Rock climbing in the Franconian Forest – a fall road trip with the HYMER T-Class S 680

As a professional climber I have been dreaming of making a long climbing trip living in a van or motorhome. To me it has always seemed like the perfect combination, spending your days outside, being able to move around with your home freely and climb at the best spots in the world. Well, I just got back from a one-month trip in southern Germany living in the HYMER T-Class S 680 – and I must say it has been better than I ever could have imagined.

Holiday Destination
Franconian Forest in southern Germany
HYMER Tramp S 680

My name is Matilda Söderlund and I am a professional rock climber from Sweden. In the beginning of October, I embarked on a road trip through the mythical Franconian forests in southern Germany.

The destination: the Franconian Forest in southern Germany

Together with my boyfriend, William, I spent one month on the road, climbing and exploring the area known as Frankenjura (or Fränkische Schweiz as it is more commonly known to the public).

The birthplace of sport climbing

Apart from Käsekuchen (cheesecake), sauerkraut and spargel (asparagus), the Frankenjura area is known worldwide for its climbing and its historic contribution to sport climbing. It is basically the birth place of sport climbing and has defined how we practice the sport today. Hidden to most people, the Franconian forest is home to thousands of rocks in all sorts of peculiar shapes and forms that has been shaped by the forces of nature over thousands of years. All these rock formations are scattered out throughout the area so having a car is a must, or even better a motor home.

The perfect companion

We picked up our HYMER motor home at the HYMER HQ in Bad Waldsee, in the very south of Germany. The vehicle, a HYMER T-Class S 680, had a spacious kitchen area consisting of table and seating area for four people, a big refrigerator and a cooking area. Behind was the toilet and shower (separated) and in the back a lounge and sleeping area for two people.

There was also an electric foldable bed above the table and seating area. In the rear of the vehicle was a huge storage area, so fitting our big bags and all travel gear was definitely not a problem.

Seeing the vehicle in real life for the first time I was in total awe – it was just like a tiny home on wheels! Much bigger and more comfortable than I could have imagined. From there we started the two-hour drive to Frankenjura.
Professional rock climber Matilda Söderlund

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Off to the Franconian Alb

Upon our arrival we were greeted with incredible autumn weather – the forest radiating in red and yellow colours, golden sunsets and crisp, cold weather. This was also perfect weather for climbing so we simply let where we wanted to climb decide where to go and where to sleep. This meant that we were mostly standing autonomous (i.e. not on a campsite) and visited the campsites or service stations every few days to fill up water and empty the latrine.

Always full of energy

Thanks to the size of the water tank we never had any problems getting low on water, so this was a huge plus. The power from the battery charging from driving also lasted surprisingly long so we always had enough power to be comfortable in the vehicle and charging our electronics (such as mobile phones and cameras).

Feel-good temperatures in the HYMER

I’ve visited Frankenjura a several times before and it’s one of my favourite places to climb. In fact, it was my third time in a row visiting Frankenjura this time of year. Towards the end of October, the autumn days started to get colder. Then, the heating system was a real lifesaver especially during the nights and when getting back from a full day of being outside climbing.

The key to a great active vacation? Good sleep!

As a professional athlete, sleeping well is obviously very important in order to be able to recover properly and optimize my performance. Actually, my only hesitation to live in a van or motorhome while on a climbing trip has been my fear of not being able to sleep well. Luckily, the double bed was both comfortable and big enough to fit two tall Swedes. So, sleeping well was not a problem at all, the bed was so good that it almost felt like sleeping at home.

It tastes best in a HYMER

We explored the German cuisine eating at the picturesque guesthouses in the area, but we also did a lot of cooking in the car. The cooking experience was very enjoyable and the kitchen was equipped with everything we needed to fuel for our adventures and make life on the road easy.

The next climbing vacation is sure to come

To summarize, we had an absolutely amazing month on the road in the HYMER T-Class S 680. Combining climbing with living in the motorhome was just a perfect combination - thank you HYMER!

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