Why HYMER motorhomes?

The name HYMER is synonymous with motorhoming.

There are many important criteria to consider when buying a motorhome. After all, it’s an investment you expect to benefit from for years or even decades to come, enhancing your leisure time and holidays and bringing you freedom and independence. So who better to turn to for information than a renowned premium supplier with a wide selection of vehicle types?

All our products are developed on the principle that HYMER customers are entitled to expect a high-quality vehicle with superior comfort, and one which represents a worthwhile economic investment. In addition, HYMER motorhomes are equipped with extensive safety features as standard. We are constantly striving to set new standards in all areas, especially in terms of weight or PUAL design.

What’s more, our customers can access a comprehensive range of services at all times. So when it comes to choosing a motorhome, you need look no further than the premium manufacturer HYMER!

Bodywork and safety
Be prepared for all eventualities with HYMER.

Driving safety and travelling comfort have reached an extremely high standard in the automotive sector. HYMER also applies this benchmark to its motorhomes: during development, the highest safety standards are defined and implemented - from the vehicle body to intelligent electronic safety systems. HYMER fulfilled all the relevant safety requirements long before they became mandatory.

HYMER takes the issue of safety very seriously, as part of a joined-up approach. In addition to the comprehensive safety features included as standard in its vehicles, HYMER is also offering a dedicated driving safety course for motorhomes and caravans at several venues around Germany.

We do not only talk about security - we do something for it.

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Stowage space

The stowage facilities combine quantity and quality to a unique degree. From the extra-large garages to the many storage compartments and overhead lockers – not an inch of space is wasted.

Lightweight construction

No need to compromise on holiday. Our innovative lightweight technology combines uncompromising lightness with a high degree of comfort for you.

GRP roof & underbody

The HYMER multi-layer technology consists of an aluminium PUAL sandwich, with an optional GRP roof coating for maximum hail protection. Leak-tightness is also guaranteed for many years thanks to the additional aluminium layer. The robust, continuous GRP lightweight floor provides protection from de-icing salt, dirt and chips caused by stones.


The modern LED fibre optics with daytime running light in the new, specially developed HYMER headlights provide optimum visibility and visibility conditions day and night. This ensures perfect illumination in traffic, making you even safer as a result.

Field of vision

The panoramic windscreen with the large side windows has been greatly improved thanks to targeted studies into the field of vision. This gives you a perfect view of obstacles- as well as road signs and traffic lights -from the driver's seat. The new wide-angle exterior mirrors ensure you have an excellent rear view without restricting the view diagonally ahead.

PUAL body shell 2.0

With an aluminium inner and outer skin, improved foam composition and 100% woodfree design without thermal bridging, for maximum stability and top insulation values. Aluminium on the inside wall ensures even, rapid heat distribution. The polyurethane foam also offers numerous other benefits. Among other things, it is water-repellent, lightweight and extremely durable.

HY-Tec INSIDE – The future is now
Discover the unique HYMER technology


Modern LED technology combined with an intelligent energy management system reduces power consumption by up to 75%. The system detects how much power the vehicle is currently using and automatically switches from the starter to the living area battery, and vice versa. This increases the life of the installed batteries.


HYMER Reversing camera

The optional reversing camera has a double lens and offers an integrated rear view mirror function. The additional service camera on the underbody of the vehicle makes it easy to dispose of grey water. The camera is also protected from dirt by a nano sealing, while the integrated LED diodes ensure perfect night vision.



As an integrated on-board system, the new HYMER SMART Control connects the motorhome’s main peripheral devices with the control unit of the navigation system. This enables you to check the most important data in real time, e.g. the voltage of the starter and living area battery, the fresh and waste water tank levels and the 230V mains power supply.

HYMER Heizsystem

HYMER Heater

With the new dual-zone climate control, the temperatures in the cab and living/rear sleeping area can be controlled separately. That way you can keep things cosy and warm at the front, for example, whilst having a pleasantly cool sleeping temperature in the rear section of the motorhome.

HYMER Schlafkomfort

HYMER Sleeping comfort

The HYMER comfort sleeping system with high-quality discspring bed frames maximizes the benefits of the multi-zone cold foam mattresses.



The loudspeakers in the living area and rear can be variably adjusted according to the appliance. This ensures a clear, full sound throughout the motorhome, rather than coming from the small loudspeakers of the TV.

HYMER Ergonomie

Ergonomic design

The seating area with 360°-rotatable table and the height and angle-adjustable Ergoflex cab seats with their wide armrests enable you to relax and drive in comfort. The kitchen worktop, beds and entrance door height are also optimally designed from an ergonomic point of view.

