Travel stories – On the road with HYMER

A HYMER is much more than just a comfortable leisure vehicle. A HYMER is the key to your trip of a lifetime. We gave a few well-known influencers our original for their road trips, travels and adventures and are excited to share the unique impressions from their varied journeys. Be inspired.

Travel stories

  • hymer_tramp-s_fotografie_lisa-

    Parental leave is travel time – as new parents through the Alps

    Lisa and Sven are a wedding photographer couple and travel all over Europe for love. Travelling is part of their daily work. Of course, the desire of the two new parents to undertake a parental leave trip through Switzerland, Italy and Austria is great. But due to the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, the trip threatens to have to be postponed. But with the right planning and the right motorhome, the HYMER T-Class S 695, anything is possible.

    Experience parental leave

  • hymer-sup-surftrip-frankreich-

    Beach hopping in the HYMER Free S – on the road with the camper van to a video shoot in France and Spain

    Stefan Klare and Chris Gollhofer from the startup “TRIPSTIX” search for the perfect beach in France and Spain to film the promo for their Wave-SUP paddle board. Their mobile office is a HYMER Free S 600, which gives them total flexibility and freedom when planning the shoot.

    Time for some beach hopping

  • 210512_1920_800_hero_sardinien

    Sardinia in August - departure to the island of colours

    "Terranova" is still called the lively coastal town of Olbia with its large, modern port, which is the first to greet visitors to Sardinia. Until 2016 it was one of the capitals of the then dissolved province of Olbia-Tempio and attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists to the lively area around the harbour promenade in summer. Provincial character meets main traffic arteries here. If you leave it via the SS127 in the direction of the airport, 24,000 km2 of island dreams are waiting to be explored with the HYMER B-Modern Comfort.

    Off to Sardinia

  • p1233164.jpg

    Adventure trip with Antoine Auriol - In the HYMER Free Blue Evolution across the Iberian Peninsula

    The 2010 kitesurfing world champion Antoine Auriol takes us on an exciting road trip around the Iberian Peninsula to discover the most beautiful spots in Spain and Portugal to practice his favourite sports: windsurfing and kite surfing, mountain biking, snowboarding, slacklining, etc.

    Discover adventure spots now

  • hymer_biketrip_slowenien_chris

    A bike trip through Slovenia – always according to the map – the weather map

    The photographer Chris Gollhofer accompanies Julia and Tobi to the bike park hopping in Slovenia. With their E-Fulies they are looking for the most beautiful trails. Always there as a faithful and reliable companion: the HYMER B-MC T 600 and the weather forecast.

    On to the bike trip

  • maxresdefault.jpeg

    Break out spontaneously – with a dog and the HYMER ML-T through Austria

    Sometimes the time is just right for an unplanned break. That's why Germany's most successful car YouTuber, Sophia Calate, changes her transport for a few days. Together with friend Klaus, the two dogs and the HYMER ML-T, a unique road trip through Austria begins.

    Off to Austria

  • tag_16_12.08.2019_1-29_lofoten

    Sailboat on board – SUP & Sail in Scandinavia

    Take a sailboat in the HYMER Exsis-t? And what is SUP? With Pamela you will learn how to experience the magic of Scandinavia on land and water.

    Discover water sports in the north

  • c_valerieschlieper_wavesandwoo

    Sardinia – an intentional blind date with a happy ending

    A Blind date with an island? Valerie and Flori set off without all the well-meant advice to find out if Sardinia suits them. It's an exciting way to get to know each other during all kinds of sports activities in the Mediterranean.

    Get to know Sardinia

  • werner-tscholl_kellerei-tramin

    Road trip to the summit of architecture - discover South Tyrol in a campervan

    Buried exhibition rooms, floating steel structures, filigree mountain huts: the architecture in South Tyrol is changing and combines hypermodernity with tradition. For Jan Dimog - operator of a digital magazine about building culture - the perfect opportunity to explore what is known and special about local architecture.

    Ciao, South Tyrol

  • 09_slowenien_0448.jpg

    Freedom in wild turquoise - in the HYMER ML-T through Slovenia

    If you asked them about their next travel destination, not many people would answer “Slovenia”. But for Mia Bühler and her family there could be no other place for the next road trip. As she travelled through, the blogger fell in love with the country and the countryside. And it quickly became clear: "Here I have to go again."

    Off to the Soča Valley

  • _xii5115hymer_mlt570.jpg

    The "Island of Beauty" - With AWD and SUP over Corsica

    Mountains, passes and gorges fascinate Peter Lintner far more than the fine sandy beaches on Corsica's coasts. Accompany him with four-wheel drive in the HYMER ML-T 570 to a long-awaited glass of wine at the end of rocky paths and narrow streets.

    With four-wheel drive through Corsica

  • pa_2019-blavand-sonderside-hym

    The sunken village – on two wheels in to Denmark's past

    Around Blåvand, one of the oldest and most popular holiday resorts in Denmark, the pedaliéro boys go looking for Sønderside. Surrounded by around 40 kilometers of the finest sandy beach, on their bikes and in the HYMER B-ML I 780.

    Search for the village

  • monteargentariov.jpeg

    Mobile parental leave - With children and camper through the mountains of Italy

    Time out from you job – now what? With this opportunity Conny, Clemens and little Oskar drove south – heading for the mountains. Equiped with bikes, an expedition style child carrier and the HYMER Free 600.

