Spontaneous breakout – with dog and the HYMER ML-T through Austria

Germany's most successful car-youtuber Sophia Calate changes to a mobile base for a few days - swapping speed for power and spaciousness, fuel-soaked pit lanes for breath-taking alpine panoramas. Together with friend Claus and the two little dogs Chopper and Milo she packs the HYMER ML-T 570  and starts for an impromptu road trip through Austria.

Sophia Calate



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Holidays with the dogs, just go without time pressure and a plan, enjoy the freedom. For Sophia, this is not self-evident. That is why the joy is all the greater when it finally starts. A rough route is set.

It is to lead from the picturesque Salzburger area via winding country roads and steep Alpine passes to the dreamlike Ötztal. In between, everything is possible: spontaneous plan changes, unplanned excursions, and small escapades. The luggage is quickly packed into the spacious camper and the ride starts. Quite different dimensions than a sleek sports car. But after only a few bends, the car-enthusiastic Sophia has become accustomed to the big vehicle. Sovereignly she steers it through the traffic – the road trip can begin.

The beauty of travelling with the HYMER? We were super flexible, could just go where we wanted.
Car Youtuber Sophia Calate

Camping fans on 4 paws

The two four-legged friends also feel comfortable with the HYMER ML-T from the very beginning. Driving in the car is usually not one of their favourite activities – but they jump into the cosy camper enthusiastically. There they are looking directly for a cosy place with a view. Because the two wild catches like to look out the window. They, too, can hardly turn their eyes away from the dreamlike landscape.

The home is always there

This is what Sophia particularly likes when travelling with the motorhome. It is perfect for spontaneous excursions and stops. For example, a short stop can make for an easy lunch break: select the fridge on and from the plentiful food stored in it. In a short time, a delicious lunch steams in front of Sophia and Claus on the table, while in the distance there is a breath-taking view.

Sleeping where it's most beautiful

The four spend the nights in different places. Sometimes on a campsite with restaurant and modern sanitary facilities, sometimes self-sufficient on a pitch in the middle of the forest or by a lake. Sophia particularly appreciates that the equipment of her HYMER gives them the freedom to be exactly where they want to be.

The camp is quickly set up and the restful sleep found in the cosy beds.

If they like a place especially well, they just stay a little longer.

Travel instead of reading?

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Thrills on narrow mountain chips

It will be tricky for Sophia at the Timmelsjoch mountain pass. She's been there before, but in a sports car. The camper is much larger. Closely nestled against the steep rock face, the road winds along the mountain. With each kilometre travelled, the road becomes narrower. At some points, there is just enough space for a single vehicle. Not for the faint-hearted when hundreds of metres of rugged slope lurk on one side. When a large coach bends around the next bend, the challenge is great. But Sophia manages the situation thanks to the built-in rear-view camera, skilfully manoeuvres the camper van to the next indentation and lets the bus pass.

Sophia's conclusion after her first trip with a HYMER: "Minimalist travel can be so comfortable." Quite different from what she had imagined.

In the camper they were able to take care of themselves almost the whole trip. Even an impromptu shower after hiking – pure luxury in a few square meters. She already dreams of the next trip, then perhaps a little further away: Norway is the plan.

Love at second glance

Do you also have a place of longing that does not go out of your mind? The HYMER ML-T 570 takes you there, whether for the first time or again.

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