HYMER writes history.

First steps.

Everything started with a craft business founded near Bad Waldsee in 1923. Back then Alfons Hymer worked as a wheelwright and coachbuilder. With a firm resolve to become self-employed one day, his son Erwin Hymer joined the family business in 1956 and bought part of the Bachem premises. Working closely with Erich Bachem, the Ur-Troll was developed in 1957. As early as the following year, the two men started serial production of the now famous ERIBA Touring series.

The epitome of the motorhome.

The significance of the HYMER brand name and the fact that a HYMER is today a "German standard" epitomising motorhomes in general, like ‘Kleenex’ for tissues, has its roots in the Hymermobil and in the start of motorhome series production in 1972. This status is based not only on long-standing tradition and experience, however, but on HYMER’s persistent aspiration to be a trendsetter in terms of the latest developments.

Pioneer from Bad Waldsee.

Besides attractive design and a comfortable interior, the focus was always above all on fulfilling customers’ desire for top-quality, innovative technology and optimal safety. As a result, for example, HYMER was the first manufacturer,back in 1985 to give a six-year ingression warranty on all its motorhomes. HYMER was also a trailblazer in terms of safety, among other things, and in the introduction of the double-floor concept.

Travel in the original.

And even today, after so many innovations and awards, the company from Bad Waldsee still pushes the development of the Hymbermobils with particular passion – so that the original will always come straight to mind in the future when people think of motorhomes.