Ireland in Winter? Yes with the HYMER Grand Canyon S

Is a vacation to Ireland in November really a good idea? Florian and Theresia wanted to get to the bottom of this question for 16 days with the HYMER Grand Canyon S. So let's get going: pack up, get in and drive off to an island that shows its very own character traits, both bitterly cold and comfortably warm, in the colder season.

Theresia and Florian

Passionate Surfer

Holiday Destination
HYMER Grand Canyon S

Sporty on the go

For us, as passionate surfers and cold-tested swimmers, the must-haves for the holiday were quickly determined: lots of outdoor space, targeted sightseeing and endless exercise. Following this credo, we placed our pins on the map of Ireland and crossed the island from south to north. All the better that we were traveling in the HYMER Grand Canyon S. Hardly any other vehicle takes those who love to travel from everyday life to adventure more quickly than the campervan based on the Mercedes Benz Sprinter. It's easy to drive, even for beginners, and offers plenty of space for sports equipment and everything else that shouldn't be missing on any trip. There are no limits to your own spontaneity.

Admire the panorama from the sleeping roof

After a ferry crossing, we chose to start by crossing the 12 kilometer long Healy Pass. Accompanied by the good weather, we headed north along the Ring of Kerry. Fjord-like bays alternate with steep viewpoints and culminate in beautiful beaches.

Our anticipation of the first night in the sleeping roof was already immense before we left. After a delicious dinner, which we quickly prepared on the stove, and a quick goodnight shower, we went straight up one floor.

Thanks to the additional sleeping roof insulation, which can be installed all around in no time, we spent a heavenly first night under the Irish sky.

Well rested and well recovered, we were able to take our first glimpse of the rough sea early in the morning and enjoy the magnificent panorama through the side windows of the sleeping roof.

Through the sand with 4x4 drive

To put the Grand Canyon S's off-road capabilities to the test, we took advantage of the unique opportunity to drive the HYMER on a section of beach at Inch Beach on the Dingle Peninsula. We always felt safe with the Grand Canyon S and were quite impressed by how easily the campervan could be steered through the sand thanks to the Mercedes Benz 4x4 drive.

We had two surfboards with us. Attached using the modular transport system, they traveled under the bed. Suitable surf spots were found in Ballybunion and further north in Lahinch. Thanks to the HYMER Connect app, we didn't have to wait for a warm shower after surfing. We were able to switch on the centrally controlled hot water supply including the boost function while on the move before arriving at the vehicle, so that we could take a hot shower straight away. Our path then led along countless sheep pastures to the Cliffs of Moher. Thanks to their cliffs that drop up to 214 meters, they are rightly considered one of Ireland's highlights.

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Travel instead of reading?

Get to know the HYMER Grand Canyon S now and start your own adventure today.

Combining work and travel is no problem in this motorhome! From the equipment to the fashion collection of our partners, everything finds a suitable place. Thanks to the plenty of storage space and the spacious rear garage, it never gets messy.
Photographer Theresia und Florian

The journey is the destination – safe and comfortable

Our itinerary took us to Cork, Limerick and Galway. But it was in the countless small towns that we experienced the warmth of the Irish and encountered fishermen, farmers and family parties in pubs rather than tourists.

We continued through winding streets to remote insider tips. We repeatedly experienced gusts of wind of up to 60 km/h - no problem for the HYMER. With Crosswind Assist, a multimedia system and automatic headlight control, the Grand Canyon S led us safely and comfortably along Ireland's coastal roads. In the Mercedes Benz Sprinter cockpit, we almost felt like we were behind the wheel of a car - handling was child's play.

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Feel at home in the middle of nowhere

Our summary of the trip - and we had previously taken road trips throughout Europe - confirms the HYMER Grand Canyon S as the perfect travel companion. With it, any place, even in the middle of nature, becomes your new “home” in just a few seconds. The attention to detail in terms of functionality, which makes every outdoor heart beat faster with a desire for comfort, has made it incredibly easy for us to explore the country and its people. Ireland in winter? An absolute yes!

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