Towards spring on lonely paths: off to Scotland with the ML-T 570

Elisa and Ron work together as content creators. Ever since the two discovered traveling in a mobile home for themselves, they have been looking for the most unusual locations for their photo shoots several times a year. So that they can go on a shooting mission far away from civilization on muddy roads and unpaved terrain, they took the HYMER ML-T 570 with all-wheel drive on their travels through Scotland.

Elisa Di Fina | Ron Hüttenrauch from CONVARY

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Postcard Idyll behind the border

The sun is shining, the mood is good and our 90s playlist is ringing out of the speakers as we finally cross the Scottish border after more than 1,500 kilometres, a short ferry ride and a day's ride through England.

We can already see that spring has a very special charm. The yellow gorse is blooming, the lambs are standing in the meadows and the grass is finally turning lush green again.

Since free wild camping is tolerated in Scotland, we decide to spend the night on a hill just over the border. The driveway is steep, but easy to master thanks to the four-wheel drive. Now it's time to arrive, extend the awning and enjoy the view and the sunset.


While we can't wait to see Scotland's wilder side, our next stop is the capital city of Edinburgh, with paved roads and the first and only campsite of the entire trip.

We use our stay not only to explore the unique city, but also to make ourselves really comfortable in our HYMER.

After we have set everything up to our liking, we take the bus to the city. Edinburgh is simply magical and a pure source of inspiration!

We stroll through the old streets of Dean Village, explore the cemetery in the heart of the city centre, visit St. Giles Cathedral and listen to the bagpipe players on the Royal Mile.

We enjoy every single minute, because this small metropolis cannot be surpassed in terms of charm. Edinburgh can be compared to very few major cities that we have visited. Too bad we only planned one day! A mistake we will not repeat.

Two days, two highlights, two buildings that couldn't be more different.

Dunotter Castle

We reach our next stop after a two-hour drive.

The Dunotter Castle can be seen from afar, a ruined castle that is picturesquely situated on a rock directly on the water. Even the short hike from the parking lot there is a highlight in itself. There are countless rock formations, birds and plants to discover. All that remains of the castle itself are the ruins and a single restored room.

Despite the dilapidated buildings, the grounds are very well maintained and even the most ambitious gardener would be jealous of such a lush green lawn.

Dunrobin Castle

The exact opposite of a ruin awaits us the very next day.

Dunrobin Castle is rightly compared to a fairy tale castle. The many turrets, windows and the white facade are reminiscent of knights, princesses and ultimately of Disney.

The premises could not be more pompous. Animal skins everywhere, paintings and a room for every conceivable occasion: nanny's room, war room, dressing room, playroom, women's room, to name just a few. There are 189 rooms in the castle! This makes Dunrobin Castle the largest residential building in the North Highlands.

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Since we find the location impressively beautiful and the staff kindly allows us to take pictures, we spontaneously used the gardens and some small alleys in the castle as a shooting location.

Even our trusty vehicle quickly becomes a postcard motif here.

Combining work and travel is no problem in this motorhome! From the equipment to the fashion collection of our partners, everything finds a suitable place. Thanks to the plenty of storage space and the spacious rear garage, it never gets messy.
Author Elisa Di Fina

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When indoor and outdoor life merge

We'll take it a little easier in the coming days. We need time to review the footage from our shoots and plan new shoots.

Our sole mission: to find the most beautiful pitches in Scotland. The search for these pitches often takes us along narrow and unpaved roads, which always involves a bit of adrenaline. So far, our house on four wheels hasn't let us down.

Since the weather is a dream by Scottish standards, this effort is all the more worthwhile... When the weather is good, our life around and in the HYMER is just as magical as the pitches we stand on. After the work is done, we sit outside, set the table comfortably and end the long evenings around the campfire until we can gaze into a sky full of stars, which you certainly don't get to see every day.

One of Europe's most beautiful coastal roads

Our route continues via the famous NC500.

The coastal road meanders past by far the most beautiful beaches that we have seen on our route so far. One of these beaches hides the next destination: The Smoo Cave.

While you can visit the first large part of the cave on your own, you will need a guide for the interior.

Tours run every day and cost £10 per person. Payment must be made in cash as card payment is not possible in the cave due to the lack of reception.

Equipped with helmets, we climb into a small inflatable boat with eight other people. Normally, in the small cave in which we sail around with the boat, there should be a waterfall that falls into the cave from above. However, the Scottish weather has been just too good for the last few days, which is why the waterfall is dry.

Nevertheless, the tour will not be boring! We feed piranhas, make sparks with flints and explore the inside of the small caves.

Since the helmets we had to wear for the tour smell a bit musty, I'm particularly looking forward to a shower in our HYMER ML-T today!

Back in our mobile home, the bathroom is converted in a matter of seconds and the warm water is pattering down on my head from above. I close my eyes and almost forget I'm in an RV.

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The next day begins with a little thrill.

If you love breathtaking views and want to see some of the Highlanders in the wild, don't miss the Applecross Road!

