The HYMER Backrack+

The versatile component carrier for the Fiat Ducato and Citroën Jumper

Whatever you have in mind and wherever you want to go – bring all your leisure equipment with you and enjoy total flexibility while on holiday. The HYMER Backrack+ opens up a new, personalised world of travel thanks to a wide range of modular components – and will make your Fiat Ducato or Citroën Jumper stand out from the crowd on your next cycling or skiing holiday.

Total flexibility for every adventure

The HYMER Backrack+ component carrier is our flexible solution for every kind of holiday. Whether you need to mount a spare wheel, bicycles, skis or additional luggage – you will find a wide range of accessory components for the HYMER Backrack+ that have been perfectly developed for their respective purposes and are easy to fit. The HYMER Backrack+ has a load capacity of 80 kg and can be mounted on both rear doors. In addition, the tow bar remains accessible at all times for maximum efficiency and safety.


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Safe, efficient and easy to install

The HYMER Backrack+ and all components can be ordered from your HYMER dealer and retrofitted without updating your vehicle’s documentation. The various accessory components are easy to install and remove – naturally, you can easily do this by yourself depending on your travel and transport requirements.

  • HYMER Backrack+ Bike Carrier Swing
    Swivel arm with low actuating force (approx. 10 kg)
    Compatible with e-bikes
    Comfortable loading
    Right door remains freely accessible

  • HYMER Backrack+ Bike Carrier Shuttle
    Compatible with e-bikes 
    Other door remains freely accessible

  • HYMER Backrack+ Number and Light Bar
    Fold-out step
    Max. load capacity 100 kg

  • HYMER Backrack+ Mini Rack
    Max. load capacity 20 kg
    Integrated grooves for easy load attachment
    Can be mounted in 2 positions on the HYMER Backrack+ (top and bottom)

  • HYMER Backrack+ Wheel Holder
    Suitable for all common spare wheels

Modular components

The HYMER Backrack+ is the new component carrier for HYMER camper van models on a Fiat chassis or all other camper vans on a Fiat Ducato or Citroën Jumper chassis. With a load capacity of 80 kg and quick mounting on one or both rear doors, it brings a whole new dimension of flexibility to your travel plans in combination with our range of versatile components.

Have we caught your interest?

The basic system and all modular components are available from your HYMER dealer. They will be happy to answer any further questions you may have about the HYMER Backrack+. 

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