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Self-sufficient and stylish: the new Hymer ML-T and Hymer Grand Canyon S models

  • The design, functionality and connectivity of the popular Hymer ML-T and Hymer Grand Canyon S models have been improved, and they are now setting new standards in motorhoming.
  • The updated interior design of the Hymer ML-T 580 featuring two new premium style collections, improved self-sufficiency features as standard, as well as connectivity via the Hymer Connect app, means that you have the freedom to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.
  • The new Hymer Grand Canyon S boasts an optimised installation concept for greater self-sufficiency when travelling, two new interior designs, as well as simple vehicle controls with the help of the Hymer Connect app.

As a driver of innovation within the industry, Hymer is constantly striving to set new standards in motorhoming and has extensively overhauled its popular ML-T and Grand Canyon S vehicle ranges. Customers now have a choice between two new, stylish interior designs for both vehicles. What’s more, significant improvements have been made to their functionality in the form of improved self-sufficiency features as well as connectivity with the Hymer Connect app.


Travel in style and with virtually no limits: the new Hymer ML-T 580

Stylish, comfortable and self-sufficient travel – with the 580 layout of the overhauled ML-T, Hymer is taking motorhoming to another level where design, digitalisation and self-sufficiency are concerned, ensuring that all the demands for a premium camping holiday experience are met.

The updated interior design of the ML-T offers customers the choice between two new premium style collections. In the case of the “Velvet Ash” style collection, a dark wood has been used for the finish – although surfaces featuring wood finish have been significantly scaled back throughout the vehicle. This creates sophisticated accents without making the space feel cramped. Paired with the light wall coverings, the atmosphere created is warm and welcoming. The “Native Bamboo” style collection makes the inspiration from the Venture S visible at a first glance: stylish bamboo accents really catch the eye. Both style collections also feature a cosy, S-shaped fleece in the sleeping area.

New furniture designed with modern, curved edges and straight lines, a new lounge-style seating area with flat headrests that don’t need to be removed when watching TV, as well as premium panels with multifunctional rails on the windows and doors all contribute to the cosy atmosphere on board. Some design features have also been borrowed from the exclusive Hymer Venture S off-roader, such as a tiled wall in the kitchen, matt black fittings in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as premium push-lock mechanisms with real leather straps on the overhead lockers. To make sleeping in the Hymer ML-T an even more pleasant experience, attention has been paid to improved ergonomics in the sleeping area, which means no more hitting your head on the rear overhead lockers in future. Another improvement where sleeping comfort is concerned is that both beds are now over 190 cm in length. The high-end finish inside the motorhome is complemented by a new lighting concept featuring ambient lighting – the light temperature can be individually adjusted – a pendant lamp, as well as several reading lights, which can be attached to the multifunctional rails. On the outside, the new model also boasts dynamic standard decals, as well as a black roof rack and a ladder.

However, it is not only the stylish design of the new Hymer ML-T that is so impressive, but also the optimised features for even greater self-sufficiency and freedom when travelling. To ensure that heading off the beaten track is no problem, the vehicle now also comes with improved features for self-sufficient travel as standard. Thanks to the new Smart Battery System 2.0, a generous 154-litre compressor refrigerator with double hinge and a diesel heater, you will have a sufficient power supply and be largely independent of gas on your travels, enabling you to stay wherever you want to go for longer, and without any worries. You can further increase your self-sufficiency by ordering optional extras, such as a water filter, a second toilet cassette, three additional 80 Ah LFP batteries with an 1,800 W inverter, as well as two 95 W solar panels.

When it comes to digitalisation, the new Hymer ML-T also makes travel intuitive and comfortable thanks to the connectivity with the Hymer Connect app, which also makes life easier for first-time campers. Various vehicle components, such as the lighting or heating, can be easily controlled, and it is also possible to view the exact filling levels and remaining battery charge percentage using the app – even from afar.

The new Hymer ML-T is available now.


The new HYMER Grand Canyon S makes your camping dreams come true

Explore the world independently without feeling like you ever left home: that’s exactly what you can do with the new Hymer Grand Canyon S. The improved camper van model is setting new standards where self-sufficiency, design, lighting concept, sleeping comfort and connectivity are concerned. An improved installation concept makes self-sufficient travel a breeze: the Hymer lithium Smart Battery System ensures you have a long-lasting supply of electricity, while the 90-litre compressor refrigerator and diesel heater also make self-sufficient travel possible, largely independent of gas. Uneven terrain and higher temperatures are no longer a problem either. Thanks to the 80 Ah LFP battery, which comes as standard, you also have more usable battery capacity than the norm.

To ensure that the temperature inside the vehicle is always pleasant, regardless of the weather outside, the roof, cab, rear and sliding door of the new Grand Canyon S are fitted with the best insulation, ensuring perfect hot air distribution. Electric waste water drainage, two optional 95 W solar panels in conjunction with the optional pop-top roof as well as a water filter help to keep you self-sufficient on your adventures.

When it comes to comfort and design, the Grand Canyon S is truly impressive: inspired by the exclusive Hymer Venture S off-roader, premium panels on the windows and doors, a new four-level lighting concept with individually adjustable light temperature as well as two new interior design style collections ensure that the camper van feels comfortable and homely inside.  The “Pearl Grey” style collection is characterised by overhead locker doors featuring an elegant oak finish and a bright, cosy furniture finish with a felt look on the walls. The “Ivy Green” furniture finish, on the other hand, is dominated by olive green furniture set against walls finished in a homely, decorative felt film. An innovative, roll-up comfort sleeping system with integrated disc springs improves the ergonomics in the sleeping area, ensuring you always get a good night’s sleep.

The Grand Canyon S is perfect for adventure lovers who want to get into camping, but who don’t have any experience of motorhoming: the simple vehicle controls using the Hymer Connect app make life easier for first-time campers. The app enables customers to easily control various vehicle components remotely, and to view the exact remaining battery charge percentage and filling levels.

The new Grand Canyon S is available now.


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