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Hunting for truffles with master chef Christopher Crell in Croatia

Istria is not only considered a genuine insider tip among Mediterranean enthusiasts – gourmets’ mouths also start to water when just thinking about the peninsula. Why? That’s something master chef Christopher Crell plans to find out. The journey to culinary enjoyment runs from the historic wine towns Motovun and Pićan to the Mediterranean coast to Poreč. Christopher will be residing in proper style in a Hymermobil B-Class MasterLine.

Christopher Crell




HYMER B-Class MasterLine

Welcome to truffle paradise

That fact that Istria has made a name for itself among gourmets is thanks not only to its sun-drenched wines, but also to the most valuable, premium fungus in the world. And if that’s what you are looking for, you’re in the right place with the Kalič family. For generations, the business in the picturesque village of Paladini has been one of the most important manufacturers in the world. So it’s hardly surprising for Christopher to start his trip here. Shortly after arriving, he’s already talking shop with the Kaličs about hunting, cultivating and processing the exclusive delicacy. And as hospitality is of utmost importance in Croatia, the family immediately invites him to spend his first night on their property. No sooner said than done. A lavish three-course truffle meal follows as does a relaxing night’s sleep in a queen-size bed surrounded by gorgeous vineyards.

Mediterranean sun and an extensive tour of Poreč’s enchanting alleyways work up an appetite. Time to head to the beautiful marina of the harbour town to look for an inviting restaurant. Navigating the HYMER through the narrow streets of the historic city centre to the idyllic harbour is precision work, but goes quite well thanks to the wide-angle wing mirrors and assistance systems. The reward for such driving expertise: a delicious five-course meal at the world-renowned truffle restaurant Sveti Nikola. Silly faces for photos included.

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After so much inspiration, our chef de cuisine feels it’s time to meet the challenge and wants to get cooking as well. He instantly feels right at home in the kitchen of the B-Class MasterLine – he can choose between gas or induction, just like in his restaurant. His fine Croatian olive oil and other exquisite ingredients are safely stowed in the practical larder unit. It’s even possible to assemble the mobile photo studio without having to bend over backwards. Now it’s time to sit at the table and enjoy the meal.

Always king of his castle

As Christopher’s former workplace, a visit to the castle restaurant is a must. On the agenda: talking shop with chef Toni, happily reminiscing with old colleagues and, for the last time for now, savouring an exquisite meal with truffles.

The best part: A night in the castle. Or in the castle car park, to be more exact. It provides the perfect atmosphere to properly end the evening with a good digestif in the comfortable HYMER lounge followed by a night’s rest fit for a king. Even the lord of the castle is impressed to see how luxurious one can be on the road.

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