Spontaneously to the Swiss Alps – with the HYMER Grand Canyon

A long weekend. Actually the perfect opportunity to go on a relaxing short trip. That's exactly what John and Vanessa thought - and spontaneously set off for the Swiss mountains. Your perfect travel companion: the HYMER Grand Canyon.

John Unseld


Holiday Destination 
HYMER Grand Canyon 
Day 1

Departure and discovery –
From Stuttgart via the Rhine Falls to Lake Zurich

We actually didn't have much planned for this long weekend. But then the idea came to us: Why not pack up the mountain bikes and spontaneously go to the Swiss Alps? It's actually not that far from Stuttgart. And our companion for this trip had already been decided: the HYMER Grand Canyon, a spacious home on wheels that promises us comfort and freedom at the same time.

After a light lunch, we said goodbye to our home skyline and made our way to the Swiss border. We had barely crossed this near Schaffhausen when we came across the first highlight of our tour: the majestic Rhine Falls. The roar of the water masses falling 23 meters into the depths and the foaming spray left a deep and lasting impression.

Later, on Lake Zurich, we found an idyllic campsite. So we were able to end the first evening in a wonderful atmosphere under the starry sky. The Grand Canyon turned out to be the perfect place to spend the night.

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Day 2

Mountain romance and smart technology –
From Lake Zurich to the Furka Pass

After a restful sleep, the first rays of sunshine woke us up through the panoramic window of the pop-up roof. A hearty breakfast - and we wound our way through the picturesque Swiss mountain roads up to the eastern part of the Furka Pass. Up there we passed a narrower mountain passage, then the mountains separated - and we were greeted by a breathtaking mountain panorama with a wide view of the valley and the serpentine's.

We didn't miss two attractions here: the legendary Hotel Belvedere (unfortunately closed for many years) and the mysterious ice grotto on the Rhone Glacier. We then enjoyed the early evening in the pop-up roof of the Grand Canyon - with an incomparable view of the Swiss Alps.

There we tested the HYMER Connect app for the first time - and used our smartphone to create a cozy, feel-good atmosphere in the vehicle. The app would prove particularly useful later that evening. After visiting a restaurant we were surprised by a thunderstorm.


But with the app we were able to preheat the vehicle while we were on the move. When we arrived at the campsite soaking wet, a pleasantly warm shower was already waiting for us in the heated camper van.
Day 3

Active vacation and relaxation –
Sanetsch Pass and Lake Geneva

Our third day began with a wonderful drive to the quiet and pleasantly low-traffic Sanetsch Pass. The moment had finally come to remove our mountain bikes from the HYMER Backrack+ in the Grand Canyon. We didn't know the principle of this ingenious component carrier until now: without restricting the use of the rear doors, it offers the possibility of transporting a spare tire, a metal box and two bicycles (and it also looks very stylish).

The bike tour itself was the absolute highlight of our extended weekend trip, breathtaking views of the Alpine landscape, the beautifully situated Sanetschsee... simply fantastic!

The well-deserved reward after this refreshing experience: a wonderful meal that we cooked for ourselves on board the Grand Canyon. After this refreshment, we headed to Lake Geneva to look out over the water with a scoop of ice cream, watch the boats and enjoy the perfect summer weather

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Return journey:
Dusk and homecoming

When the sun finally slowly sank behind the Swiss Alps, it was clear: time to head home again. And here too - as on the entire tour - the Grand Canyon proved to be a quiet, reliable and comfortable companion. The journeys over the passes were particularly relaxed. Looking back, we remembered how, many years ago, our uncles had prepared with their motorhomes, full of inner tension, to cross the Fern Pass or the Brenner Pass.

an unforgettable weekend

This long weekend in the Swiss Alps showed us once again how surprisingly close the mountains actually are - and how relaxing even a short spontaneous trip can be. The perfect vehicle for this: the HYMER Grand Canyon with its new interior design and smart functions such as the HYMER Connect app. We also really liked the HYMER Backrack+. The carrier system made it possible to transport our mountain bikes comfortably and go on spontaneous bike tours. With wonderful memories in our luggage, we are now looking forward to the next adventures - and are excited to see where our paths will take us.


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