The road to excellence is rough

The HYMER Venture S, tested to its limits

Truth is found on the road. Naturally, this also applies to the new mode of travelling that is the HYMER Venture S. How safe and comfortable is its chassis in everyday camper life? And how reliable are the numerous innovations featured in this vehicle? We simply had to be sure – that’s why we put the exclusive off-roader through a particularly demanding real-life test.

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Unique test conditions: rough-road test track in Höpfingen, Germany

Our test conditions are unique in the caravanning industry: in 2016, the Erwin Hymer Group and our sister company Goldschmitt opened a rough-road test track designed specifically for motorhomes. Over a length of around 1 kilometre, this track combines every type of challenging road surface imaginable: bumpy cobblestones, sine waves, washboard-shaped sections, twist humps, poorly patched tarmac, deep potholes ...

A vision comes true

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1,000,000 km of real-world driving

Using such extreme conditions, it is possible to simulate an entire vehicle life – chassis technology can actually be tested to its limits. Andreas Pohl, Head of the Erwin Hymer Group Test Centre, explains the scope of this rough-road test: “One lap on our test track, which is about 1 km long, corresponds to about 1,000 km of real-world driving. The Hymer Venture S has to complete 1,000 laps, the equivalent of 1 million real-life kilometres.”

Components tested to their limits

During the test cycles, all relevant components are regularly checked for potential damage. We pay particular attention to the components making up the many new design features of the HYMER Venture S. Andreas Pohl: “Components that survive these exceptional challenges undamaged are bound to perform just as well in customer use.”

The rough-road test track is complemented by two turning loops at the beginning and end of the track. They are used to test motorhomes’ body roll characteristics. In addition, comprehensive driving safety tests were successfully conducted on another proving ground.

The adventure before the adventure

Before you set off on your first exclusive VanLife adventure in your HYMER Venture S, its design has already proven its mettle in many prior challenges. All to ensure that you can enjoy a new dimension of freedom with complete peace of mind.

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