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As the inventor of the motorhome, HYMER has been synonymous with premium-quality leisure vehicles since 1957. And for good reason. We are passionate about what we do and continually work on ensuring our customers enjoy the trips of their lives.

Vision comes true

The new HYMER Venture S

Experience the perfect combination of lifestyle and aspirations, campfire and high-tech in a vehicle that is the first of its kind. As an exclusively equipped off-roader, the Venture S promises freedom without compromise. A completely new dimension of “van life” opens up on two levels, characterised by the highest standards of comfort, design and functionality.

Our latest product news

  • HYMER ML-T: Reliable. In every respect.

    The new HYMER ML-T combines style with freedom to create an iconic motorhome. Thanks to the premium bodywork built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, there are no limits to your personal travel style: A brand-new interior design. A perfected exterior. Greater self-sufficiency and more control thanks to Hymer Smart Connect as standard. Experience more style and make fewer compromises with the HYMER ML-T.
  • The all new HYMER Grand Canyon S

    The new HYMER Grand Canyon S redefines self-sufficiency and makes it the standard. Built on the powerful Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, it will take you wherever you want to go – and beyond. A mobile base that suits your lifestyle perfectly: with unmistakable style, plenty of power and HYMER Connect as standard – for maximum freedom to go wherever you want and in style.
  • Greater self-sufficiency than ever before – with the HYMER Smart Battery System 2.0

    The HYMER Smart Battery System 2.0 redefines freedom. Once you’ve found the perfect pitch, you’ll never need to leave. The new, self-sufficient, on-board power supply system combines cutting-edge technology Made in Germany with even more convenience than before. Using only state-of-the-art LiFePo4 lithium batteries, which removes the need for a back-up lead battery, it is more powerful, longer-lasting and significantly more compact.
  • From blue grey to hurray: get out of everyday life with the HYMER Free S Campus

    The HYMER Free S Campus is the ideal vehicle for all those who love an eventful camping holiday and still don't want to miss out on a certain level of comfort. Its elegant and at the same time sporty look, which is given to it by the stylish exterior colour blue-grey in combination with sporty-modern design accents, makes it a real eye-catcher on the roads and campsites.
  • The HYMER Connect App - Now available for futher models!

    Making your journeys even more comfortable: the new HYMER Connect App creates a unique, digital ecosystem that turns your HYMER into a smart motorhome or campervan. Discover the convenience and technology of the future, that enables you to set the right lighting for any time of day, for example. The HYMER Connect App is not only popular with travellers, but also with expert juries and was awarded the German Innovation Award 2021.
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Our special edition models


      A lot of style with more equipment.

      Here, our expertise in terms of equipment and style meets spacious interior with compact external dimensions: The Hymer ML-T Xperience based on the Mercedes-Benz sprinter combines exclusive aesthetics with full starting equipment at an attractive price.

      More information on the special model "HYMER ML-T Xperience" is available here:
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      HYMER Free 540 now also available as "Blue Evolution" edition model

      With its modern, stylish design, the HYMER Free 540 Blue Evolution sets sporty accents. It also comes with the latest equipment highlights in the field of multimedia. The edition model has a vehicle length of just 5.41 metres and is therefore the perfect travel companion for all newcomers to camping.

      More information on the special model "HYMER Free 540 Blue Evolution" is available here:
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    HYMER Grand Canyon S and HYMER ML-T 570 now available as CrossOver edition models.

    Your perfect partners for trips into the unknown: the self-sufficient HYMER Grand Canyon S CrossOver and HYMER ML-T 570 CrossOver edition models have everything you need for an epic adventure. The independent power supply and heating, as well as the four-wheel drive, not only enable you to reach any destination, but to remain self-sufficient for up to 10 days too.

    More information about our self-sufficient special models can be found here:


    The special model HYMER B-Class ModernComfort WhiteLine.

    The WhiteLine special edition offers all the benefits of the B-Class ModernComfort in an appealing new design. The elegant and functional kitchen and bedroom will make you feel completely at home. All off this on the basis of the current Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and with extensive equipment, with everything it takes to simply drive off. 

    More information on the special model "HYMER B-Class ModernComfort WhiteLine" is available here:

  • HYMER Exsis-i 580 on the shores of the troubled cold sea and snow-capped mountains


    The new HYMER Exsis 580 Pure.

    Whether integrated or semi-integrated: We’re making it easy for you to choose the perfect HYMER vehicle. With an equipment package that leaves nothing to be desired where driving and interior comfort are concerned, and a stylish interior design featuring the Sauvignon Oak finish. All of this on the proven 140 hp Fiat chassis in combination with the Fiat Original frame. Find out for yourself by visiting your HYMER dealer

    More information on the special model "HYMER Exsis 580 Pure" is available here:


      The new HYMER Free Campus.

      Whether you use it as a camper van, a mobile office or for the weekly shop: The HYMER Free Campus makes every trip more relaxed and stylish than ever before. For instance with the Grigio Campovolo exterior paint finish, the Light Chassis 35 and the elegant living style collection „HOME“.

