and toilet cassette should also have an adequate capacity to prevent you from ever having to rush to find a dump station. In addition, all of the tanks should also be insulated and heated to ensure a frost-free and reliable supply and disposal of water. With HYMER motorhomes and camper vans, that’s not something you’ll ever need to worry about.
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Dann wird auch die Reise ins Unbekannte zum Vergnügen. An diese Dinge sollten Sie denken:
  • Suitable for off-roading

    The combination of the suspension lift, all-terrain tyres and four-wheel drive means that there are no limits to where you go next.

  • Perfectly equipped 

    From the toolkit to the storage space and the compressor refrigerator – everything has been thought of in the self-sufficient HYMER CrossOver models.

  • Camp wherever you want 

    When it comes to self-sufficient camping, you decide where to set up camp. Thanks to the comprehensive standard equipment package including a solar installation, the HYMER CrossOver models enable you to camp self-sufficiently for up to 10 days.

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Go off-road on your next adventure

Your gear is all packed, you know where you’re going, all you need to do now is get there. Off-road features, like four-wheel drive and all-terrain tyres, are a must if you don’t want to limit your spirit of adventure. A selectable four-wheel drive system with gear reduction permits particularly slow and sensitive driving, ensuring you won’t have any problems, even when the terrain gets tricky. The suspension lift ensures greater clearance and a higher fording depth – a real bonus on journeys along unpaved roads. An additional LED light bar above the cab ensures you can see where you’re going, even in the pitch black of night.

This means that there are no limits to where you go next – you’re free to head off into the unknown.

Equipped for any eventuality

Get away from civilisation and yet be prepared for anything. That’s why the HYMER CrossOver edition models come with a toolkit that includes a folding spade and an axe. The generous storage space in and underneath the overhead lockers – where handy net pockets keep everything secure – means that there’s plenty of room for all your essentials too. The compressor refrigerator has ample space for your food – there’s no need for you to leave anything behind. Another benefit is that it also works on uneven terrain, doesn’t rely on gas, is extremely quiet and has a capacity of up to 150 litres – perfect for self-sufficient camping.

The perfect campsite

Setting up a self-sufficient campsite outside of camping grounds isn’t permitted everywhere with a motorhome. In Central and Eastern Europe in particular, wild camping is prohibited and often subject to stringent controls. Scandinavians are a little more relaxed about this. Although the “Right of Public Access” applies primarily to hikers or cyclists with tents only, but even with a camper van, parking at the roadside, at the end of the road and in public car parks is permitted, as long as you do not obstruct traffic. Locals or tourist information offices will help you to find suitable sites. Most importantly, the campsite must be left in a tidy state when you move on. It is best to find out more about the regulations regarding wild camping in your destination country before your trip.


Well-prepared with the self-sufficient edition models

Your perfect partners for trips into the unknown: the self-sufficient Mercedes-based motorhomes, the HYMER Grand Canyon S CrossOver edtion models and the HYMER ML-T 570 CrossOver edition models offer everything you need for big adventures.

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