Balm for the soul – enjoy Sardinia with the HYMER Exsis-t 580 Pure

John and Vanessa went on a pleasure holiday in Sardinia. From relaxed family reunions to dreamy nature experiences to culinary and cultural highlights - such a trip promises pure relaxation. Particularly practical when you are traveling in a vehicle like the HYMER Exsis-t 580 Pure: you can simply stay where you feel most comfortable and savor the best moments to the full. Read for yourself:

John Unseld


Holiday Destination 
HYMER Exsis-t Pure 580

Day 1: Departure

Our journey began in cold Stuttgart, from where we made our way to Livorno full of anticipation. We, that's me (John) and my partner Vanessa. Driving through Switzerland's scenic mountainous landscapes along the route already gave us a taste of the beauty that awaited us in Sardinia. Knowing full well that 11 days full of Mediterranean impressions and enjoyable relaxation lay ahead of us, we were grateful from the very first minute for the space available to us in the HYMER Exsis-t 580 Pure. Clothing, beach equipment and everything else that is important to us was stowed in the spacious rear garage before departure and can be accessed at any time via the additional doors.

The journey remained exciting because the Gotthard tunnel was sporadically closed again and again. Podcasts and playlists distracted us while we drove calmly and relaxed towards Olbia thanks to the crosswind assistant and cruise control. Luckily we arrived on time 30 minutes before the ferry left.

Day 2: Arrival and family reunion

After a relaxed crossing by ferry from Livorno to Olbia, we arrived in the morning. Despite the pouring rain and the gray clouds in the sky, we found a charming campsite in the east of the island, "Camping Coccorrocci". As for the weather, we were completely relaxed thanks to the awning on the HYMER Exsis-t 580 Pure. It doesn't matter whether it's too rainy or too hot: on our own terrace directly in front of the vehicle we were well protected from both UV light and rain! Surrounded by overgrown and stony hills and the scent of wild herbs, we met my brother and his family to spend time together and enjoy the nature of Sardinia.

Days 3 & 4: Beach magic and wanderlust

On those days we stayed at the quaint campsite and took the opportunity to explore the beautiful surroundings. On a sunny day we hiked through pine forests and along hidden paths to the nearby sandy beach, which amazed us with its unspoiled beauty and dunes gently dancing in the wind.

The time we spent together with the family on the beach, building sandcastles and collecting shells is an unforgettable memory and also left us with a few slight sunburns!

Day 5: Picturesque views and winding roads

We took a day trip along winding serpentine roads to Pedra Longa, a striking and impressive rock needle that rises majestically from the turquoise blue sea. As picturesque as the view is while driving - we were really happy to be on the road with an agile vehicle like the HYMER Exsis-t 580 Pure! Thanks to its compact dimensions of just 2.20 meters outside width, it is easy to drive, which is really not a matter of course for vehicles in this comfort class.

The scenic views of the rugged shoreline and shimmering water took our breath away. We then drove to Cala Fuili, from where a steep, stony hiking trail, which requires a certain level of climbing ability, led us to the beautiful bay of Cala Luna and the mystical Grotte di Dorgali. In the evening we sat with the family around the crackling campfire, told what we had experienced that day and looked at the sparkling clear starry sky. Later, when it started to get cooler outside, we were able to continue stargazing from inside the vehicle thanks to the panoramic skylight.

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Day 6: Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia

After saying goodbye to my brother's family, Vanessa and I continued our journey to Cagliari, the historic capital of Sardinia. There we explored the narrow streets of the old town, visited impressive sights such as the Cathedral of Cagliari and let ourselves be enchanted by the lively colors and the Mediterranean atmosphere of the city. In the narrow streets of this lively city, we really appreciated the compactness and advantages of our HYMER Exsis-t Pure on a Fiat chassis with an original frame. Because thanks to its manageability, which is completed by the reversing camera, in combination with the standard air conditioning we did not break a sweat! In the evening we reached a campsite on Costa Rei, one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, where we ended the day with a romantic walk along the gently rolling coast.