      For more information on the edition model "HYMER Free Campus", click here:
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      Get out of everyday life with the HYMER Free S Campus.

      The HYMER Free S Campus is the ideal vehicle for all those who love an eventful camping holiday and still don't want to miss out on a certain level of comfort. Its elegant and at the same time sporty look, which is given to it by the stylish exterior colour blue-grey in combination with sporty-modern design accents, makes it a real eye-catcher on the roads and campsites.

      For more information on the edition model "HYMER Free S Campus", click here:
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Are you already planning your next trip?

At HYMER, service extends far beyond the topic of vehicles: we have collected the most important tips that make traveling with HYMER even more comfortable for professionals as well as beginners.

Our motorhomes and camper vans

Integrated motorhomes

Hymermobil is the epitome of the integrated motorhome. There’s no separation between the passenger and living areas, which creates a feeling of generous open space. A true original – from the vehicle body to the intelligent electronic safety systems.

Semi-integrated motorhomes

In semi-integrated motorhomes, the high-quality living area is an addition to the passenger area. This perfectly combines mobile living with all the advantages of the basic vehicle – giving you high comfort plus innovative technology.

Camper Vans

Whether you call them campers, camper vans or panel vans – we guarantee first-class motorhoming in our leisure vehicles on a Mercedes or Fiat chassis. You select the layout, features and size you want and decide whether to add an optional pop-top roof or bathroom.

Awards and prizes!

HYMER Vehicles – excellent in the truest sense of the word! We are delighted about the numerous awards our vehicles have received in the recent past. Here are a small excerpt of the coveted awards:

  • iF Design Award 2024 for the HYMER Grand Canyon S

    With its unmistakable style, its enormous power and the HYMER Connect as standard, the Grand Canyon S promises maximum freedom in style and direction. The 132-member, independent expert jury also sees it that way and chose the sporty camper van from almost 11,000 submissions as the winner of the iF Design Awards 2024 in the Product discipline, Automobiles/Vehicles category. The iF Design Award, which has been presented since 1954, is one of the most prestigious design awards in the world.
  • European Innovation Award 2024 for the new HYMER ML-T

    The HYMER ML-T embodies stylish travel without limits. It not only scores points with its tasteful design, but also ensures intuitive and comfortable travel with more independence and freedom thanks to optimized functions and networking with the HYMER Connect app. These features convinced the 17 jurors of the European Innovation Awards expert jury, who named the HYMER ML-T the winner in the “Overall Motorhome Concept” category.
  • HYMER Grand Canyon S: Motorhome of the Year 2024

    It is not only popular with the expert jury, but also with experienced campers. This is shown by the motoring press's readers' choice of motorhome of the year 2024, in which the HYMER Grand Canyon S took first place in the “Camping bus with bathroom over 60,000 euros” category. The optimized camper van model sets new standards in the areas of self-sufficiency and design. The interior impresses with its quality, individuality and elegance.
  • German Design Award 2024 for the new HYMER ML-T

    True to the motto “More Style, less Limits”, the new HYMER ML-T presents itself with a completely new interior design, a perfected exterior and superior technology. The stylish motorhome icon truly deserves the “Winner” award that was given to it in the “Excellent Product Design - Passenger Vehicles” category as part of the German Design Awards. The German Design Award is one of the most prestigious design awards in the world and enjoys a high reputation far beyond specialist circles.
  • German Design Award 2024 for the new HYMER Grand Canyon S

    The new HYMER Grand Canyon S embodies a mobile home base with unmistakable style, lots of power and the latest technology for maximum freedom. It reinterprets independence and defines it as the standard. The international expert jury that decides on the awarding of the German Design Award also recognized this and gave the camper van the winner label. The German Design Award is one of the most prestigious design awards and enjoys a high reputation worldwide.
  • German Design Award 2023 for the HYMER Venture S

    What initially started as a pure vision in the form of a concept vehicle has now become reality. The HYMER Venture S defines an entirely new vehicle category: an innovative motorhome that satisfies the loftiest demands in terms of design and function. The striking off-road look and the distinctive colour scheme are just two visual highlights that make the HYMER Venture S to an absolute eye-catcher - and also to a "Winner" for the international jury of the German Design Council who gives the German Design Award.
  • HYMER is the Golden TOP BRAND 2023 of the AutoZeitung

    In the TOP BRANDS survey as part of the major AUTO TROPHY, AutoZeitung readers are asked to choose the brand in various categories with which they have had particularly good experiences. Once again, the participants voted HYMER as the Golden TOP BRAND in the motorhome category. This is a great honour for us and confirmation that we are on the right track with our products and our service.
  • German Brand Award 2023 for the launch campaign of the HYMER Venture S

