Special Edition HYMER Exsis-i 580 Pure

Edition model
HYMER Exsis-i 580 Pure

Price from*
Sleeping berths
699 cm
Length from
3.500 kg
Permissible total weight from
222 cm
Width from
277 cm
Height from
* All prices are recommended retail prices in GBP including legal applicable VAT, On The Road Charges (OTR including delivery from Germany, registration and PDI). Possible import duties are not included and will be charged separately.

For pure travel pleasure

We’re making it easy for you to choose the right HYMER: the integrated Exsis-i Pure built on the Fiat Original frame is jam-packed with features, leaving nothing to be desired where comfort is concerned.

Lightweight construction techniques used throughout and the proven 140 hp Fiat drive in combination with the Fiat Original frame – ensuring you reach your destination without any difficulty. And all at an unbeatable price.
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Special Edition HYMER Exsis-i 580 Pure
Interior of the HYMER Exsis 580 Pure: seating area, flat screen TV, entrance door, kitchen block, sleeping area

Configure the edition model to suit your requirements


Selected highlights

  • New chassis with the Fiat original frame

    Experience pure travel pleasure on the proven 140 hp Fiat chassis in combination with the Fiat Original frame.
  • High payload reserves

    Thanks to the considerable payload reserves of almost 450 kg despite the extensive PURE equipment package that's already included, you really can pack everything you need for your holiday.
  • Many extras

    Including a reversing camera, air conditioning, cruise control, ambient lighting and a panoramic roof.
  • Wooden slatted frame on the floor of the shower cubicle in the Hymermobil Exsis 580 Pure

    A luxurious bathroom

    The spacious comfort bathroom is equipped with a large shower with wooden slatted shower tray and a practical bench toilet.
  • Covered lengthways single beds and red blanket in the rear of the HYMER Exsis 580 Pure

    A traveller’s dream

    The twin beds at the rear, each measuring over 1.90 m in length, can be converted into one huge sleeping oasis using the additional cushion, which comes as standard. The integrated ladder makes it easier for you to climb into the rear bed.
  • Back seat of the seating group and above it TV plasma with background image Hymermobil in nature in the Exsis 580 Pure

    Entertainment included

    The Exsis Pure edition model includes a 32" LED flat-screen TV with integrated speakers, remote control, as well as a satellite system and DVD player.
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  • Camping furniture under the awning of the HYMER Exsis-i 580 Pure with a panoramic view of the Alps

    Covered terrace

    Come rain or shine, the 4.5 m-long awning extends the living area of the HYMER Exsis-i Pure.
  • A real head-turner

    The 16" alloy wheels provide the Exsis-i Pure with an assertive exterior design, transforming it into a sporty travel companion in any situation.
  • Reversing camera and HYMER lettering in chrome, mounted at the top in the rear of the Exsis 580 Pure

    Everything in your sights

    Thanks to the reversing camera with rear-view-mirror function, you’ll have everything in your sights at all times. This makes manoeuvring the edition model easy.
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One edition model, one price

Thanks to the attractive saving and comprehensive equipment package, which leaves nothing to be desired where comfort is concerned, we’re making it easy for you to choose the right HYMER vehicle. Benefit from a huge saving and embark on a journey of pure pleasure with the HYMER Exsis-i Pure.

Already made up your mind or still have some questions? Your HYMER partner will be only too happy to help.

Available layouts

  • Detailed view
    Edition model

    HYMER Exsis-i 580 Pure

    Price from*
    Sleeping berths
    699 cm
    Length from
    3.500 kg
    Permissible total weight from
    222 cm
    Width from
    277 cm
    Configure Technical data Equipment & accessories
    * All prices are recommended retail prices in GBP including legal applicable VAT, On The Road Charges (OTR including delivery from Germany, registration and PDI). Possible import duties are not included and will be charged separately.


The HYMER Exsis-i Pure comes with a comprehensive range of edition equipment and plenty of comfort for your journeys. If that's not enough, there are further equipment options for even more individuality.
    • The perfect light for cosy comfort

      Indirect ambient lighting in LED technology makes the interior shine and ensures a pleasant feel-good atmosphere, especially in the evening.
    • Everything fresh and perfectly chilled

      Despite its slender dimensions, a 142-litre Smart-Tower refrigerator including a 15-litre freezer compartment ensures you have plenty of cold drinks and fresh food in summer. Its interior is also clearly organised with practicality in mind.
    • Comfortable fold-down bed

      The fold-down bed can be raised and lowered manually with minimal effort. It offers maximum freedom of movement and headroom. The comfortable bed surface can be used across the entire width – even in the front part of the vehicle.
    • The feel-good factor – centrally controlled

      Individual temperature adjustments and the boost function for fast hot water supply and room heating - can be controlled via the central LCD control panel for the heater, also equipped with a timer.
    • Your living room on wheels

      The standard L-shaped seating area gives you top seating and living comfort wherever you are.
    • Versatile luxury table

      The high-quality table can be rotated 360° and adjusted both horizontally and lengthways as required.
    • Efficient lighting

      The interior lighting throughout the vehicle features LED technology as standard. This cuts energy consumption by 75% and gives you hours of extra battery life. Since LEDs don’t get hot, this also improves fire and accident safety.
    • TV on the move