    Take a break

  • reisebericht_tomann_24.jpg

    Through France to the Pyrenees – A family road trip

    A road trip across France: via Paris, along the Athletic Coast to the Pyrenees, Oliver Tomann and his family are drawn to their vacation. The journey is the goal, because the three just want to let themselves drift. Perfect conditions for a trip with the HYMER ML-T 580.

    Explore the Pyrenees

  • dsc02548.jpg

    14 days, 12 spots, 3 guys – and one HYMER Grand Canyon S

    Don’t miss out on learning more about how Patrick, Christian and Ferdi make their way to France with the HYMER Grand Canyon S on their quest to find the perfect wave at the hottest surf spots on the Atlantic coast.

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  • la_spezia_2019_foto_team_f8_c_

    Charged relaxation – Touring Italy on E-bikes

    How a failed attempt at a mountain tour can turn into something special. Three mountain bike fanatics make their way to Italy and discover paradise in an explosion of colour. Learn more about where they were originally planning to go and their other adventures in their Hymercar Fiat Yosemite in the travel story.

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  • hymer_free_540_chris_gollhofer

    A ski trip (almost) without snow - Austria in the HYMER Free 540

    Blue sky, white slopes: This is how Chris Gollhofer and his buddies had imagined their trip through Tyrol. But the snow gods had other plans. And so the boys were able to experience that a successful ski holiday does not necessarily require fresh snow, but good company, a common idea and, above all, the right vehicle.

    To the ski run

  • dsc_5896-02.jpg

    Project #ICELAND – With the motorhome from Upper Bavaria to Iceland

    We invite you along on an adventurous road trip to the land of elves, volcanos, geysers and glaciers. To discover the multifaceted richness offered by the world’s largest volcanic island, Hannes and Maria decided to take the HYMER B-Class ModernComfort T 580.

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  • dji_0155-77.jpg

    Cold love - Through wintery Norway with a camper

    Accompany Yvonne, Simon and the HYMER ML-T 580 up to the North Cape and be amazed at what winter in Norway has to offer for water sports enthusiasts.

    Off to Norway

  • dscf4941.jpeg

    Go Slovenia - The craziest bike race in the Balkans

    Here ecstasy meets deceleration: every June the infamous “Goni Pony” takes place in Slovenia - a bicycle race up to the Vrsic Pass. On a 20 inch frame and with only one gear. Jure Gasparic and Clemens Dittrich did not want to miss that and set off in the new HYMER Grand Canyon S.

    Off to the spectacle

  • schweden-roadtrip-hymer-16.jpg

    Sweden - a good idea also in autumn

    There are people who say that the landscape diversity of the whole kingdom is reflected in southern Sweden. Mark and Lennart wanted to investigate this claim. So they packed the bikes in their HYMER B-Class ModernComfort T 580, set off north - and had to realize that you shouldn't always believe everything that is said.

    Experience Sweden

  • dsc_8640.jpg

    First on the slopes in the morning - in the Dolomites with the HYMER ML-T 570

    From the motorhome straight to the ski slope: For Simon and Yvonne that sounds like the perfect vacation. The two of them pack their skis and photography equipment and set off with the HYMER ML-T 570 into a snow-covered winter wonderland.

    Off to the snow

  • pa_2019-norwegen-atlantic-road

    Atlantic Road – The most beautiful road in the world

    It was only one photo of the Norways buildings of the century, that cycling enthusiasts from pedaliéros had seen. But it was enough, to load the motorhome with bikes and head north.

    Go to cross the Atlantic

  • 20190711_230621_bildschirm-96-

    For Connoisseurs: This is how travelling pleasure is done!

    On the quest for truffles, master chef Christopher Crell heads from Paladini in the heart of the country to the historic wine towns Motovun and Pićan and even to the Mediterranean coast to Poreč and demonstrates on his 14-day tour of Croatia how much travelling pleasure the HYMER B-Class MasterLine really has to offer.

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  • _header.jpg

    Monte-Carlo Historique – Rally legend Walter Röhrl as a guest in a HYMER

    Forty years after his first "Monte" victory, rally legend Walter Röhrl is once again curving through the French Maritime Alps: this time with a historic Porsche. The reporters Markus Stier and Peter Göbel – who is also a famous rally driver – accompany the Monte-Carlo Historique with the HYMER ML-T 580 all-wheel drive and cooking for Peter's old mentor in the HYMER kitchen.

    On to the ralley

Travel talk

  • 202006_-into_theworld_036_swit

    Just do it – Makes many things easier

    Breaking out of everyday life - at least for a long weekend - that is what many people want. But to get out completely? How does it feel? And can you really escape from everyday life? We asked someone who must know it.

    To the interview

  • deutschlandreise_gespann.jpg

    Germany trip – An Adventure with a mask requirement

    Actually, Lene and Philipp wanted to fly to the Canaries with their three children. "Because of Corona", the newcomers to camping are instead starting a trip to Germany with a camper van and caravan.

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  • marteria_maedness_2.jpg

    Kein Ort / No Place – On the road with Mädness and Marteria

    Breaking out of everyday life - at least for a long weekend - that is what many people want. But to get out completely? How does it feel? And can you really escape from everyday life? We asked someone who must know it.

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