Honeymoon in the Alps – with participation in the German championships in MTB short track

Nadine Perks finds her passion in cross-country and is one of the top German mountain bikers. In order to combine her honeymoon and the upcoming German MTB short track championship, she and her husband explored the Alpine country between Italy and Switzerland in a HYMER camper van.

Nadine Perks


Holiday Destination
HYMER Free 600

Straight from the dream wedding to the slopes

After an absolute dream wedding in the mountains - at home in the beautiful Allgäu - we had the great and exciting opportunity to go on tour with the HYMER Free 600. Although I always went on motorhome vacations as a child, Nick and I were otherwise inexperienced campers. Therefore, the detailed briefing when picking up the vehicle from HYMER in Bad Waldsee was very informative and helpful for us. The vehicle was explained to us and we couldn't wait to get home, load the camper and just drive off!

Narrow pass roads
to a paradisiacal, small mountain village

Our first destination was the Splügen Pass. Coming from the Swiss side, we already knew that this wouldn't be the easiest pass. With its tight curves, it is often a challenge even for normal cars. But the HYMER Free 600 is great to drive and so we mastered the pass without any problems!

We had previously inquired and found out that we could make an overnight stop at the Montespluga car park. The next morning we were woken up by the sun's rays and we enjoyed our first day in absolute peace and togetherness. The fresh smell of coffee and the home-ground muesli were the perfect start to the day.

Well strengthened, we started our first day hike. We had unbelievably great conditions and couldn't stop being amazed. How nice to know that at the end of the tour our small cozy home on four wheels with delicious food and unique peace was waiting for us!

Since there was even fresh water in the parking lot and the option of emptying gray water and the HYMER Free 600 is otherwise self-sufficient, we took the opportunity to spend a few more days there. We enjoyed the freedom and flexibility to spontaneously stay as long as we wanted.

Cooking with regional specialties –
in the small but mighty HYMER kitchen

There was a local Latteria right near the idyllic mountain village, where we stocked up on regional mountain cheese and fresh Alpine butter. Our favorite dish is pizzocheri and of course we didn't want to miss out on preparing this dish in our own vehicle kitchen with fresh ingredients straight from the region. While walking we could still find fresh sage and so nothing stood in the way of the preparation.

Everything can be prepared comfortably and ideally at the dining table. Once the pan is on the HYMER gas stove, preparation is very quick and before long the aromatic and delicious scent of our meal is making our mouths water. We were pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed it.

Reisen statt lesen?

Lernen Sie jetzt den HYMER Free kennen und beginnen Sie noch heute Ihr eigenes Abenteuer.

Diese Freiheit und Flexibilität waren uns mehr wert als jedes 5-Sterne-Hotel!
Professional mountain biker Nadine Perks

From Italy to Switzerland

After wonderful days in Italy we continued towards Switzerland. Via Chiavenna we went over the Maloja Pass to the next idyllic village - Maloja. That should be our next base for the coming days. A secluded parking lot again gave us the opportunity to enjoy the mountain scenario in complete silence and tranquility.

Directly from the camper we went into the mountains and even into the snow. Good to know that we have a heater so we don't have to worry about the temperature in our camper van when we return.

Successful stopover
at the German MTB short track championships

Even though we were in absolute vacation mode and felt far away from everything, I had planned for a long time to complete my last race of the season in Titisee-Neustadt. The night race under floodlights was about the medal and of course I didn't want to miss this opportunity despite my honeymoon. Since traveling in the HYMER is so uncomplicated and relaxed, the journey and the stopover were not a problem either. On the contrary: I really learned to appreciate the comfort of having a camper and discovered this form of travel for myself.

Above all, I was able to spend the waiting times between training, warm-up and race in the warm and the food was also easily and quickly prepared in the camper. I finished third and secured the bronze medal. The fact that I could shower directly in our camper van was super practical, because I was able to freshen up quickly before the award ceremony. After that we drove on until we were tired. This luxury of being able to stop when I feel like it is very valuable to me and gives me the necessary flexibility, especially after competitions.

Last stop: Swiss Alps

Our last stop was at the Oberalp Pass above Andermatt. I realized how quickly this change of location helped me switch from race mode back to vacation mode instantly. Everything was already packed and loaded in the camper van so that we always had everything with us and didn't have to reorganize ourselves. So the bike was stored away again in no time and the hiking things were taken out.

The well thought-out storage space with many cupboards, storage space flaps and drawers is really practical and represents a real miracle of space - even if it is not obvious at first glance. In the afternoon we just enjoyed the view from the camper and the special atmosphere.

These little moments are incredibly valuable and I'm grateful that we had the opportunity to simply park where the light was best and the mood was greatest - and where the sun's rays shone in our HYMER in the most atmospheric way. The view from the bed before sleeping was gigantic and certainly unique. 

Drive Home
with the sunrise

We then went home via the Bregenzerwald, Balderschwang and the Riedberg Pass. Since we always wanted to be on the mountain at sunrise, we took the opportunity to spend the night on the Riedberg Pass so that we could be at the summit cross before the first rays of sunshine the next morning. By staying in the camper we were able to sleep longer since we were already at the starting point of the tour. So it started while it was still dark and we were up just in time for sunrise and were able to enjoy the spectacle.


We will miss this special and quiet time in the camper and are incredibly happy that we chose this special type of honeymoon. This time together was very special and also helped us to realize and review all the great moments of the wedding.

No hotel could have given us this togetherness and the opportunity to travel so flexibly and freely was indescribably valuable. All in all, a more than perfect trip that we will certainly never forget and will always have fond memories.

The HYMER Free – 

Storage space like the big ones, but manoeuvrable like a car

Versatile and well thought-out storage space options in combination with the driving comfort of a car make the HYMER Free not only the right companion on your honeymoon or on holiday, but is also perfect as a comfortable basis for sporting competitions. Everything you need is always there: a comfortable bed for a restful sleep, a reasonable kitchen to take care of yourself and a bathroom with toilet and shower to freshen up quickly.

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