Hymermobil<br>B-Class SupremeLine
B-Class SupremeLine

Uncompromising comfort.

Hymermobil B-Class SupremeLine


Taking the future further and combining the best of everything.

Whether in terms of technology, comfort, design, safety or quality – with the new Hymermobil B-Class SupremeLine, we always go the extra mile so that you are ahead of the crowd, now and in future. The Hymermobil B-Class SupremeLine already lets you experience the future of motorhoming today, by combining the best of everything.

Equipped with a whole range of innovations, this unique motorhome points the way to the future. It makes motorhoming even more comfortable, luxurious, safe and relaxed for you. For example with the exclusive HYMER PUAL 2.0 bodywork concept, the advanced SLC chassis (Super Light Chassis / Super Lightweight Construction Chassis), the super-strong GRP rear section and the modern interior design. All these are complex developments that set new benchmarks in the class and open up a new chapter in camping history.


  • Weight: 4.500 kg
  • Length: 7,39 - 7,79 m
  • Width: 2,35 m
  • Height: 2,96 m
  • Berths: 4 – 5


  • Large through-loading compartment with external access from both sides including an extra deep cellar compartment and access from inside
  • 65 cm-wide maxi-comfort entrance door with inner shell, 2-point locking, window with blackout blind and rubbish bin
  • Large 160-litre refrigerator
  • Huge garage with a loading height of up to 1.23 m
  • Bathroom with double partition and inside dressing room for more privacy
  • Multi-purpose double floor with through-loading function including level living area floor – for extra storage space and improved insulation
  • GRP front, roof and rear
  • HYMER LED headlight and hybrid rear light
  • Gas locker sliding shelf included as standard for easy access to the gas bottles
  • Electric waste water tank drainage with dashboard switch

Double the possibilities

Convincing inner values: We developed the innovative SLC chassis (Super Light Chassis / Super Lightweight Construction Chassis) especially for the new Hymermobil B-Class SupremeLine. It’s a unique chassis that makes the new B-Class SupremeLine simply exceptional in a number of ways. The higher-level, heated double floor with thermal compartments offers more storage space, and thanks to the practical through-loading compartment, you can easily stow longer items. The chassis also provides much more loading space in the rear garage. The heating system is also integrated in the double floor. That comes with a range of advantages: it is very quiet and also heats the fresh water and waste water tanks. What’s more, the excellent insulation of the SLC chassis protects all compartments and tanks from extreme temperatures.

Another advantage of the SLC chassis is that the wheel arches are integrated in the double floor. This means among other things that the spacious shower has a continuous floor. Furthermore, the low centre of gravity ensures high driving stability. That guarantees a good grip even on poor roads. The seamlessly level underbody improves the aerodynamics. No tanks or other elements extend below the underbody, reducing noise during driving and significantly cutting fuel consumption.

PUAL 2.0: the formula for every climate

The new HYMER PUAL 2.0 bodywork concept with an aluminium inner and outer skin, improved foam composition and 100% wood-free design without thermal bridging offers maximum stability and the best insulation values. Aluminium on the inside wall ensures even, rapid heat distribution. The polyurethane foam also offers numerous other benefits. Among other things, it is water-repellent, lightweight and extremely durable.

  • 100% wood-free
  • Excellent insulation values
  • Heat insulation comparable to an approx. 80 cm solid brick wall
  • Withstands the highest stresses
  • Gapless elastic bonding of roof and walls
  • Absolutely winterproof

Perfect protection on all sides

To make sure incidents don’t turn into emergencies, HYMER implements top safety standards right from the start of vehicle development. There is an extensive range of safety systems installed as a standard. Included here are the high panoramic windscreen, daytime running light, driver and passenger-side airbags, ABS anti-lock braking system, ESP electronic stability program, and TCS traction control system. They ensure your safety wherever in the world you travel.

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With the individual braking of each wheel, the ESP increases traction and driving stability. This keeps the vehicle safely on track even in critical situations. The ESP trailer stabilisation slows down the towing vehicle in a targeted way if it starts to swing. And the Traction Plus system improves grip on wet grassland and snow-covered road surfaces by intelligent distribution of the drive force onto the wheels.



Airbags on the driver and passenger sides are part of the standard equipment in all HYMER motorhomes. Just like the three-point seat belts that meet top safety standards.

Beste Sicht

Perfect view

The panoramic windscreen with the large side windows has been greatly improved thanks to targeted studies into the field of vision. This means that you have the perfect view of obstacles, as well as road signs and traffic lights from the driver’s seat.


LED headlights

The modern LED fibre optics with daytime running light in the new, specially developed HYMER headlights provide optimum visibility day and night. This ensures perfect illumination in traffic, making you even safer as a result.


Wing mirrors

The new wide-angle wing mirrors ensure you have an excellent rear view without restricting the view diagonally ahead.

Elegant strength

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Engine compartment

The engine compartment beneath the windscreen of the new Hymermobil B-Class SupremeLine opens wide and easily for convenient checking and replenishment of the oil, coolant and windscreen washer fluid.

Modernes Frontdesign

Modern front design

The striking, high-gloss HYMER radiator grille with chrome trim provides the B-Class SupremeLine with its extraordinarily sporty exterior. The double-skin GRP front section with intermediate PU foam insulation also provides optimum protection from the cold and reduces noise from the road.

GFK-Dach, -Unterboden & -Heck

GRP roof, underbody & rear

HYMER multi-layer technology consists of an aluminium PUAL sandwich and provides the best hail protection with a standard GRP roof coating. Leak-tightness is also guaranteed for many years thanks to the additional aluminium layer. The robust, continuous GRP underbody provides protection from de-icing salt, dirt and chips caused by stones. The new GRP rear features a double-skin design, is hail-resistant and looks simply stunning.


Through-loading compartment

The practical through-loading compartment is 24 cm in height and 70 cm in width, and is accessible from both sides. It readily accommodates long items such as tables, surfboards or skis. Once again, good insulation means there’s no risk of damage due to extreme heat or cold.

Selbsttragende GFK-Garagenwanne

GRP garage casing

The self-supporting GRP garage casing has a capacity of 3,800 litres and can bear loads of up to 350 kg as standard. There is also the option of a greater payload so that you can carry up to 450 kg of equipment and luggage.


LED hybrid rear light

The integrated multifunctional rear lights that use LED hybrid technology are easy to see, even in difficult visibility conditions. Together with the signature three-bar HYMER light design, they perfectly complete the dynamic appearance of the new B-Class SupremeLine.