Day 7: Mining history and sand dune magic

We continued to the west of the island, where we visited the historic site of Porta Flavia. With the help of a drone, we were able to get a close-up look at the impressive mine, which was dug deep into the rock, and gain an insight into Sardinia's rich mining history. We then drove to the golden dunes of Dune di Piscinas, a natural spectacle that left us speechless. We slid our feet through the warm sand and enjoyed a fabulous sunset that bathed the sky in a sea of blazing colors.

As beautiful as the picturesque impressions are, so many breathtaking experiences in a short time also make you tired! We were all the happier when we returned to our HYMER Exsis-t 580 Pure in the evening and were able to free ourselves from the sand between our toes with a refreshing shower in the spacious bathroom. The refreshing shower, spacious bathroom and comfortable beds almost made us forget we were in a 4 wheeler vehicle and not in a small but nice vacation rental.

Day 8: Colorful houses and magical sunset

The next day we explored the picturesque town of Bosa with its colorful houses clinging to the hills like a rainbow. We strolled through the winding streets, discovered hidden places and, in addition to the warm hospitality of the locals, of course also enjoyed a fabulous pizza. In the evening we drove to Alghero, a charming coastal town, to stage the HYMER Exsis-t 580 Pure at a spectacular sunset and enjoy the breathtaking view from Capo Caccia. Let's be honest: when we saw our HYMER in front of us in the sunset, the great design really came into its own. With its elegant alloy wheels and sporty look, it is the perfect poster motif. ?

Then it was time to climb into the spacious beds again and recharge your batteries for the last few days in Sardinia.

With the HYMER Exsis-t 580 we were able to travel from one dream spot to the next and had everything with us to fully enjoy Sardinia.
John Unseld

Day 9: Relaxation in northern Sardinia

The winding and mountainous journey took us further north to Spiaggia La Pelosa beach, where we relaxed in a comfortable 25°C and enjoyed the tranquility of the off-season. Of course, we also visited the historic Torre della Pelosa, which proudly towers over the turquoise sea. As a surprise we drove back to the Coccorrocci campsite for the last evening and day to eat together with the family. The large refrigerator, in which all sorts of cheese and sausage delicacies had accumulated during the entire trip, and the fully equipped kitchen allowed us to prepare delicious snacks for the evening together. We ate around the campfire, in style with stick bread and s'mores, while sparks from the flames rose into the clear night sky.

Day 10: Saying goodbye and last beach moments

We spent the last day on the beach near the campsite and enjoyed time with the family, stand up paddling and surfing. The refreshing, but pleasantly warm water for the time of year and the roaring waves gave us unforgettable moments. Late in the evening, with a heavy heart, we made our way to Olbia and from there to the ferry back to Livorno

Day 11: Returning home with unforgettable memories

In the morning we reached Livorno and started our journey home to Stuttgart. Once again we were grateful for the 140 bhp engine and the clever assistance systems of the Exsis-t 580 Pure. Because especially on longer motorway journeys, the practical helpers ensure quiet, relaxing driving - almost like driving a car. We look back with nostalgia on the unforgettable days in Sardinia, which not only gave us breathtaking landscapes and cultural treasures, but also precious moments with the family have bestowed. Our faithful companion, the HYMER Exsis-t 580 Pure, took us safely and comfortably through the island adventure and enabled us to have unforgettable experiences.

That was Sardinia with the HYMER Exsis-t 580 Pure

Sardinia is an island that captivates every traveler with its variety of landscapes, cultures and experiences. The beautiful beaches, the impressive historical sites and the warm hospitality of the locals have won our hearts. The HYMER Exsis-t 580 Pure turned out to be the perfect motorhome, offering us stability, comfort and flexibility on our journey. We highly recommend a trip to Sardinia - especially in the relaxed off-season - and look forward to returning one day and discovering more of the island's hidden gems.

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