The HYMER Backrack+
The versatile component carrier for the Fiat Ducato and Citroën Jumper

Whatever you have in mind and wherever you want to go – bring all your leisure equipment with you and enjoy total flexibility while on holiday. The HYMER Backrack+ opens up a new, personalised world of travel thanks to a wide range of modular components – and will make your Fiat Ducato or Citroën Jumper stand out from the crowd on your next cycling or skiing holiday.

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Total flexibility for every adventure

The HYMER Backrack+ component carrier is our flexible solution for every kind of holiday. Whether you need to mount a spare wheel, bicycles, skis or additional luggage – you will find a wide range of accessory components for the HYMER Backrack+ that have been perfectly developed for their respective purposes and are easy to fit. The HYMER Backrack+ has a load capacity of 80 kg and can be mounted on both rear doors. In addition, the tow bar remains accessible at all times for maximum efficiency and safety.

Safe, efficient and easy to install

The HYMER Backrack+ and all components can be ordered from your HYMER dealer and retrofitted without updating your vehicle’s documentation. The various accessory components are easy to install and remove – naturally, you can easily do this by yourself depending on your travel and transport requirements.

  • HYMER Backrack+ Bike Carrier Swing

    • Swivel arm with low actuating force (approx. 10 kg)
    • Compatible with e-bikes
    • Comfortable loading
    • Right door remains freely accessible
  • HYMER Backrack+ Bike Carrier Shuttle

    • Compatible with e-bikes 
    • Other door remains freely accessible
  • HYMER Backrack+ Number and Light Bar

    • Removable
    • Fold-out step
    • Max. load capacity 100 kg
  • HYMER Backrack+ Mini Rack

    • Max. load capacity 20 kg
    • Integrated grooves for easy load attachment
    • Can be mounted in 2 positions on the HYMER Backrack+ (top and bottom)
  • HYMER Backrack+ Wheel Holder

    • Suitable for all common spare wheels

Modular components

The HYMER Backrack+ is the new component carrier for HYMER camper van models on a Fiat chassis or all other camper vans on a Fiat Ducato or Citroën Jumper chassis. With a load capacity of 80 kg and quick mounting on one or both rear doors, it brings a whole new dimension of flexibility to your travel plans in combination with our range of versatile components.

  • Bike Carrier Swing

    The e-bike-compatible Bike Carrier Swing for the HYMER Backrack+ not only offers enough space for two bikes, but also a high level of user convenience thanks to the particularly smooth-running swivel arm. The force required to operate the swivel arm is only around 10 kg. In addition, the right-hand door remains freely accessible.

  • Bike Carrier Shuttle

    The e-bike compatible Bike Carrier Shuttle for the HYMER Backrack+ can be fitted to both the left and right doors. It offers enough space for two bicycles and leaves the second door freely accessible.

  • Number and Light Bar

    The removable Number and Light Bar with fold-down step function can support a load of 100 kg and provides comfortable access.

  • Mini Rack

    The Mini Rack for the HYMER Backrack+ is perfect for stowing additional luggage thanks to its 20 kg load capacity and integrated fastening grooves.

  • Wheel Holder

    The Wheel Holder for the HYMER Backrack+ is an easy-to-access transport solution for your spare wheel. It is also compatible with all common spare wheels.

  • HYMER Backrack wins iF DESIGN AWARD 2022

    Safe, efficient and easy to install - these are the properties of the HYMER Backrack+ that once again made an impression. The versatile component carrier impressed the 132-strong, independent expert jury with its innovative design, especially in the disciplines "Function" and "Differentiation". The iF DESIGN AWARD is presented every year by the world's oldest independent design institution, iF International Forum Design GmbH.
  • European Innovation Award 2022 for the HYMER Backrack+

    The HYMER Backrack+ is our component carrier for absolute flexibility on vacation. Whether it's a spare wheel, bicycles, skis or additional luggage - there are a wide range of accessory components for the HYMER Backrack+ that have been perfectly developed for the respective transport purpose and they are easy to assemble. The HYMER Backrack+ more than deserves first place in the vehicle accessories category.
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Have we caught your interest?

The basic system and all modular components are available from your HYMER dealer. They will be happy to answer any further questions you may have about the HYMER Backrack+. 

HYMER Backrack+ FAQ

Do you have any further questions about the HYMER Backrack+? Hopefully, you will find the answers here: 

  • It is compatible with all camper vans based on the Fiat Ducato chassis and identical models from H2 upwards. Lower models with other doors, such as the HYMER Sydney, are not compatible. 

  • We plan to release the system for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter as soon as possible.

  • The HYMER Backrack+ is installed by your dealer. Self-assembly is not recommended. The individual components can be installed and changed by the customer. 

  • Yes, if the Number and Light Bar is installed, cable preparation is necessary. If no electrical preparation is available (e.g. through a tow bar), this must be retrofitted (Art. no. 8502045).

  •  If the number plate is obscured or the beam angle of the rear lights is affected, the Number and Light Bar must be used. 

  • Yes, the system also works in conjunction with a tow bar. However, the tow bar cannot be used at the same time as a Number and Light Bar. 

  • This depends on the bicycle. A red warning flag must be attached for loads that extend >1m beyond the limits of the vehicle lights (in Germany). This flag is included in our “Full Kit Shuttle”, “Full Kit Swing” and “All in Kit” packages. 

  • The vehicle doors can still be opened and closed without restrictions even when loaded. Provided that the base support and the individual components are installed in accordance with the instructions, there is no risk of the doors dropping. 

  • No. The HYMER Backrack+ is designed to be mounted on standard hinges.

  • No. On the Bike Carrier Shuttle, the bicycles’ front wheels are inclined at a slight angle. This prevents the handlebars from interfering with each other. In extreme cases, the angle of the Bike Carrier Shuttle can also be changed.

  • Yes. There are two different ways to do this. Either the Bike Carrier Shuttle is mounted on both the left and right side, or a Bike Carrier Swing is mounted on the left and a Bike Carrier Shuttle on the right. 

  • The Bike Carrier Swing was developed and designed for the left side. Depending on market demand, a version for the right side may also be developed.

  • The Bike Carrier Shuttle can be used up to a tire width of 3". Fatbikes are therefore not possible to transport.

  • The Bike Carrier Swing can be used up to a tire width of 2.5". Fatbikes are therefore not possible to transport.

  • No. The Backrack+ has a type approval according to ECE-R26.

  • Large parts of the Backrack+ system consist of grooved profiles. T-slot nuts can be used in a wide variety of places.
    Due to the design, there are also places where no slot nuts can be used despite the slot profile (especially in curves).

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