Luxury Motorhomes and Campervans

Premium quality and luxuriousness from HYMER

You are searching for a luxury motorhome or camper? Good advice doesn't have to be expensive: How to find your new luxurious motorhome or camper and which HYMER models are suitable for you.

How do you find your luxury Motorhome or the right Campervan?

Being on the road and not missing any convenience? This is possible - with HYMER luxury motorhomes and campers. All our vehicles offer a convincing premium quality, but some of them are simply outstanding.

The number of available providers for motorhomes is large and the quantity of models that are suitable for your high demand does not make the selection any easier. A small checklist helps you making the right choice. We have created a list of useful criteria so that can easily identify a suitable vehicle. Simply answer a few questions for yourself - this is how you will find that one motorhome, which suits you best:

  • How many people are travelling with you? This question is important, because the number of seats or sleeping places can vary considerably with each motorhome or camper.
  • How many people are travelling with you? This question is important, because the number of seats or sleeping places can vary considerably with each motorhome or camper.
  • Do you want to travel all year round? Travelling in autumn, winter or spring is very attractive. Depending on the destination, it may involve unpleasant outside temperatures – even in southern europe. Winter resistance and intelligent heating systems are therefore an important criterion in order to avoid disappointments and not to have to forego cosiness and comfort even during the cold season.
  • Do you require a spacious vehicle? Space available is not necessarily directly related to the number of sleeping places. Especially for longer tours and travels for a longer period of time space becomes a luxury. How much of that luxury do you seek? Or do you prefer to you give up some space, in favor of a higher maneuverability?
  • How important is riding comfort to you? In addition to comfortable seats that can be easily and comprehensively adjusted, the chassis is particularly important. FIAT offers a proven chassis that will accompany you reliably on your journey. The Mercedes-Benz chassis with the accustomed Mercedes quality demonstrates maximum comfort, convenience and performance.
  • What sort of material and design do you desire? Materials used make a big difference: A leather upholstery offers at first glance luxurious views and maximum comfort. Clever and smart furnishing concepts offer exceptional and outstanding convenience, such as seats that can be rotated and tilted, or furniture that may be converted as required.

Our First-Class Motorhomes

Luxury Motorhome HYMER Tramp SL

Our HYMER T-Class SL is the sister model of the HYMER T-Class CL and even exceeds its luxurious features. Innovative floor plan concepts, a heated double floor with underfloor heating effect, in which installations and basement compartments are protected against frost, the stepless living room floor, a 142 l cooling/freezing combination and further highlights are making the HYMER T-Class CL an even more luxurious motorhome.

Discover HYMER T-Class SL now.

HYMER B-Class ModernComfort T

With its superior technology, unrivalled comfort and brilliant design, the HYMER B-Class ModernComfort is not only better than any other motorhome, but also miles ahead of the competition. With its especially large water tanks, it offers even greater freedom and self-sufficiency, and thanks to the many driver assistance systems, you will always be in control and safe on the roads.

Experience the X factor:
Discover the HYMER B-Class ModernComfort T now.

Hymermobil B-Class ModernComfort I

The Hymermobil B-Class ModernComfort I is innovative, elegant and comes packed full with highlights as standard. A thoroughly luxurious travelling experience is ensured by the heated double floor including cellar compartments, the unparalleled seating comfort of the cosy L-shaped seating area with lounge cushions, the perfectly comfortable multi-zone cold foam mattresses, a wide entrance door for easy access, two large garage doors, optimum thermal insulation and an insulating layer to protect against thermal bridging or handy features, such as furniture with integrated functions, and much more besides!

Don’t make any compromises on the road:
Discover the HYMER B-Class ModernComfort I now.

Luxury Motorhome Hymermobil B-Klasse SupremeLine

The Hymermobil B-Class SupremeLine combines the best in terms of technology, convenience, design, safety and quality to create standards in the luxury class. The exclusive HYMER PUAL 2.0 body concept, the advanced SLC chassis (Super Lightweight chassis), the highly stable GRP rear end and LED head lights are just a few outstanding characteristics of the Hymermobil B-Class PremiumLine. The interior with its intelligent room concept provides what you have earned: Travel and life at its best.

Discover the Hymermobil B-Class SupremeLine now.

Luxury Motorhome HYMER DuoMobil

Our DuoMobil is a luxury motorhome for two people. Our HYMER DuoMobil is as cosy and comfortable as a holiday home and as flexible and modern as a motorhome - that's our HYMER DuoMobil. In addition to the equipment at the highest level, the vehicle offers a noble interior and above all undisturbed privacy where it’s needed: Bedroom and bathroom including separate shower and dressing area can be separated from the living area by a fixed door.

Discover the HYMER DuoMobil now.

Our luxury Camper Van

Luxury Camper Van HYMERCAR

There is a good reason why a campervan or camping van is so popular these days: HYMERCAR campers offer manoeuvrability and highest standards in compact dimensions. The Grand Canyon S boasts a Mercedes-Benz chassis and, by making use of the additional roof, offers up to four berths. Intelligent room layout and perfect interior fittings complete the experience for you - in your precious leisure time. Travel with an upscale camper and enjoy your journeys with it.

Discover the HYMERCAR Grand Canyon S now.