A bike trip through Slovenia. – Always according to the map – the weather map.

The two bikers Julia and Tobi know that a successful road trip is like a good trail: You have no idea what is waiting behind the next curve and unexpected obstacles are always to be expected. Then it is important to make the best of it. The only important thing is to follow your own line and to remain flexible and always on the move.

Chris Gollhofer

Photographer & Author


The HYMER B-MC T 600  with its sporty and elegant look is perfect for the two. And of course for their two e-fullies, which are quickly lashed in the garage accessible from both sides. And the rest of the material is also quickly packed thanks to the generous storage space. Even the helmets quickly find their place in a basement compartment of the 36 cm high raised floor.

Slovenia instead of Italy

Originally, the trip was supposed to be to Italy. But Corona changed the Bike-Insider’s agenda to Slovenia. A certain flexibility with regard to the choice of location is to accompany the three travelers from now on for 10 days. The route is quickly clear: Kranjska Gora, Soca, Jamnica, Maribor. Areas with perfect infrastructure for bikers and with trails that you will rave about for a long time. Started in Landshut, it takes five hours across Austria. Since wild camping is prohibited in Slovenia, the two head for the Nature Eco Camp. A campsite located a few hundred meters from the Bikepark Kranjska Gora. Almost a direct success. If it weren't for the rain.

Always stay flexible

And it continues to rain, so Plan B is quickly unpacked: After the equally fast breakfast, the east of the country is now calling. Because for Maribor 28 degrees and sunshine are forecast. When you arrive in Maribor in the afternoon, it is already too late for the world-famous bike park. So Julia and Tobi Chris prefer to explore the surroundings. In the neighboring village of Kamnica it goes uphill for two hours. The reward: the view into the valley and of course the way downhill. After a good three hours, the two are back at their HYMER and sink into the beds happy and exhausted after a quick meal. In the legs: the first 47 kilometers. In the head: pure anticipation of a day in the Bikepark Maribor.

Spontaneity was our constant companion! The basis for this was the HYMER B-MC T, which could prove its flexibility again and again.
Photographer Chris Gollhofer

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World Cup course Maribor

As soon as we woke up, MTB dreams come true: the campsite is only five minutes away from the valley station of the bike park. Tobi cannot get the smile off his face and Julia needs a few meters over the flow trails to get akin to the terrain. There are a total of four routes to choose, from the family trail to the Pro Line. Pure bike fun. It quickly becomes clear why Maribor is also on the agenda of the MTB World Cup. The weather alone does not play along. Fortunately, the HYMER B-MC T 600 offers the two trail friends full flexibility. Again, everything is quickly stowed away and we continue to Jamnica.

Dixi knows

Good if you're mobile. Good if you have a reliable weather forecast. It gets even better when Dixi joins them: The owner of the Eco Hotel, where the three find their parking space, has many a tip ready for the area. He reveals that there are 24 km of trails around the property alone. And this mainly in the forests, which offer a little protection from the rain. After two wet, muddy, but fun days, he also has a valuable tip...

Back to Start

When Julia and Tobi mention their next destination Soca, Dixi strongly advises against it: The soil there is too clayey, the rainwater certainly needs another two days to run off. A real insider tip. So it is rescheduled again. Because with clay-covered tunnels, no trail is fun. The goal: Kransjka Gora again. And since spontaneity is now an integral part of the trip, a stopover in the capital Ljubljana is quickly planned. The photographers are pleased: Because there are a lot of motifs here. And even the short time is enough for a first impression and a quick iced coffee. Of course, the evening atmosphere on Lake Bled should not be missing and is virtually taken by as you drive by.

Travel instead of reading?

Get to know the HYMER B-MC T now and start your own adventure today.

Fire and flame

The parking space in the Eco Camp is already known to the bike park hoppers, so Julia and Tobi go to dinner. The 3-burner stove is used extensively. The kitchen and the contents of the 142 litre smart tower refrigerator ensure an all-round successful evening. It gets really hot the next day in the  Bike Park Kranjska Gora: A total of five different lines make the area a real playground. The highlight: you can always switch between the different routes – a feeling that the two of them know well from the trip. Since the bike park closes at 4.30 p.m., there is also enough time to plan the onward journey.

Give it your all again

They continue into the Soča Valley  to Kobarid. The crosswind assistant of the HYMER B-MC T 600 ensures that they can really enjoy the switchbacks and the wide landscape and do not get out completely "warped" after the ride. The controlled  Kamp Koren reminds  them more of glamping than camping, but that does not bother the three. Because they know what they want: the summit of Monte Matajur – or in numbers: 22 km, only uphill, 1600 meters of altitude difference. And how could it be otherwise? It doesn't start to rain, but with 50 meters to go the way ends, so Julia and Tobi unexpectedly have to carry their bikes up to the summit for the last bit: really a road trip full of surprises.

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