      Thanks to the optional 32" TV including Bluetooth connection, you can enjoy a real home cinema feeling even when you’re on the road.
    • Modern, sleek interior design

      A new furniture layout and modern angles in the entire living area ensure even more efficient use of the available space. This also creates extra space in front of the bathroom or the kitchen.
    • See and be seen

      The new, specially developed HYMER headlights include LED fibre optics with integrated LED daytime running light and indicators to ensure optimum visibility. This ensures perfect illumination in traffic, for even more safety. The LED technology also has low power consumption.
    • Driver and passenger airbags

      In the event of a serious collision, the airbag can reduce the force of an impact with the head or chest. This can protect you, if you’re wearing a seatbelt, from head or chest injuries, or mitigate such injuries. Airbags on the driver and passenger sides are part of the standard equipment in all HYMER motorhomes.
    • For a good climate

      The manual air conditioning controls the climate inside your vehicle as well as the air flow from outside. Included here is a pollen filter which actively prevents pollen, fine dust and other particles from entering the interior.
    • Mercedes based HYMER motorhome cockpit with various high-tech assistance systems

      Stay on track even in windy conditions

      The Crosswind Assist is fitted as standard. It recognises lane deviations caused by strong crosswinds and supports the driver with automatic braking interventions to keep in lane.
    • Additional garage flap

      For an even easier loading and unloading, the rear garage is also accessible via an additional LH exterior locker door. The door measures 65 x 65 cm.
    • For perfect privacy

      The standard concertina cab blinds made from a premium pleated fabric protect your motorhome from prying eyes and excessive sunlight in summer.
    • Structure of the PUAL-foamed outer wall with aluminum inner and outer skin of the HYMER motorhome in 3D optics

      Optimal insulation thanks to PUAL technology

      The PUAL-foamed walls with aluminium inner and outer skin are an important component of the vehicle’s durable high-tech bodywork. The excellent insulation of the closed-cell PU foam guarantees pleasant temperatures throughout the year and low gas consumption in winter.
    • The HYMER motorhome's rear garage is open and loaded with a folding bike, water box and other items of luggage

      Easy garage access

      For easy loading and unloading, the rear garage is equipped with a large garage door on the right in the direction of travel as standard.
    • Optimal protection from below

      The nearly indestructible GRP underbody makes the motorhomes virtually immune to damage caused by inclement weather. Stone damage, grit and dirt are likewise kept at bay – a solid foundation for the service life of your entire motorhome.
    • The HYMER motorhome's rear garage is open and loaded with a folding bike, water box and other items of luggage

      All the room you need

      The large, easy-access garage can carry a maximum payload of 350 kg as standard – a 450 kg version is available as an option.
    • Natural light and effective lighting

      The large HYMER panoramic skylight in the living area lets in plenty of direct daylight to create a pleasant, natural ambience in the interior. When it gets dark, uniform lighting is provided by the integrated LED spotlights.
    • LED rear lights in a striking design

      The multifunctional rear lights include LED hybrid technology and a signature design featuring the three bars of the HYMER logo – and provide excellent visibility even in challenging conditions.
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    • High-tech in the kitchen

      The practical Caprice combined hob and oven offers home-from-home convenience when cooking. Its versatile range of functions lets you bake, grill and boil to your heart’s content!
    • For even more TV entertainment on the move

      For even more entertainment on the move, the sleeping area can be equipped with a second, 22-inch LED TV. The TV features built-in speakers, a DVD drive, DVT-T/C, DVB-S2 and the HYMER Smart Multimedia System with Bluetooth.
    • Sleeping area in the HYMER T-Class S 680: two made-up lengthways single beds, yellow bath towel, central access, overhead storage cupboards

      More space for your clothes

      For even more storage space in the sleeping area, you can choose additional overhead lockers instead of open shelves above the rear beds.
    • XXL bed with extra-long bed surface

      The XXL bed, available for certain layouts, provides a lying surface extension of 23 cm. This creates a bed of 2.18 metres in length, which is a special feature in a vehicle under seven metres. And yet there is still room for the half-height wardrobe and linen drawer.
    • More power on the road

      The controlled solar installation supplies 2 x 95 W and thus makes you even more independent on the move – for greater freedom and self-sufficiency.
    • Easy gas bottle replacement

      The gas bottles are housed securely and accessibly in an exterior compartment. Changing the gas bottles couldn’t be easier thanks to the practical sliding shelf.
    • Innovative power system: HYMER Smart Battery System

      With the HYMER Smart Battery System you can increase the self-sufficiency time of your vehicle extremely. This enables a rest period of up to 10 days without a power connection. Perfectly suited for customers who love a great deal of independence.
    • HYMER Premium Full-LED headlights

      The HYMER Premium Full-LED headlight with state-of-the-art lighting technology is a pioneering product in the industry and in the automotive sector as a whole.
    • For economical and smooth driving

      The modern nine-speed automatic transmission with torque converter guarantees an especially relaxed and enjoyable driving experience. It optimally utilises the engine torque, is the most lightweight transmission in its class and ensures reliability, long service life and driving comfort.
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