Monte-Carlo Historique – Rally legend Walter Röhrl as a guest in a HYMER

Forty years after his first "Monte" victory, rally legend Walter Röhrl is once again curving through the French Maritime Alps: this time with a historic Porsche. The reporters Markus Stier and Peter Göbel – who is also a famous rally driver – accompany the Monte-Carlo Historique with the HYMER ML-T 580 4WD  and cook for Peter's old mentor in the HYMER kitchen.

Monte Carlo / Col de Turini
HYMER ML-T 580 4x4

The automotive reporter duo Peter Göbel and Markus Stier didn’t participate in the HYMER ML-T 580 4x4 at the Monte-Carlo Historique Rally. Although, thanks to press cards and four-wheel drive, they could still share the route in the serpentine-rich Maritime Alps with the tried and tested rally vehicles. To the astonishment of the local security forces and the many rally fans who have to stay behind in droves in their motorhomes without four-wheel drive.

Peter and Markus spend less than a week in the picturesque Ardeche and the wintry Maritime Alps north of the French Riviera to accompany the legendary Monte-Carlo Historique.  A classic rally like no other. From all over Europe, the participants travel with their historic vehicles to the French Gap to drive the last stages together to Monte Carlo. Legend Walter Röhrl, equipped with a ‘79 Porsche, also takes part in this special challenge, which is not characterized by high but constant speed. A test of patience for everyone with gasoline in their blood. 

"And if it had snowed properly, all the elves and Fulvias and Alpines and escorts and cadets would not have had a chance against this 163 turbo-hp with four-wheel drive."
Journalist & Rally Driver Peter Göbel

With the narrow and agile HYMER ML-T 580 4x4, Peter and Markus place themselves on interesting passages where other motorhomes would have given up long ago. This is also the case at the Col de Perty between Montauban-sur-l'Ouvze and Laborel. The location is strategically well chosen, because shortly after breakfast rally legend Walter Röhrl calls to inquire about the weather on the challenging pass. Because Peter is not only a journalist, but also a successful rally driver, who owes his motorsport success to this very Walter Röhrl. Peter Göbel was 18 when he simply invited the big Röhrl for coffee. The meeting developed into a career and Walter became the mentor for the completely inexperienced young talent. A weather information is therefore a matter of honour – as is the associated invitation to dinner.

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Cooking is like at home - fresh and tasty. Canned soups have lost nothing in Peters and Markus HYMER kitchen. In the evening, spaghetti is served with peppers, minced meat and cherry tomatoes. The menu for the following day is of course already available: Salsiccia with tarragon mustard in the pea bed on swivel potatoes and for dessert, the 4-day refrigerator American Cheesecake. Walter is also convinced – not only by the food, but also of HYMER. "I'd have been interested in something like this before, but I would never have gotten Monika in there." Since love goes through the stomach, the wife must be present at the next HYMER dinner in the spacious seating group in order to finally be enthusiastic about motorhomes.

On the day, the racing fever strikes again at Röhrl. Initial difficulties with the 79er's on-board computer are ironed out from the well-rehearsed team and so they fight their way from the rank of 100th to 49th place. The Röhrl does not care that it is not enough to win, nor does the award ceremony. This race is all about enjoyment. And there was enough: in the Porsche as well as in the HYMER.

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If you've always wanted to ride a Rally Monte Carlo without forcing yourself into the spartan interior of a sports car, the HYMER ML-T 580 4x4 is recommended as a comfortable travel companion with serpentine competence.

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