Germany trip – an adventure with a mask requirement

We haven't heard that before: A family of five who has never been to a campsite before borrows a 14-meter-long vehicle and drives across Germany for 18 days. We wanted to know from Lene and Philipp how it was.

Markus Liebig


Across Southern Germany


HYMER Sydney + ERIBA Nova 555

Controlling the combination of a camper van and a large caravan is not easy.

Why didn't you start with something smaller?

Lene: Originally, we wanted to rent a mobile home. However, due to the short-term nature and with three children, it was difficult to find a model with five seats. With this combination, we now had plenty of space for everyone in the van and a large living space in our luggage.

And the vehicles remained intact?

(Philipp laughs) Yes, of course. My driver's license says that I can drive something like that. Joking aside, that doesn't mean anything, of course. It demands a lot of concentration and a lot more attention than driving a car - e. B. in a road works section on the motorway. Above all, you must trust yourself. But the vehicles make it surprisingly easy.

How do you mean?

On the one hand, the Sydney, with its 120 hp, is a powerful tractor that easily pulled the caravan anywhere we wanted it. Even on a sloping, damp meadow, it was no problem to manoeuvre the caravan on the slope. And since this is only a good 30 cm wider than the van, the view to the rear via the large exterior mirrors is almost unrestricted. Sometimes I even forget that I'm pulling a trailer.

You have never been on a camping holiday before.

Why now?

Lene: Actually, we wanted to fly to the Canaries. But since the world is upside down and we didn't want to take any big risks, we looked for an alternative in our own country. And since we didn't want to be tied to one place here, it turned out to be a trip to Germany.

  • Just stop

    and pick fresh flowers. Spontaneity is what makes this type of travel special.
  • Strong drive

    The HYMER Sydney is a real powerhouse that pulls the caravan with ease.
  • Lots of space for the kids

    A table of your own and the bunk bed in the caravan were the perfect children's room when traveling.
  • Don't get careless

    Even if the hand movements are right at some point: Don't forget to secure everything well before starting your journey.
  • Stay inventive

    Camping holidays always mean adapting to the local conditions.
  • Just take a deep breath

    Especially nice when the sun shines through the roof window in the morning.
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Where have you been?

We started in Frankfurt. Through the Black Forest to Titisee, Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Brombachsee in Franconia, Saalfeld in Thuringia, up to Edersee, Heider Bergsee, Koblenz and back. That was about 2,500 km. It was important to us that we always offer the children something interesting. Swimming in the lake, donkey rides, summer toboggan run. On the Zugspitze we could even go sledding in the middle of summer.

That is an unusually high number of changes of location for a trip with a caravan!

Isn't it stressful to put it up and down again and again.

Philipp: No. The first two of course took a little longer. But it's faster every time and it's fun when everyone works together. Whether on arrival or on the way to the next stage. The movements are more and more routine.

Lene: It was also very nice that when we arrived, the neighbours immediately approached us without asking to help with the adjustment of the caravan. Everyone is happy to help because everyone knows the challenge. Especially on the somewhat narrower campsites.

Were you very limited on your trip due to the corona virus?

Lene: No, that was ok. So, we wore a mask wherever it was appropriate: when registering and in the sanitary areas at the campsite, in the gondola to the Zugspitze, in queues and when shopping - no different than usual.

Philipp: Two campsites had their shower houses locked. But then the outside shower on the Sydney was just the thing - or the swimming lake.

Für die Kinder war es wichtig, dass sie so viele Sachen mitnehmen konnten. Spielzeuge, Kuscheltiere und Inliner fanden problemlos Platz.
Camping-Neuling Philipp S.

Quick questions, quick answers:

Your 3 highlights on the vehicles?

The pop-up roof on the camper van, an enormous amount of storage space, the easy handling.

Did you miss something?

Not really. Only the freshwater tank could have been a bit bigger for us. Hands need to be washed often, especially during these times.

Was it better than the Canaries?

Philipp: Different! Germany has a lot to offer - for example great bathing lakes. And we definitely had a more intense and enjoyable time with the children than we would have spent in a hotel complex.

Would you repeat that?

Lene: Absolutely! It was a great experience. The next time we would devote ourselves to the east and north of Germany. Here, too, we already have a few great destinations in mind - but especially the coasts of course.

Your tips?

Be sure to book campsites in the high season! Don't take too much with you - half is enough. And: Have a large watering can with you to fetch fresh water.

Your conclusion?

Camping holidays and flexible travel are a wonderful alternative, especially in these times. And: Germany is a great holiday destination! There is so much to see and do. Anyone who can drive out of seasonal times should definitely think about it for the off-season.

Would that be something for you too?

Why wander far away when your own country has so much to offer as an alternative to air travel. With or without a caravan - Germany has a lot to offer. Go on the journey in your own home.

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