Like most Highland roads, Applecross Road is a one lane street with many passing lanes. So be careful when driving.

Thanks to the manoeuvrable HYMER ML-T, driving on the road is not too much of a challenge for us, as it is easy to drive and, if necessary, can also be maneuvered backwards into the available alternative bays.

1 / 3

In addition to the nature and a phenomenal view, a herd of longhorns inspires us right on the road! Nowhere else have we seen Highland cows in the wild - and few are as Scottish as these cows.

The animals are not disturbed by anything. I, on the other hand, am over the moon and Ron has to take a thousand photos before he can finally persuade me to get back in the vehicle.

The best fish in Scotland

Just off the Isle of Skye is probably Scotland's best fish restaurant. For us anyway!

On the way we discover the Kishorn Seafood Bar, a cute restaurant with an open kitchen. The menu reads like a poem, so along with scallop burgers and a helping of squat lobster tails, we order mussels straight from the Isle of Skye.

The shop is also very popular with locals. A nice Scottish couple asked us about our mobile home. The two are enthusiastic about the ML-T, which has often caused a stir with its sporty look and the 4x4 emblem on the side. You don't see a mobile home like this with all-wheel drive every day.

We get an insider tip for a place to stay from the two of them and decide to head for it.

The road to the square already explains why a four-wheel drive really isn't a bad idea in Scotland. Because unlike what we are experiencing right now, roads can quickly turn into streams here. Then off-road features like our HYMER ML-T 4x4 are essential: With all-wheel drive, all-terrain tyres, a generous fording depth and the corresponding slope angle, you can still safely negotiate this demanding terrain. This off-road spot is so hidden we would never have found it without the tip of the locals!

After a bumpy ride we finally reach the most idyllic place of our trip. Without internet coverage, without civilisation, in the middle of nowhere - just us, our HYMER, sheep and the sea...

Unfortunately there is also a lot of plastic on the beach, which is why we combine the evening walk with a small beach clean-up. Even if we go to remote places on our travels, the protection of nature and the land on which we are moving is always our top priority!

Although we would have liked to stay longer at this pitch, there are still a few highlights on the Isle of Skye on the program for the last leg of our trip, so that after just one night it is time to continue driving.

Fairy Pools

Are the Fairy Pools beautiful? Are the Fairy Pools a little crowded? Yes and yes! Therefore, we decide without further ado to use an improvised parking lot.

Most of the pictures that you see in advance of the Fairy Pools show a deserted landscape, crystal clear waterfalls and impressive mountain formations in the background. A true paradise for landscape photographers! But the initial enthusiasm about these photo highlights is quickly followed by disillusionment. Unfortunately, crowds of people make their way from the parking lot across the fields and across a small river to the Fairy Pools.

For all nature lovers and hiking fans, however, the good news is that most visitors only make it to the first few waterfalls. They quickly take their photos there and then turn back. So if you don't have a problem with walking a little further, you can still enjoy this magical place in peace.
Once you leave the crowds behind, you will find a natural paradise with numerous rock formations in a landscape that really could be made for fairies.

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Dunvegan Castle

On the Isle of Skye, Dunvegan Castle and its majestic gardens are unlikely to be missed. Perched on a cliff overlooking Loch Dunvegan, the castle is incredibly impressive both historically and architecturally.

The castle was built more than 800 years ago and is one of the few castles that was continuously inhabite

Due to the many restorations, the castle is still very well preserved and makes a magnificent impression. There is a lot to discover in the many chambers, many works of art and intricately carved furniture. The clan's private items are exhibited here with all sorts of instructive information and give an insight into a bygone era. The magnificent gardens also make the castle a majestic place worth seeing.

Fairy Glen

The Fairy Glen at Uig is a delightful, magical and beautiful place: carved by glaciers thousands of years ago, a landscape straight out of a fairy tale. No wonder why legends about fairies who are said to have created this place seem so believable.
The small lush green hills, a waterfall in the distance, a mysterious stone circle and many bizarre rock formations make this place something very special. We explore the terrain and discover a gravel area not far from the main parking lot. Since staying overnight here is not forbidden, we decide to stay. As dusk falls, all visitors disappear and it becomes quiet around us. A night in the middle of the Fairy Glen - for us a magical experience that we will never forget!

Enjoying one last evening in Scotland

We spend the last evening comfortably in our vehicle. Scotland not only gave us unique impressions, but also helped us to find a new favorite recipe. Ron is re-cooking the scallop burgers from the Kishorn Seafoodbar today. In the well-equipped kitchen of our HYMER ML-T, preparing the delicious dish does not pose a great challenge. What can I say, when photography goes downhill, there is still a career as a chef!


We wish we could stop time - we enjoyed this trip so much! But as stunningly beautiful as Scotland is, at some point it's time to head home. The mood and the weather are good, our 90's playlist sounds from the speakers, we are grateful for the impressions we were able to collect and are already counting the days until the next trip. For us it is clear that this was not our last time!

See you soon, you wonderful Scotland!

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Ron & Elisa aka CONVARY

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