Sardinia in August – departure to the island of colours

At the end of August, Peter Lintner and his wife, daughter Larissa and son Felix set off with the HYMER B-Class ModernComfort I 550 WhiteLine in the direction of Sardinia. After about 7 hours, the first stage destination, Livorno, is reached and the night ferry leaves at 11:30 p.m. sharp. With great anticipation for the upcoming vacation, you will of course sleep well - until the announcement at 6 a.m. that the destination Olbia will be reached shortly. 

Peter and Larissa Lintner


HYMER B-Class ModernComfort I 550 WhiteLine

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Sassari - metropolis of the north

After arriving in the port city of Olbia, we go straight to Sassari. Sassari, the second largest city in Sardinia and a metropolis in the north, has a population of over 100,000. The business and administrative centre is buzzing with hustle and bustle, and this may deter some from visiting the city centre, which however offers good parking facilities, so that a visit with a motorhome is also worthwhile. 

Breakfast in the HYMER

The first night in Sardinia and in the HYMER is over and after a hearty breakfast with fresh Italian pastries and fried eggs from the HYMER kitchen, it's back to the road and to the next destination. 

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When traveling in the HYMER B-Class ModernComfort, that holiday feeling is combined with the familiar feeling of being at home everywhere in your "own four walls". Even secluded, secret corners are easy to get to, and the generous space means that you are always well equipped for all eventualities, no matter where you go.
Author and enthusiastic camping fan Larissa Lintner

Stroll through Bosa 

The destination is Bosa, which is well known for its colourful houses. The small town is beautifully embedded between the surrounding mountains and the first glimpse of the colourful houses, and their narrow alleys gives you an absolute holiday feeling. The shady and narrow alleys invite you to take a walk and cool off, especially in summer. A stroll is a must for every visitor. In the dreamy sunset, we continue on the coastal road along the sea to the south, to the small peninsula Su Pallosu, where there is a parking space for another overnight stay. 

Surf and Turf

The next morning, Sardinia's infamous surfing beaches are on the program. But on the way there, the HYMER first has to prove itself. The route leads through Ingurtosu through a well-known gate that you have to drive through - the big question: Will the HYMER B-MC I fit through? Of course, he succeeds with flying colours. Immediately afterwards you have to master an off-road road leading to the beach “Spiaggia di Piscinas”. 

After almost an hour of total driving time over hills, narrow bridges and small sand dunes, the next destination is reached, and nothing stands in the way of wonderful surfing lessons. Where other holidaymakers have to make their way home after exercising, a delicious dinner with freshly roasted fillet and accompanying wine awaits in the HYMER kitchen near the beach. It was prepared with love and teamwork in the mobile kitchen. A subsequent film evening on the fold-out 32 "LED flat screen offers the perfect end to an eventful day, as the photos and video recordings taken over the last few days are wonderful to relive here. 

Over the mountain

We continue on the mountain roads of the 24,000 km2 island. Jerzu and Ulassai, small colourful mountain villages in the sunset, Sardinian nature and culture take your breath away - the rocks in the red evening light form a dreamlike backdrop. Off to Urzulei, the Eldorado for adventurous hikers, very close to “Punta La Marmora”, which, at 1,843 m, is Sardinia's highest mountain. At “Supramonte Urzulei” turn left and follow the road for a short distance. At a narrow bulge with an abyss, both left and right high above the valley, there is a breath-taking view through the large panorama window over Urzulei and Sardinia's mountainous landscapes.

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Canoeing, fishing and spear fishing? 

After a day of enjoyment, action is back on the agenda: the next day, it's off to Lago del Cedrino, a real treasure for all kinds of activities. You can go canoeing, fishing and spear fishing across the lake, freediving in the lake and in the lagoon, snorkelling, taking underwater photography courses or exploring the nearby “Grotta di Ispinigoli”. 

You will spend the night in the "Orsella Beach Garden - Area Camper", a little way below Orosei. The pitch is located directly on a beautiful quiet river, over which you can use a bridge to get directly to the wonderful, spacious beach, where another active day comes to an end.

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Washing up with a sea view 

The vacation is unfortunately coming to an end, but one highlight is still waiting and that is Palau. At the "Villaggio Camping Acapulco" there are parking spaces right by the sea above a small rocky bay. There are sinks with a sea view, which make washing up a lot more pleasant after cooking together. Looking at the busy shipping traffic in front of the islands and Palau, you can hardly see enough and are already dreaming of your next vacation.

After dinner, Palau beckons with its nocturnal atmosphere. After a 10-minute walk into the city centre, you can stroll past nice little boutiques, studios and Palau's own night market at the harbour. Then after 3 weeks in Sardinia it is time to say goodbye. Sitting on the rocks in front of the HYMER with a glass of wine in hand, the decision to return to Sardinia as soon as possible is more than an easy one.

Photo credit: Peter Lintner |  Video credit: Felix Lintner

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