From fjords to glaciers – with the HYMER T-Class S to Norway and back

Picturesque views, rugged rocky coasts and fjords as far as the eye can see. Jan Pallmer sets off for Scandinavia with his family in the HYMER T-Class S 585 and covers parts of Norway's west coast. In this article you will find out which pitches and experiences were the most beautiful and why the HYMER T-Class S is so suitable for such a trip.

Jan Pallmer

Autor | Photographer

Travel Report 

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Arrival and Aalborg

On our journey to Norway we made a short stop in the beautiful Danish city of Aalborg. From there we took the ferry from Hirtshals to Kristiansand.

We started our journey through Norway from Kristiansand. The first stop with our HYMER was Støylen Camping, a small campsite in Bygland. A perfect place to arrive in Norway, settle in your motorhome and plan the next few days.

Ryfylke scenic route

Our first destination in Norway should be the Ryfylke scenic route. The drive took us through the highlands in Sauda and further along the mountain pass to Røldal - Norway, the way we love it! Breathtaking nature and beautiful views, so that you can't help but be amazed and could stop anywhere. We were all the more pleased to be traveling with such a maneuverable HYMER. The handling and external dimensions of the T-Class S 585 enabled us to drive to the most beautiful viewing points. No more skills were required than driving a car!

Hardangervidda and NærøyAord

That's exactly what we love about Norway: whether high in the mountains or very close to the fjord - beautiful views and places are waiting to be discovered everywhere. Travel from dream spot to dream spot and spontaneously stop where we like it best. This is not only our favorite way to travel, but also the perfect travel style for a motorhome vacation. Where the conditions are right, you simply stop and unforgettable experiences arise automatically from spontaneity.

Because you have everything you need with you: comfortable beds, a fully-fledged kitchen, a cozy living area and a comfortable bathroom. This is how the fjord becomes home! 

We continued to Naeroyjord. On the way we passed the Hardanger scenic route, a traditional tourist area with mountains, fjords, waterfalls and glaciers.

We parked the HYMER T-Class S 585 at a campsite by the water and were happy to have found the perfect spot for various canoe and SUP tours. We had all the equipment we needed stored within easy reach in the large rear garage.. 
Combining work and travel is no problem in this motorhome! From the equipment to the fashion collection of our partners, everything finds a suitable place. Thanks to the plenty of storage space and the spacious rear garage, it never gets messy.
Photographer Jan Pallmer

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After a few days of intense water sports and at least as many hot relaxing showers in the HYMER T-Class S 585, we continued our journey. The fascination for the panorama that unfolds after every bend can hardly be described in words and pictures: the smell of the sea, the expressive cloud formations and rugged rocks make the Norwegian coast a highlight for the senses. If you have the opportunity, you have to take advantage of it - ideally with a motorhome.

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Sognefjord – Kaupanger nature campsite

On our first trip to Norway we spent lovely days at the nature campsite in Kaupanger. It lies at the end of the Sognefjord, which leads far inland. Here you can relax wonderfully, park the HYMER right by the water and have everything you could want: from a fireplace to a direct view of the fjord. Particularly practical if you have not only the fireplace but also the entire kitchen in the HYMER T-Class 585. Because anything that is supposed to braise over the fire must of course be transported refrigerated and marinated deliciously beforehand. We were all the more grateful for the spacious refrigerator, plenty of space in drawers and overhead storage cupboards as well as the stove on which we could prepare side dishes for the BBQ.

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Briksdalsbreen and Lovatnet

A visit to a glacier is a must on any trip to Norway! That's why it was a must for us to visit the famous Buerbreen Glacier on our last tour last year. This time we decided on the Briksdalsbreen glacier. Here too we were rewarded with an ice-blue lake and a great view of the glacier. Mother Nature could hardly make you more aware of how worthy of protection all of the beautiful places on our planet are.

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The campsite on the ice-blue Lovatnet was also one of the highlights of our trip this time. The surrounding nature immerses the place in a very special atmosphere. Located right on the lake, with a view of the surrounding glaciers, the whole scene seems almost magical.

And as beautiful as it is, with the magic of the glacier comes low, not-so-magical temperatures. A circumstance that was not a problem for us thanks to the heating and good insulation in the HYMER T-Class S. Every morning we woke up refreshed in the cozy beds with a pleasant temperature. Just like at home.

Gamle Strynefjellsvegen

Not only the views, but also the condition of the old road between east and west was an experience for us. In the HYMER T-Class S, however, you can enjoy this experience without restrictions, because the assistance systems of the powerful Mercedes-Benz Sprinter base allow even demanding journeys to take place in a relaxed manner - from cruise control to the automatic spacer to the crosswind assistant.

Rainy weather in the HYMER

Thanks to the great equipment in the HYMER, even rainy days can be spent comfortably. And what could be more comfortable than retreating to a cozy home on four wheels while the rain beats down outside. Cooking together, playing games, reading books and enjoying freshly made coffee – what more could you want? Atmospheric ambient lighting, enough sockets for laptops and other devices and strategically positioned storage options, it can rain sometimes.

Atlantic Road

We reached the northernmost point of our Norway trip: the Atlantic Road. A drive on this route next to the sea is absolutely breathtaking. It meanders with bridges between holms and skerries along the rough coast of Hustadvika. Admittedly, the weather could of course have been a little brighter, but the drive along the impressive road was still very worthwhile.

Geiranger – Trollstigen

After the weather had calmed down a bit and many roads were passable again, we slowly but surely began our journey back south. Over the well-known 14 road bends that zigzag along steep mountain slopes, we went over the Geiranger - Trollstigen landscape route to the Geirangerfjord. Once again we were grateful for the 150 bhp engine in series and the clever assistance systems of the HYMER T-Class S. The functions are indispensable, especially on longer journeys, and enable relaxed progress like in a car.

Return journey

Sometimes it can be so simple and yet so beautiful. We spent our last day of travel in Norway on an idyllic, peaceful campsite on the coast just before the ferry in Larvik.

Norway once again captivated us and we travel back with many wonderful impressions and experiences. The HYMER T-Class S 585 was a loyal companion for us at all times during the trip and we would choose it again and again for a trip like this.


From the first moment we had the feeling that we were traveling with the right vehicle for our travel style. The HYMER T-Class S 585 feels like a small mobile holiday apartment in which we immediately felt at home.

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