Water sport adventures with the professionals – in the HYMER Free 540 Blue Evolution around the Iberian Peninsula

Antoine Auriol, kitesurfing world champion 2010, was looking for the most exciting and varied spots to discover for his water sports activities but also for other leisure adventures such as mountain biking, snowboarding, slacklining, etc.

You will be able to tell yourself that there aren't many destinations where you can practice all of these activities in 6 weeks. Well, Antoine and his partner Rocio have found their happiness by traveling the Iberian Peninsula from Spain to Portugal with the HYMER Free 540 Blue Evolution camper van.

Spain & Portugal


HYMER Free 540 Blue Evolution

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A great trip needs to be well planned and prepared!

Antoine Auriol and his wife Rocio come from the province of Cádiz in Andalusia - in the very south of Spain. The first challenge for the two was to put all their luggage in the camper van. It can be a real headache if you have to put surfboards, water sports equipment, a skateboard, a snowboard, a guitar, a bike and all your personal belongings in the vehicle. Thanks to the HYMER Free 540 Blue Evolution with its generous amount of space and excellent storage options, this was not a problem, and everything found its safe place for the great adventure!

The HYMER Free 540 Blue Evolution not only looks chic, but it also enabled us to have incredible experiences on our 6-week search for the most beautiful spots!
World champion in kitesurfing, TV presenter and lover of luxury brands Antoine Auriol

All alone in the world - in the Desierto de Tabernas

Arriving at their first stopover, the Tabernas desert, the two immediately feel a feeling of limitless freedom - exactly what they had longed for: endless peace and solitude in an idyllic setting. The camper van is hardly parked, and Antoine is already swinging on his mountain bike to explore this wild and romantic desert.

After a relaxing night and crowned by a wonderful sunrise, the two adventurers watch the landscape bathed in soft morning light directly from bed the next morning. The opened pop-top roof of the HYMER Free Blue Evolution with its comfortable bed and the comfortable sleeping comfort system not only guarantees a restful night's sleep, but also offers an excellent view in the morning.

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And Spain has even more to offer

The search for the most beautiful spots led Antoine and Rocio on towards Spain's east coast. After all, the surfboards were waiting to finally be used. And so, the two of them were always on the lookout for inviting stretches of coast and the most attractive beaches on their drive along the coast.

From Cabo de Gata, Playa de los Muertos, Cala de Portixol to Cap de Creus, the northernmost point of the Spanish coast, they enjoyed the beaches of the Balearic Islands to the full. Always alternating between kitesurfing and windsurfing - what more could you want?

Same camper van - change of season

It was somewhere on their journey through northern Spain, on the border with the Pyrenees, that the first snowflakes fell. Within two days it went from sunshine on the coast to snow in the north. And snow means snowball fights!

Only if you travel with a motorhome or camper van can you change the seasons so quickly on the way.

As a great adventurer and enthusiastic athlete, Antoine Auriol has been using his kitesurfing equipment in the snow for a long time. The HYMER Free 540 Blue Evolution is therefore not the only one that adapts to the different seasons!

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Impressive national parks and breath-taking landscapes

After cooling off in the snow, Antoine and Rocio continued their journey west. They crossed the Ordesa, Monte Perdido and Oyambre national parks, where the beauty of northern Spain was presented in all its diversity. The varied landscape offered everything that nature lovers and outdoor fans dream of, from wild rivers to steep cliffs on spectacular stretches of coast to jagged rocks in the mountainous hinterland.

With the HYMER Free Blue Evolution and thanks to its compactness and manoeuvrability, it was no problem to pass the rocky tunnels without any problems.

Antoine and Rocio started their stay in Portugal with a visit to the Peneda-Gerês National Park. This peaceful environment gave them the opportunity to regenerate and relax extensively.

While Antoine was busy reading, meditating and slacklining, Rocio put in a wellness day and made use of the benefits that the functional, but also comfortable bathroom of the HYMER Free Blue Evolution offers its passengers while on the move.

After this relaxing stopover, well rested and full of new energy, the couple set out in their camper van for the Portuguese vineyards of the upper Douro Valley. This region of Portugal impresses with a wonderful landscape - especially when it shows itself in the constant alternation between fog and sun.

Spain or Portugal? Our best memories!

"On our journey we followed the wind, the waves and the sun, which at that time, especially in northern Spain, burned relentlessly from the sky. But in the Basque Country, in Asturias and in Galicia, everything comes to life with the rising sun and shows itself in overwhelming beauty.

What we remembered particularly well is this intense green, which is present everywhere and which represents an impressive contrast to the blue of the ocean. For us, who are always on the lookout for unusual images, it was a pleasure to stage our HYMER Free Blue Evolution with its storm blue colour on the deserted streets and to shoot sensational pictures as well as shoot unique videos.

When we checked the weather report one day again, perfect weather was predicted for the Malpica region in Galicia. For us, perfect weather means: the best waves and bright sunshine!

The HYMER Camper Van gave us the spontaneity and flexibility we needed to face the adventure on the same day and find the perfect place for surfing in an idyllic setting. Our GPS guided us through a small village and on narrow streets to the beach that we had previously identified as our ideal spot on Google Earth. It was like a valuable gift to arrive there and park our HYMER Free Blue Evolution on top of a small cliff - without another human being far and wide. The lonely, sheltered pitch offered us a breath-taking view of the sea and down in the small bay the perfect waves were just waiting for us - and to be conquered by us.

We prepared our favourite food on the stove in the well-equipped camper kitchen, so that we could plunge into the waves and surf the wild waves, strengthened by a delicious portion of spaghetti carbonara. We never regretted our decision to spend the night in this timeless place - lulled by the sound of the waves breaking on the beach and under a starry sky that reminds us of how beautiful this planet and how powerful nature is…"

Do you not only want to look good when you travel, you also want to feel good and have fun?

With the HYMER Free Blue Evolution, discover a camper van that stands out with its unparalleled strong design. Whether you set out to snowboard on snow-covered roads or are out surfing in southern Spain - the HYMER Free Blue Evolution has the best prerequisites for every adventure.

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