Cold love – with the camper through wintery Norway.

Accompany Yvonne, Simon and the HYMER ML-T 580 up to the North Cape and be amazed at what winter in Norway has to offer for water sports enthusiasts.




This won't be a beach vacation. Those who cross the Arctic Circle in the deepest winter say goodbye to the sun and scorching temperatures. But you get to know a different warmth up here: the warmth of the heart of the Norwegians.

Simon and his girlfriend were on tour, both of whom had never sat in the driving seat of a motorhome before. They chose the HYMER ML-T 580 as their companion.

„Norway in winter has always been a dream of ours.“
Digital Designer Simon Beizaee

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The first big question of the trip: does a small winter sports shop fit in the HYMER? The answer: oh yes. Ski equipment, arctic hiking gear, surfboards and wetsuits, e-bikes plus equipment - all for two people - of course, lots of photo equipment and two adventurous Insbruckers; everything finds its place.

As soon as everything is stowed away, we go to the travel suppliers of trust: Simon's parents. Everything that the fridge and the local discounter give away is packed here. A shopping list for four weeks is rarely written, but if you are traveling in Norway on a budget, it is good to fill the shelves and drawers before you leave.

Shadows on the horizon

The first reservations fall aside on the way from Bad Waldsee to Copenhagen. For Simon's first tour in a camper, he is doing quite well. The cruise control works conscientiously and the anticipation does the rest. The hours pass and the kilometers fly by.

Arrived in Norway, the two are still looking for space. Or rather, the vastness. They find what they are looking for in Drovrefjell National Park. Wherever you look, snow-covered nothing. The plateau, which is crossed by bogs and lakes, is one of the last intact high mountain ecosystems in Europe. So the campers stop and the hiking shoes are put on. A wonderful tour follows. The sun is about to set when a huge shadow appears on the horizon.

What now? Turn around and play it safe? Or would you prefer to follow the shadow into the unknown? Well, only so much can be revealed: Simon and Yvonne return to the camper late but not empty-handed. They carry the history of their vacation in their luggage. An encounter with wild musk oxen. To see them in this season borders on a miracle. The two sit very animated in their preheated living room and can hardly believe what they have just seen. Good thing the camera was there, otherwise they might not have believed themselves.

The travel guide stays somewhere behind Trondheim. No one needs sightseeing and tourist routes here, because goose bump panoramas await behind every curve and behind every tunnel. Here mountains glow red in the evening sun, Norway always shows off its simple, natural beauty. Especially in winter, when the snow is taking a break, unbelievable play of light awaits the curious eye. So every view from the panorama windows becomes a picture postcard. The days fly by in the interplay of skiing, snow tours, dinners together in the spacious kitchen and the always exciting search for the next, even nicer parking space for the night.

Travel instead of reading?

Get to know the HYMER ML-T now and start your own adventure today.

With the ship to the mountain.

"Please what?" Simon reacted something like this to when our friends from Norway invited us on a sailing and ski tour. The two Germans fulfilled a dream, emigrated, bought a yacht, founded the "Sail & Summit" project and now offer trips lasting several days to remote ski slopes. If anything, Yvonne and Simon didn't think long before they agreed.

Boarding the yacht, it quickly becomes clear that this has nothing to do with the HYMER. Bunk beds instead of sleeping comfort and lack of space. But hey, this adventure is not measured in luxury, but in unique moments. So let's go. The following seven days follow the same, incomparable rhythm. Wake up, look at the sea, have an extensive breakfast in the cabin, have a chat with the helmsman, moor, put on your skis, climb one of the countless mountains, depart at sunset with a view of the sea. A real dream. And even if the two lack their luxurious vehicle with all the amenities, this experience was more than worth it.

The eye never tires of discovering new beauties. You rarely see people, but those you see are warm and inviting. This is how Simon and Yvonne learn about a surf hotspot just behind the Arctic Circle. Sport has a long tradition in Lofoten. And even if it seems bizarre, the waves are full of people who defy the cold of the Northern Sea in their wetsuits. Incredible. Above all, incredibly beautiful. Full of euphoria, the two return to their mobile home in the late afternoon. Thanks to the programmable parking heater, this not only scores with warmth, but also with a well-filled confectionary drawer for tired spirits. Thanks to Simon's parents. And thanks to Norway for an impressive four weeks that have passed far too quickly.

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Anyone looking for space like Simon and Yvonne will find the right companion here. And don't be afraid - in winter all our models show the cold shoulder.

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