The HYMER test laboratory
Everything is put to the acid test.
HYMER in the cold chamber

When a new model rolls off the production line at HYMER, it is put through its paces. First and foremost, it has to meet a catalogue of ISO standards which apply to every vehicle and caravan. In addition, HYMER has developed a number of its own test procedures over the years which help to guarantee our uniquely high standard of quality. These include noise tests, vibration tracks, cold chambers, shower tests, cooker tests, inspection of the storage compartment doors and leak testing of structural components. At the end, every point on the checklist must be ticked off before the model can be given the green light for series production.

HYMER cold chamer
HYMER in the

The motorhome is put through its paces in the "vibration track" tests, which simulate many times the normal load. Detailed documentation guarantees optimization of the prototype right through to series production.

Fabric quality and processing
The things that dreams are made of.
Seamstresses in the HYMER sewing shop

HYMER offers a wide choice of fabric combinations which are available depending on the model range: imitation leather, fabric and all-leather options. The upholstery materials and imitation leather are mainly sourced from renowned German manufacturers and weaving mills of European-wide repute; the leather is obtained directly from our Italian partners.

Processing the fabrics of HYMER needs precision and accuracy.

All the materials are processed by 30 sewing experts in our own sewing shop in Bad Waldsee. For a fabric to be fitted in one of our leisure vehicles, it not only has to have an impressive design, but must also satisfy numerous quality standards, such as the 18 DIN ISO test standards, as well as passing the appropriate finish tests. Is it pleasant to the touch? Does it create a homely atmosphere? Is it abrasion-resistant? Are the seams in the correct place? Is it fireproof, waterproof, lightfast and colourfast? The upholstery materials are used on a daily basis and often exposed to intense sunlight. That’s why they have to deliver what they promise. All upholstery materials also have stain protection and outstanding use and care qualities.

Made in Germany
From Bad Waldsee to the world
HYMER works in Bad Waldsee / production hall, headquarters and Erwin Hymer Museum

From the initial idea to the finished product: at HYMER, everything is “Made in Germany”. To be more precise, “Made in Bad Waldsee”, which is where the headquarters of our family company have been located since its foundation in 1957. At the heart of the HYMER head office is the 24,000 m² state-of-the-art production hall, inaugurated in 2007. The many different motorhomes and caravans are produced on four production lines, consistent with the automotive industry and in accordance with strict HYMER quality standards. The creations of the design team are brought to life by true-to-scale CAD drawings and then turned into reality by our employees in the furniture construction, upholstery and sewing shop. A final inspection awaits all our motorhomes at the end of the production hall. This is our final quality control station, where every motorhome undergoes a last check. Following this inspection, the vehicles are polished to a high finish.

Exemplary HYMER service
At your side, all over the world

The HYMER dealer and service network is excellently developed. From Denmark to New Zealand – for anyone with an interest in HYMER vehicles there is always an expert partner nearby to help you fulfil your motorhoming dreams. Our numerous international dealers are waiting to welcome you to the world of HYMER vehicles and caravans – all around the globe.

In Europe, you will find a particularly dense network of dealers and service providers.

This makes it easy to get a first impression of the various models and arrange a test drive. Naturally, you can also hire or purchase your dream vehicle and register for the included mobility warranty. Are you looking for innovative solutions in the area of HYMER Original Parts & Accessories? Once again, your local HYMER dealer will be happy to assist you.

Also in terms of the supply of spare parts, with HYMER you always have the right partner at your side.

We want our customers to enjoy their HYMER motorhome for the entire life of the vehicle. For this reason, in 2012 we introduced a concept that was a real industry first: a close-knit supply network called HYMER Original Parts & Accessories. In other words, we established a unique type of customer service that is available for all model ranges at any time and without any complications – and is still going strong today.

The benefits for our customers are impressive to say the least. For example, you can obtain spare parts for your vehicle within 24 hours, and our supply guarantee gives you 10 years of absolute peace of mind when it comes to quickly sourcing parts to maintain vehicle operability. Are you a new customer? Then simply relax in the knowledge that you are fully covered from day one thanks to our extended warranty for new vehicles.

The figures speak for themselves:

  • 24 – 48 hours delivery time throughout Europe
  • 50 – 100 km average distance to the nearest HYMER dealer
  • 300 HYMER service partners and dealers worldwide
  • 10.000 m² area of HYMER spare parts warehouse
  • 45.000 different spare parts available in warehouse
  • 210.000 spare part deliveries per year
HYMER Original Parts & Accessories
A perfect match
Suction cup range of HYMER original parts & accessories

Discover the wide range of innovative solutions available in the categories interior, exterior, chassis system, travel and transportation. With HYMER original accessories, you can rest assured you’ve made the right choice: a perfect fit, impeccable workmanship and original quality. HYMER original parts and accessories are not available direct from the factory, but are ordered and retrofitted exclusively via your HYMER dealer. You can find the full range of HYMER Original Parts & Accessories online at www.hymer-original-zubehoer.com/en