    With the launch campaign of the HYMER Venture S, HYMER succeeded in staging the new off-roader in a remarkably emotional and outstandingly high-quality way, with brand typology, creativity and execution quality convincing down to the last detail - according to the German Design Council, which honoured the campaign with the German Brand Award 2023 in Gold. A convincing campaign that makes you want to experience nature in the "Venture S". The German Brand Award is an award for excellent brand management and makes brand successes visible in a unique way.
  • European Innovation Award 2023 for the HYMER Venture S

    Whether it's the pneumatic pop-up roof with integrated stairway or the striking tailgate with real glass infinity screen for 180-degree panoramic views and exclusive sun deck - with these features the HYMER Venture S can be characterised as an extraordinaire motorhome and realises the ideas and aspirations of an exclusive target group. This vehicle describes a vision of the future and has won the European Innovation Award 2023 in the category of "Exterior Design".
  • Award for the launch campaign of the HYMER Venture S Award for the launch campaign of the HYMER Venture S

    In addition to the "Winner" award for the HYMER Venture S in the category "Excellent Product Design", HYMER also receives a "Special Mention" in the category "Excellent Communications Design" at the German Design Award 2023 for the vehicles' multi-stage launch campaign. The campaign consists of an overarching master story that addresses new target groups and breaks up familiar patterns with surprising stylistics and progressive tonality.
  • IF Design Award 2023 for the HYMER Venture S

    The iF Design Award is one of the most prestigious design prizes in the world. It has been organized from Germany since 1953 and, the iF label, offers a reliable sign of good design for both consumers and the design community. Based on strictly neutral jury standards, the committee, consisting of international design experts, awarded the HYMER Venture S in the Automobiles & Vehicles category for its excellent design as an off-road camper.
  • HYMER Venture S: one of the Top 100 Masterpieces 2023

    Every year, the investor and lifestyle magazine MATERIALIST presents and awards a carefully curated selection of exceptional and style-defining products with high iconic value and collecting potential; things that enhance everyday life and with which you can give pleasure to yourself and others. In the category "Automobile & Caravan", HYMER's Venture S also joins the ranks of winners alongside Bentley, Rolls Royce and Ferrari - what a great pleasure and honour for us.
  • Red Dot Design Award 2023 for the HYMER Venture S

    Best of the Best! This is the award that the HYMER Venture S received at the Red Dot Award 2023 for its convincing and extraordinary product design. It clearly stands out from the crowd of other motorhomes. The Red Dot Award is a recognized seal of quality for outstanding design that is awarded annually. An expert jury from the Design Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V. evaluates the products submitted in terms of innovation, functionality and quality and awards the best designs at the end.
  • 1st place in the Camping Life Trophy for the HYMER Venture S

    In the online readers' poll for the Camping Life Trophy 2023, conducted by AutoZeitung, the HYMER Venture S easily made it to the top of the podium. As an exclusive off-roader, it promises uncompromising freedom and impresses with its stylish design, innovative functions and optimal use of space. In any case, it convinced the readers of the AutoZeitung.
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From small, compact vehicles through to luxurious premium models, HYMER has the perfect motorhome to suit you. Whether you choose a camper van, semi-integrated or integrated motorhome, we put your dreams on the road.

Where do you want to go with your HYMER?

Travelling with your HYMER through Austria or through France to the Pyrenees. Or would you rather visit the snowy Italian Dolomites? The possible destinations are as varied as our HYMER motorhomes themselves. Discover our travel reports from all over the world and get inspired for your next holiday.

Travel stories

Balm for the soul – enjoy Sardinia with the HYMER Exsis-t 580 Pure

John and Vanessa went on a pleasure holiday in Sardinia. From relaxed family reunions to dreamy nature experiences to culinary and cultural highlights - such a trip promises pure relaxation. Particularly practical when you are traveling in a vehicle like the HYMER Exsis-t 580 Pure: you can simply stay where you feel most comfortable and savor the best moments to the full. Read for yourself:
Travel stories

On lonely paths towards spring: off to Scotland with the ML-T 570

Elisa and Ron work together as content creators. Ever since the two discovered traveling in a mobile home for themselves, they have been looking for the most unusual locations for their photo shoots several times a year. So that they can go on a shooting mission far away from civilization on muddy roads and unpaved terrain, they took the HYMER ML-T 570 with all-wheel drive on their travels through Scotland.
Travel stories

A question of freedom – across the Pyrenees with the HYMER Grand Canyon S and a paraglider

Patrick Sieber, professional paraglider pilot in the so-called Hike&Fly races, was looking for one of the greatest challenges that aviation has to offer in this area by participating in the X-Pyr 2022. The HYMER Grand Canyon S was a relaxing home base for him and his companions during the race.
Combining work and travel is no problem in this motorhome! From the equipment to the fashion collection of our partners, everything finds a suitable place. Thanks to the plenty of storage space and the spacious rear garage, it never gets messy.
Author Elisa Di Fina

Inspirational: On the road in a HYMER motorhome

Our travel experts have travelled the world in various HYMER models and brought breathtaking impressions back with them. Let yourself be inspired by their entertaining travel stories and spectacular pictures.
Our travel stories

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