Project #ICELAND
Touring mystical Iceland with a motorhome

From the majestic West Fjords to the wild Highlands: Iceland stands for endless open spaces and adventure.
That is exactly why Hannes and Maria selected a particularly reliable travel companion for their excursion to the “end of the world”: the HYMER B-Class ModernComfort T 580.

Johannes Hinterseer (@trihannes)




HYMER B-Class ModernComfort T 580

The light at the end of the trip

Join Hannes and Maria on their road trip from Upper Bavaria to the northern lights of Iceland.

Volcanos, fjords, glaciers – you’re simply in awe the entire time.
Photographer and triathlete Johannes Hinterseer
View of untouched landscape with ice, snow and mountains under a slightly cloudy sky, taken on a campervan trip to Iceland.

Anyone wanting to reach Iceland from continental Europe has exactly one option: the ferry in Hirtshals. For our adventurers, that means taking off from the Upper Bavarian countryside with their 142 litre refrigerator full of provisions and their sights set on Denmark. The engine is given a quick test on the German motorways. The conclusion: it’s almost as sporty as the triathlete behind the wheel.

As the couple pass by the Faeroe Islands, that feeling of the north arises for the first time: clear, cold, real. After a three day journey, Iceland is in view. And that “view” is significantly limited, as Iceland traditionally likes to welcome its visitors with heavy rain and gale-force winds. That was reason enough to make the first day up north a leisurely one. That means being on the couch with a hot cup of tea in your hands and savouring the comfortable living area. Ambient lighting instead of northern lights. Also an attractive option.

Even though the plan was to make some headway during the first few days, it’s even slow-moving on the main road, plus you’re simply in awe the entire time: breathtaking landscapes, unbelievable plays of light, herds of reindeers in the middle of the road, black beaches, huge waves, endless expanses and solitude. With these kinds of views, the big flat screen TV doesn’t stand a chance at beating the panoramic windows.

Anyone who tries to put the beauty of Iceland into words will soon find themselves at a loss. It has something magical to it. Bleak and yet so beautiful. It’s easy to understand why the belief in natural spirits is still so strong in Iceland.

Proceed. But with caution.

Nighttime usually arrives faster than you expect up north. That doesn’t leave much time to find the right place to spend the night. And simply parking on the side of road is not allowed in Iceland.

So that means it’s high time to drive to the next populated coast – even though itֹ’s only possible at walking pace due to the storm. To top it all off, the well-developed main road suddenly turns into a flooded gravel path. But turning around is no longer an option with the gas tank nearly empty. What that means: keep your eyes wide open and brave the icy pass. The standard assistance systems are working at top speed and the snow chains do the rest – it all turns out fine.

Travel instead of reading?

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New day, new weather. To be able to see as many of Iceland’s attractions as possible, our adventurers spontaneously extend their original Ring Road plans to include the southwestern “Golden Circle”. But that doesn’t last for long after their plans are completely scrapped. Too many tourists. The next plan: discovering Iceland a different way. A plan that was a complete success with the HYMER B-MC T 580 – with 180 litres of fresh water in the tank, you can leave civilization behind for quite some time.

No sooner said than done: now it's off to immeasurable nothingness.

Time to go.

On December 31, the weather clears over Akureyri once again and leaves the sky free for unforgettable fireworks. The surrounding mountains are also feeling friendly and give Hannes and Maria a few beautiful days on their slopes: get up, get your skis on, head to the cross-country runs and then back to the well-insulated mobile chalet.

After breathtaking glacier tours, long walks on the beach, some cuddles with Icelandic horses and a super-cosy Christmas in the motorhome, the trip slowly comes to an end.

Time to summarise the trip once more: Iceland is as spectacular as it is reserved. The word “barren” gains a completely new and deeply satisfying meaning here.

If you would like to enjoy the country how you see fit without forgoing any comforts, making the drive with the HYMER B-Class ModernComfort T 580 is an excellent way to go. But that’s something you can discover best by doing it yourself.

It’s your turn now!

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Góða skemmtun!

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