Kein Ort – On the Road with Mädness und Marteria

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Reason for travel
Music Video Shoot with Mädness und Marteria
Hymermobil B544 from 1989

About traveling, wanderlust and camping

PaulCamper and Hip-Hop? That goes very well together! That is why we share this story with pride - even though we neither initiated nor accompanied it.

That PaulCamper could one day contribute to German rap history - they probably would not have believed that themselves. But when her phone rang and Mädness and Marteria asked for a camper for a video shoot, they were immediately there and provided a Hymermobil B544 from 1989. During the production of the music video for “Kein Ort” they took the opportunity to talk to Mädness about traveling, wanderlust and camping.


What is special about wanderlust for you?

I don't know if I've had a real wanderlust. I've often wanted to get out of certain life situations and would like to beam myself to a beach from time to time. But I never had the permanent desire to change location. Perhaps the special thing about wanderlust is that it must hurt. Fortunately, I have no complaints except for an occasional pinch.

What does freedom mean to you?

Self-actualisation and a few cold drinks.

How do you normally travel whilst on holiday?

I use all common means of transport.

What inspired you to shoot this music video?

Ifeelfine and I came up with the idea of illustrating the story told in the song through a road trip.

PaulCamper in 3 Words:

www paulcamper de (Mädness grins)

What is the name of the production?

The song is called “Kein Ort”, a song I and Marteria shared from my new album "OG".

I think camping is good! I'm just thinking about doing my upcoming tour in a camper.
Mädness aka. De Gude
German-speaking hip-hop musician

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Kein Ort

Kein Ort ist wie der, aus dem ich komm'
Wo ich vermisst werd 'Immer wieder zurückkehr'
Kein Ort ist wie der, aus dem ich komm
Kein Ort, kein Ort, kein Ort

English translation: 

No place is like the one I come from
Where I'm missing
Keep coming back
No place is like the one I come from
No place, no place, no place

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