Smart Battery System 2.0: Now even greater self-sufficiency

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The HYMER Smart Battery System 2.0 redefines freedom. Once you’ve found the perfect pitch, you’ll never need to leave.
The new, self-sufficient, on-board power supply system combines cutting-edge technology Made in Germany with even more convenience than before. Using only state-of-the-art LiFePo4 lithium batteries, which removes the need for a back-up lead battery, it is more powerful, longer-lasting and significantly more compact. The self-sufficiency package even enables you to increase the capacity from 80 Ah to 320 Ah and to benefit from an even greater charging capacity.

The system is incredibly easy to use: it is charged using the alternator, solar panels or shore power. You then simply discharge the stored energy by consuming it. This is done by plugging devices into the 230 V or USB sockets, for example, or by using the built-in appliances in the vehicle, such as the lights, kitchen appliances and so on.



All the benefits of the HYMER Smart Battery System 2.0

  • Efficient and long-lasting:

    The exclusive use of LiFePo4 lithium batteries reduces weight and enables you to benefit from greater capacity and a longer service life.


  • Sustainable and robust:

    The new HYMER Smart Battery System 2.0 is well protected by a housing made of recycled plastic.


  • 100% safe:

    The improved composite structure of the LiFePo4 lithium batteries protects against overheating as well as expansion or the risk of explosion.


  • Integrated in the digital ecosystem:

    View the current battery level and how long the remaining on-board power supply will last at any time in your HYMER Connect app or on the display in the vehicle.


  • Perfectly regulated:

    The system constantly checks the status of the individual cells while smart usage distribution ensures that all of the LiFePo4 lithium batteries last as long as possible.



  • No special charging technology:

    The HYMER Smart Battery System 2.0 can be easily charged while driving, by using solar panels or hooking up your HYMER vehicle to shore power.


In detail: Reasons for the HYMER Smart Battery System 2.0

Greater efficiency and a longer service life

Compared to conventional batteries, LFP lithium batteries (LiFePo4) offer a huge advantage in terms of efficiency, especially for motorhoming: although they are significantly smaller and lighter, they have a greater capacity. They are 18 kg lighter than a lead battery, yet you can expect an impressive 80 Ah per module. That’s almost double the capacity! For your holiday, this means a lower laden weight and more room for all the things that are important to you when travelling.

We have deliberately chosen not to use any lead batteries whatsoever in the new HYMER Smart Battery System 2.0. Instead, we are using the most powerful LFP lithium cells with up to 3,000 full charging cycles to 80% discharge (SOH). Conventional lithium batteries can only withstand around 2,000 full charging cycles. Therefore, if you were to completely discharge your batteries every second day, your system would have a useful life of up to 16 years until the batteries had a state of health (SOH) of 80%. This is a huge advantage for our new HYMER Smart Battery System 2.0!

What’s more, no special charging technology is required, making it far more simple and much easier to use. And best of all, with a 90 A charging current, your system can be fully recharged within an hour while driving or when hooked up to shore power!

Sustainable in production, long-lasting in use

The housing of the LiFePo4 lithium batteries used is made of a specially developed material that is resistant to all environmental factors. 

The recycled plastic is impressively low in thickness and weight with a high glass fibre content to maximise its strength. In load-bearing parts, this is up to 35%. There is also an additional ceramic component for an even distribution of the heat that is produced during energy generation. What’s more, the lithium cells used do not contain any cobalt.

The built-in heater allows you to camp in any location, even in temperatures as low as -20°C, without having to worry about the function or condition of your system.

Thanks to all of these things, we are not only protecting the environment during production, but also guarantee a very long service life. After all, even the most sustainably produced material is of no use if it needs to be replaced after a short period of time. But when that eventually becomes necessary, our LiFePo4 lithium batteries are 100% recyclable.

  • More safety on your travels

    Your safety is just as important as self-sufficiency when motorhoming! Using LiFePo4 lithium cells means that your safety comes first. The improved composite structure protects against overheating and guarantees chemical stability. This ensures that the batteries and housing do not deform or expand.

    You can concentrate on what really matters – your holiday – because this stability means that the LFP batteries are non-flammable, non-explosive and can withstand extreme temperatures – they are considered the safest on the market.
  • Perfectly integrated in the HYMER Connect system

    The new HYMER Smart Battery System 2.0 works perfectly with the HYMER Connect system. You can view the battery level of the LiFePo4 lithium cells as a percentage at any time on the HYMER Connect display inside your motorhome or camper van, as well as in the accompanying HYMER Connect app. One of the most practical features is that the HYMER Connect system automatically calculates the remaining running time of the HYMER Smart Battery System 2.0 and also displays this on the on-board display and in the app.
  • The most advanced battery management system

    The HYMER Smart Battery System 2.0 is equipped with a high-performance battery management system (BMS). It monitors the number of charging cycles and the remaining capacity of the lithium cells it contains. This is the only way to gauge the precise condition of the entire system at any time. A number of sensors are used, which determine the overall state of health and combine the LFP lithium cells as efficiently as possible, depending on their condition.
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